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  1. Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh...
  2. Read any outstanding paranormals lately?
  3. Where did everyone go??
  4. Wild Wulfs Of London series
  5. Teresa Medeiros
  6. I grew up watching Dark Shadows and Barnabas.
  7. Kerrelyn Sparks
  8. Kelley Armstrong
  9. Katie MacAlister Coming in September Just One Sip
  10. Lynn Kurland-- Ghost
  11. Audrey McCellan
  12. Eden Robins
  13. Susan Keaney
  14. Stephanie Rowe
  15. MaryJanice Davidson
  16. Sharon Cullars
  17. Lori Handeland
  19. Patti O'Shea
  20. Angelas Knights
  21. Kersley Cole
  22. Kim Harrison
  23. Lynsay Sands
  24. Laurell K Hamilton
  25. Christine Feehan
  26. Amanda Ashley
  27. Maggie Shayne
  28. Charlaine Harris
  29. Sherrilyn Kenyon
  30. Marjorie M. Liu
  31. Liz Maverick
  32. Carolyn Jewel
  33. Susan Squires
  34. Emma Holly
  35. Erin Grady
  36. Savannah Russe
  37. Rosemary Laurey
  38. Tracy Fobes
  39. Robin D. Owens new Celta book....
  40. Anyone read CT Adams & Cathy Clamp?...
  41. New Paranormal series
  42. Christine Feehan's Dark Celebration...
  43. Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy...
  44. A really good book
  45. J Gilbert Blood Hunt The Legend
  46. Any good vampire romance novels? Or should I read another style of novel?
  47. Excerpt of The Watchers
  48. Come Join us Tuesday Night!!!
  49. LifeTimes Blood Ties
  50. Anita Blake Wallpaper
  51. Original Anita Blake Story
  52. CE Murphy
  53. June 13th - Paranormal Theme Chat!
  54. Heart of the Winter Wolf
  55. Looking for a little of.....
  56. Little Known, But Great, Vamp Book
  57. Forever and the Night
  58. Moon Fever
  59. Eternal Love
  60. Wolf Tale lV
  61. Do you like your men a little on the Fin side?
  62. Paranormal Romance?
  63. Merlicious 1-2 & 3 now available from Midnight Showcase
  64. Harmony's Way by Lora Leigh...
  65. Absolutely Amazing Town, Spellfire, Texas
  66. Hey...ladies...I'm looking for...
  67. A big THANK YOU to my readers
  68. Busy!
  69. October is coming & Paranormal books are hitting the shelf
  70. Hi to everyone
  71. Beast Magic- Erotic Werelion Paranormal
  72. Mythology creatures well received...thank you readers
  73. All Hallow's Eve
  74. C.L. Lewis-Lord of The Fading Lands
  75. A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton
  76. A Midnight Infatuation - Chapter 1 Sneak Peek
  77. Blood Fever by Karen Marie Moning
  78. Coming October 29th-Beast Magic
  79. The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward
  80. Dabel Brothers Partners Up With Del Rey and Random House
  81. Dabel Brothers Partners Up With Del Rey and Random House
  82. The Highlander Series & The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning
  83. Favorite Paranormal Creature?
  84. Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series
  85. George R.R. Martin, Steven Erikson, Roger Zelazny
  86. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Graphic Adaptation
  87. CSI inspired novel available
  88. Sherrilyn Kenyon - Fantasy Lover
  89. New short story... how do you want it?
  90. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Graphic Adaptation
  91. Dresden Files/A Song of Ice and Fire
  92. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year CTR!!!
  93. Honey, I'm home!
  94. If you could be any animal in the world....
  95. Many Bloody Returns by Charlaine Harris ET AL
  96. Rachel Vincent
  97. My Druids
  98. My Druids
  99. How many paranormal authors in Seattle?
  100. Erin McCarthy
  101. Richelle Mead
  102. Julie Kenner
  103. What about Paranormals Set in Egypt?
  104. Fred Saberhagen - Dracula Series
  105. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle
  106. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files "Welcome to the Jungle"
  107. Love to be scared!
  108. Sherillyn Kenyon
  109. George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards "The Hard Call"
  110. Readers Question
  111. Christine Feehan Turbulent Seas
  112. Dark Curse by Christine Feehan
  113. Werewolves anyone?
  114. From Dead to Worse by Charlene Harris
  115. May 7: All-Day Chat (with PRIZES GALORE!) with author Sara Reinke
  116. Before the Moon Rises Excerpt.
  117. Just a little ditty....
  118. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son
  119. Sherilynn Kenyon - Dark Hunter novels
  120. Cross genre Paranormal
  121. What's the Title of this Book?
  122. Any Centaur romances out there?
  123. True Mates - Shape-shifter paranormal
  124. 25th - Almost-Anniversary Party with Author Sara Reinke in the Paranormal Area
  125. Whew lordy...READING the "Anita Blake" series
  126. Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time series" Graphic Adaptation
  127. Coming July 28th-Shifting Desires-Very Adult Excerpts
  128. Coming July 28th-Shifting Desires-Very Adult Excerpts
  129. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files "Storm Front"
