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  2. The Invasion of Falgannon Isle by Deborah MacGillivrary
  3. Cher Gorman
  4. My Angel blurb
  5. Bad Moon Rising by Leeanne Kenedy
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  7. A taste of One Enchanted Evening
  8. July 25th - Contemporary Romance Chat - All Day Long
  9. Love Me Two Time by J. H. Bográn
  10. The Odds available at Amazon.com
  11. News from Denise Skelton
  12. Still trying to get the hang of this thing
  13. Fancy some sex on the beach? Read 'Hibiscus Bay'
  14. 29th - Chat with Cindy Lynn Speer
  15. How about Sex in a bed of soft forest grasses?
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  17. Sex in the kitchen!
  18. Unlock The Secrets Of Love In The Outback
  19. A SHADOW FROM HIS PAST V. sensual
  20. dangerous desire V. sensual
  21. COME, LOVE ME AGAIN v. sensual
  22. COME, LOVE ME AGAIN v. sensual REVIEW
  24. Too hot??? Never???
  25. Ellie’s Delight (Excerpt) Wild Rose Press
  26. Romance Stories From Australia's Northern Territory
  27. Long Distance Love
  28. Meeting Mr. Right Online
  29. The Role of a Lifetime
  30. A Matter of Trust
  31. New Release- Promises from Red Rose Publishing
  32. The soldier's girl
  33. The soldier's girl
  34. Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues
  35. Spicy short christmas read
  36. Discussing Humorous Romance Today!
  37. New Release - Mari's Men - Available Today
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  39. Contemporary Romance in the Real Estate Industry
  40. Where her heart is
  41. Contemporary Recommendations?
  42. DANGEROUS DESIRE Set in Australia. Rating Highly sensual
  43. The Aftermath Trailer is Here!
  44. The Rancher Next Door, Susan Mallery
  45. Hooked On You released!
  46. Night Blooming Jasmine released
  47. Question about sweet or sensual romance publishers
  48. Windswept Shores, the book trailer/teaser
  49. Less than two weeks to go!!
  50. Trailer for Entirely Yours by E.R. Haze
  51. Trailer for The False Identity by E.R. Haze
  52. Interview and contest giveaway
  53. Trailer for Have You Seen Her?
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  55. Teaser Trailer for Strings Attached (2011)
  56. An Interview with author Cara MCKENNA
  57. How can a guy compete with a vampire?
  58. Sashaying in with my new book cover - yea!
  59. Valentine's Freebies
  60. Mardi Gras Madness! Sweet Taste of Nicked Hearts PG13 M/C
  61. WAIT FOR ME, JEFF... heat level moderate
  62. Can Jack Withstand The Sweltering Heat from the Delta Darling?
  63. PROMO: Are you the tail or the head? Two First Chapters M/C PG13
  64. PROMO: Allow me to re-introduce myself. I’m Mickie Sherwood, author of sweet and spic
  65. Hallelujah! If I Can Do It You Can Do It!
  66. Excerpts: Sweet pg13 mc/ir romances by mickie sherwood
  67. SHOWERS OF LOVE MC/PG13 Sweet Reads by Mickie Sherwood
  68. Promo: Hi from a romantic comedy and comedy mystery author
  69. Coming June 20th! Rock Bottom, contemporary
  70. Contentment release and excerpt
  71. Excerpt- Blood of His Fathers by Michelle Chambers
  72. Coming soon- Releasing Wednesday July 13th- Shakespeare Masquerade
  73. Shakespeare Masquerade- Read an excerpt
  74. “You want me to find you a husband? That’s insane. We’re not exchanging handbags.”
