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  1. Calling all Suspense Authors and Readers!
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  3. Treasure Hunt, suspese-thriller
  4. I'm having No Regrets by Shannon Butcher
  5. Dorothy Bodoin The Witches Of Foxglove Corners
  6. Lise Fuller
  7. Destiny's Choices...
  8. killer caregiver
  9. Greetings from Janice
  10. Greetings from Janice
  11. Killer Caregiver
  12. excerpt Killer caregiver take a look at Kurt....
  13. Karmala Johnson
  14. Maggie Price
  15. Wendy Corsi Staub
  16. Jennifer Elbaum
  17. Cowboy Cops
  18. Out Of The Shadows
  19. Body Movers: 2 bodies for the Price of 1
  20. Joan Smith
  21. Colleen Coble
  22. Shadow Of a Doubt
  23. Redeeming Alec
  24. Check out my blog
  25. Don't Close Your Eyes by Mary Eason
  26. Destiny's Choices by Regina Paul, Exerpt #2...
  27. Exerpt from Destiny's Holiday...
  28. Dangerous Desire
  29. Linda Ladd
  30. Fern Michaels
  31. Coffeehouse Mystery Books
  32. Anne Perry
  33. The NovelTea Series
  34. THE TWIST, Romantic Suspense Coming JULY 8 from Siren BookStrand
  35. THE TWIST Hits the Siren-BookStrand Best Seller List!
  36. The Villain of NovelTea
  37. Meet the Hero of NovelTea
  38. Excerpt: THE TWIST, Now #1 on BookStrand's Bestseller List
  39. Meet the Heroine of NovelTea
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  41. An Exceptional Read
  42. The Spanish Tracer-Releasing 8/15 at Cobblestone Press.
  43. Reader Review of NTND
  44. Dicussing Humorous Romance Today
  45. Hunting with the wolf
  46. Stieg Larsson Millennium Series
  47. Captured In Lies - Book Two of the In Lies Series
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  49. Excerpt- Blood of His fathers by Michelle Chambers
  50. Excerpt - Ring of Lies
  51. Excerpt - The House on the Shore
  52. Excerpt: ISLAND OF SECRETS
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  63. The Journey, (Book Two) of The Dirk Cobb Thrillers
  64. Jake Stone
  65. The Malevolent Sister
  66. New Release - Decadent Deceptions/erotic romance SUSPENSE (R)
  67. Jake Stone
  68. Snowflake's Fury, Just Released
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  71. Murder Most Foul
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  73. No warning, a jake stone thriller (book 18)
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  75. Tough guy, just released
  76. Slow pressure
  77. SLOW PRESSURE by Jake Bishop
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  96. Deception, a jake stone thriller (book one)
  97. Pulp thriller classic
  98. Pulp Classic
  99. Classic pulp thriller
  100. Gripping Story
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