  130. Have you ever wanted a tiger of your own?
  131. Werewolf publisher question
  132. Can anyone recommend so young adult books???
  133. Spoilers for Breaking Dawn
  134. The Warriors "Can you dig it?"
  135. Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series
  136. The Reveal
  137. A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar
  138. There Be Dragons!
  139. Werewolves are people too. Blurb and Excerpt of Soul Mate
  140. True Mates by Zena Wynn
  141. My first contract!
  142. Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson Original Story
  143. Christine Feehan
  144. PRISM Award Finals
  145. C.E. Murphy's New Original Series "Take A Chance"
  146. Fun Halloween Facts
  147. Up in Smoke by Katie MacAlister
  148. New Release - Emerald City
  149. The Dabel Sister
  150. Original Dean Koontz story NEVERMORE
  151. The Warriors "Can you dig it"
  152. Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K Hamilton
  153. Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
  154. House of Night series by PC Cast & Kristin Cast
  155. Drake sister series by Christine Feehan
  156. Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine
  157. Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost
  158. Recommendation
  159. The wolf's eyes know everything....
  160. The wolf's eyes know everything....
  161. Anya Bast Books
  162. Erotic Urban fantasy Being Familiar With a Witch
  163. Angels
  164. Kim Harrison's White Witch, Black Curse
  165. wild evolution
  166. Dark, Decadent Vampire Series MASTER (MxM)
  167. Bloody MxM Vampire Excerpt from MASTER Book 1: Crimson
  168. Jane Bled's First Podcast Post! Includes excerpt from MASTER.
  169. Erotic 18+ Vampire/Victim Excerpt from MASTER Book 1: Crimson
  170. Wild evolution book excerpt
  171. Dakota Cassidy
  172. NEW M/M Excerpt in Jane's 2-Part Podcast!
  173. Secrets will be discussed on June 18th chat
  174. reader reviews
  175. Any Angie Fox fans out there?
  176. July 2 - Release dae for Finn!!
  177. Trailer for Finn
  178. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Graphic Novel hits #1 on NY Times Best-seller list
  179. Sneak Peek at MASTER Book 2: Luna (18+ ONLY)
  180. What the Heck's a Pooka? - 6/27/09
  181. J. R. Ward: Rehvenge is Sweet...And Sexy
  182. July book giveaway
  183. Fans of Vampires
  184. RRP's Drinking Game and This Week's Finn Question
  185. Dare To Believe Available Now!
  186. Please Vote for Finn...
  187. An All Romance Best Seller!
  188. Revamped MASTER Book Trailer--Is it Effective?
  189. Do you like them Kilted or Furry?
  190. Dean Koontz's Christopher Snow: Fear Nothing
  191. the Mane Event
  192. Win an erotic gargoyle romance
  193. Check it out!
  194. Guarding Temptation
  195. Finn's Christmas Contest!
  196. Pleasure Unbound
  197. New paranormal romance!
  198. Finn's Christmas - on sale 12/10/09 !!
  199. Come read my interview and book excerpt
  200. Come read my blog to find out why I write about werewolves
  201. Fun Werewolf Advice Blogs on Wednesdays
  202. Marjorie M. Liu interview!
  203. Read Sample Chapter of The Sin Eater's Prince Here
  204. Werewolves - Should they control their shift?
  205. 2-02-2010 Paranormal Romances Chat with Gail Roarke, and Olivia Starke
  206. Nights of Temptation (A Nocturnal Cravings Tale) - FREE READ
  207. Promotions??
  208. News from the Pooka Awareness Council
  209. Psychic Abilities Solve Crimes-Can I play too?
  210. Contest at my site
  211. Lioness on the Knife - Releasing 3/11! And a Free Read to Celebrate!
  212. A Time Travel Reader/Lover??
  214. Yaoi-Noir Vampire Series MASTER (Contest)
  215. New Author Group
  216. True Mate Series
  217. Where The Rain Is Made - Coming Soon!
  218. Grab a Tiger By the Tail - I Dare You!
  219. Vampire Romance
  220. Amazing Review For Where The Rain Is Made/Paranormal
  221. $100 Amazon Gift Certificate
  222. New Video for Shifter - Where The Rain Is Made
  223. Release Party "Salvation" 10/13/10
  224. Sam Cheever's 4th Annual Halloween Bash!
  225. Where The Rain Is Made Nominated at Authors After Dark Convention
  226. Where The Rain Is Made Nominated for Best E-Novel of the Year!
  227. Dark Leopard Magic-M/M Interracial Wereleopard Paranormal Romance
  228. Fun Question - Burn, Baby, Burn
  229. Adult Excerpt for Dark Leopard Magic
  230. Soul Catcher - Win a Free Copy
  231. *NEW* Review for Where The Rain Is Made
  232. Dogged Pursuit - Werewolf shifter
  233. Kissed From Beyond - Coming to You in March
  234. *NEW* Release Kissed From Beyond - Paranormal Erotic Anthology
  235. Just Another Paranormal Halloween
  236. *New* Release Sojourn With A Stranger/Historical Paranormal (ghosts) K. Diablo
  237. *New* Review for Sojourn With A Stranger - Parnormal (ghosts)
  238. *New* Review from Amazon reader/reviewer for Where The Rain Is Made
  239. Four 5-Star Reviews for Sojourn With A Stranger
  240. Ghosts and Vampires - Come Join us NOW & onJune 18th
  241. New release - The Magic of Lavender!
  242. New Release: A Familiar Tangle With Hell-Sequel to Being Familiar With a Witch
  243. New Stuff!
  244. Research & Confusion are NOT a Good Mix~
  245. Wanna know what statues get up to at night?
  246. Sinners Blog
  247. Scavenger Hunt @ Mickie’s Manor
  248. Where The Rain Is Made - Nominated for BEST ROMANCE OF 2011
  249. Your Ticket to the Bunny Club
  250. A sexy Frankenstein?