  75. Promo: Shakespeare Masquerade available on Nook
  76. Blog Jog Invitation – Come one, come all!
  77. It’s yum-yum time, again, at Mickie’s Mutterings
  78. SUMMERLAND Giveaway
  79. Giveaway #2
  80. Possessive Passions 3 Ultimate Possession Kiri and her men
  81. Special Excerpt: Are you familiar with the Two D’s? Louisiana Hot Sauce M/C PG13
  82. Erotic Author Blog Tour & Prizes
  83. Chapter one of "A Secure Heart" by Charity Parkerson
  84. Scavenger Hunt @ Mickie’s Manor
  85. Love free stuff????
  86. Love and Other Dreams in Books
  87. New Slant on the Battle of the Sexes, Romantically Speaking
  88. Mad About the Boy - Take a Look
  89. New Installment of Hot New Series Now on Sale
  90. New Installment of the adventures of Jake Stone and his friend, Snowflake
  91. NEW RELEASE: Jewel plans to spice up Christmas (MMF)
  92. Holiday Menage Happiness PG13 Excerpt
  93. Friday Chat: Realistic Doms vs Fantasy Doms (BDSM erotic romances)
  94. Chasing Love & Guilty Pleasures - 99 CENTS!
  95. All Woman, a Jake Stone Thriller, Now on Sale
  96. Happy New Year! Upcoming Event and a Free Read
  97. New Volume in popular Jake Stone series now on sale
  98. New release today!
  99. New Jake Stone Thriller Now On Sale
  100. Ninth Jake Stone Just Released
  101. Excerpt: Sensational Valentines Romance - Nicked Hearts IR/MC PG13 by Mickie Sherwood
  102. All Ten Jake Stone Thrillers On Sale
  103. Promo- The Woman In The Portrait
  104. Blurb- The Woman In The Portrait- Michelle Chambers
  105. Blog: Do you know how to peel Crawfish?
  106. Dirk Cobb Trilogy On Sale
  107. Jake Stone
  108. Woman in the Portrait by Michelle Chambers- Blurb
  109. The Malevolent Sister
  110. WOMAN IN THE PORTRAIT- out today from Resplendence Publishing
  111. Pre-orders Now Being Taken For The Boy Who Delivered The Wind
  112. Jake's Shining Moment, a new Jake Stone book just released
  113. The Boy Who Delivered The Wind
  114. The Jake Stone Thrillers
  115. Cover Reveal - Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA/Sensual Romantic Love Story
  116. Honeysuckle And The Death Maiden, Just Released
  117. Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - African-American love Story PG13 1st Chapter
  118. Pre-Order Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker Now!
  119. Promo: Daily Bestseller/Thank you - Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensua
  120. The Boy Who Delivered The Wind wins Night Owl Top Reviewer's Pick Award
  121. Yippee! Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker is available for purchase!
  122. Excerpt/Promo: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - Sensual AA Bestselling Love Story
  123. Promo/Thank you: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - Sensual African-American Love Story
  124. Promo/Brag: #1 Bookstrand Mainstream Bestseller Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensu
  125. Excerpts: IR/AA Sensual Mainstream Romances Mickie Sherwood
  126. Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual - Sale Price $2.80
  127. Promo: Passion for a discounted Price - IR/AA Sensual Mainstream Romances Mickie
  128. Just As Good - Naughty Holiday Release!
  129. Promo: Cutie & the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual Romance 18-Wheeler & RV
  130. Blog: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - 18-Wheelers that Rule the Roads
  131. New Release - Dasher [Reindeer Games]
  132. Excerpt: Louisiana Hot Sauce IR Sensual Christmas Shocker Mickie Sherwood
  133. Reindeer Games - Meet CUPID
  134. Blog: Big Strong Men Caring for Sweet Little Tots
  135. The Quiet Man, New Release For Just 99 Cents
  136. Cover Reveal: Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual Mainstream Romance Mickie Sherwood
  137. This love affair is..."Far From the usual"
  138. Snowflake's Fury, Just Released
  139. The Reluctant Traveler Just Released
  140. Blog/Promo: Like Slow Sweet Molasses First Chapter + IR PG13
  141. Deception, A Jake Stone Thriller
  142. Mickie's Men and the Machines they Drive
  143. Special Valentine's Release - Extended!
  144. Visit Bayou Country - Read my Novels
  145. Sale: A Passion for Tasty Things? IR/AA Sensual Hot Sellers + Amazon Sale
  146. Promo/Character Interview: Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual
  147. Announcements: Like Slow Sweet Molasses & BayouBabe99er
  148. HIS ALONE - Erotica/BDSM * New Release* (WARNING: Explicit)
  149. Promo/Blog: Ride Shotgun with a Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual
  150. Romantic Comedies
  151. Promo/Excerpts: Mickie's Men and the Hair of the Women they Love AA/IR Sensual
  152. Excerpt: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual July 4th Scene
  153. Out Now: COMING UNDONE
  154. No warning, a jake stone thriller (book 18)
  155. Age Ain't a Factor - BayouBabe99er IR Sensual
  156. Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual + News Flash!
