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  1. Prey For Mercy by AE Rought
  2. Unholy Night by Candice Gilmer
  3. New Ickford Manor by Anthony Stevens
  4. The Arrangement by Cat Grant
  5. Banking On Love by Nancy Lindquist
  6. Frozen by Morgan Q. O'Reilly
  7. Taming the Beast by Jinx Williams
  8. Daughters of Chance by Teressa Wilde
  9. Time For Clocks and Demons by Anthony Stevens
  10. What Worse Place Can I Beg In Your Love? by Syd McGinley
  11. The Red Period by Dalton
  12. Jessie's Dirty Little Secret by Jade Twilght
  13. The People You Know, the Sex They Have by Aubrey Leatherwood
  14. Djinn by Kathleen Brandt
  15. Twisted Reality/Deep Breathing by Darcy Campbell