  157. Last Day Pick My Cover Giveaway
  158. Backfield in Motion (Seattle Lumberjacks 4)---New Release, Sports Romance
  159. POP UP SALE! Jealousy will be on sale for $1.99 for the next 24 hours!
  160. Free Read: Azure Apparition is Live! AA Sweet Paranormal Romantic Short
  161. Jealousy's pop up sale extented! $1.99 through monday oct. 14!
  162. Jealousy - Free Excerpt!!
  163. Jealousy - Another free excerpt
  164. Jealousy - Another Free Excerpt!
  165. Jealousy by Jenna Galicki - webpage
  166. Read a 5 Star review of Jealousy
  167. Anybody on Goodread?
  168. Excerpt: Jealousy by Jenna Galicki
  169. Blog: Mickie Sherwood's Tuna, Romance and Kitchen Scenes +
  170. 24 hour sale!! Jealousy by jenna galicki
  171. Trucker's Interview: Ride Shotgun - Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual
  172. Just release, crazy, a jake stone thriller
  173. News Flash! + Excerpt: Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual
  174. Cover Reveal - Cherished Moments AA/Sensual Mickie Sherwood
  175. A Vampire Tale
  176. The Prince of Punk Rock - Why Settle for a Book Boyfriend when you can have a Prince?
  177. Newly Listed Free Read @CTR - Azure Apparition
  178. Azure's Series Available & Free
  179. Cherished Moments - New Release! Sweet Romance
  180. Blog: Mothers Need Romance Too
  181. 5 Star rated: Cherished Moments - Sweet AA Romantic Suspense Mickie Sherwood
  182. Blog: 2013 Swirl Awards Best Cover Nominee - Like Slow Sweet Molasses - Please Vote
  183. Cherished Moments - Sweet Reunion Romance
  184. Slow pressure
  185. Christmas Crush Book Teaser
  186. SLOW PRESSURE by Jake Bishop
  187. Slow pressure--free, early copy if selected
  188. Slow pressure--free copy
  189. Slow pressure--free copy
  190. Cover Preview: Christmas Crush IR Sweet Inspirational
  191. Amazon's new kindle scout program
  192. Amazon's kindle scout and slow pressure--time running out
  193. Amazon's Kindle Scout--Tell your friends
  194. Slow pressure--contemporary romance at its finest
  195. Slow pressure--win a free copy
  196. Win free copy of "slow pressure" at amazon's kindle scout
  197. Win free copy of slow pressure--time running out at amazon kindle scout
  198. Just seven days left to win free advance copy of "slow pressure"
  199. Just five days left to win free advance copy of "slow pressure"
  200. Three days left to nominate "slow pressure" for amazon's kindle scout
  201. Just two days left to nominate "slow pressure"
  202. Promo/Giveaway: Cherished Moments AA Sweet RomSuspense
  203. Just one day left to nominate "slow pressure"
  204. Final day to nominate "slow pressure"
  205. Final hours!
  206. "slow pressure" just released
  207. Christmas Crush Premiere Preview Invite
  208. PROMO: Just Like Gravity--A paranormal Romance set in Scotland
  209. Christmas Crush IR Inspirational Romance/Listen 2 Mickie Read Excerpt
  210. First Chapter: Christmas Crush Released This Morning 12/12/14
  211. Free e book this weekend--slow pressure
  212. Deception, a jake stone thriller (book one)
  213. Pulp Classic
  214. Classic pulp thriller
  215. Gripping story
  216. Jake stone--great reads at 99 cents
  217. Jake stone--21 books full of fun and adventure
  218. Tough guy--a great legal thriller
  219. Jake stone and snowflake--romantic suspense at its finest (and at times funniest)
  220. Jake stone--21 volumes of fun and adventure
  221. Cherished Moments AA Sweet Romantic Suspense
  222. Jake stone and snowflake--a unique romance
  223. Deception, a top kindle read for under a buck
  224. Jake stone--nearly 70,000 copies sold and counting
  225. The jake stone thrillers