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  1. The 12 Days of Ebooks
  2. Contest and Ebook Release Party - Hot New Steampunk Romance
  3. New Holiday Crime Short From S. Furlong-Bolliger: CHRISTMAS IN KILLARNEY
  4. New Holiday LGBT Short From George Seaton: JUST FOR CHRISTMAS
  5. Lovely new book feature
  6. Out Now! Fallen Lovers: Roman
  7. New Christmas Crime Short From B.K. Stevens: LITTLE DUMBER BOY
  8. Print book changes: Kayelle Allen
  9. The 12 Days of Ebooks day 4
  10. Holiday Party -- Lots of Prizes
  11. Behind the scenes of Book Publisher, Whimsical Publications!
  12. E.R. Haze: Short story published; Finnish readers attn
  13. Ancient Roots Of Christmas Celebration
  14. How to Wrap an Ebook
  15. Dick Whittington - just how did Puss earn him a fortune?
  16. E.R. Haze: available on Kindle as well
  17. Comfort: Special Edition
  18. Grace Elliot interviewed at 'All Things Historical Fiction.'
  19. New Historical Fiction From Brenda K. Marshall: DAKOTA
  20. Victorian Christmas Superstitions.
  21. NEW RELEASE - SEXY SECRET SANTA from Ellora's Cave!
  22. Peace On Earth
  23. A special holiday gift from Phaze Books!
  24. Awe-Struck Publishing special holiday sale!
  25. Mundania Press, LLC special holiday sale!
  26. New Year's Celebrations
  27. Win a $15 Amazon voucher.
  28. New Year’s Eve Short From Jim Vanore: ONE MORE ROUND
  29. New Entry In The Zagzagel Diaries By Bryl R. Tyne: BROKEN
  30. New kindle for Christmas?
  31. Seeking Arkansas Writers
  32. Holiday Contest and Short Story
  33. Final 24 hours to win $15 Amazon voucher.
  34. Happy 2011
  35. The Romance Reviews give 5/5 to 'A Dead Man's Debt.'
  36. Sappho's Sisters released today!
  37. In 2010 We Waved Goodbye...
  38. The Romance Reviews award 'A Dead Man's Debt.' KEEPER status
  39. Ever wonder what what a character would say in a real life interview?
  40. 3 books only $.99 each!
  41. First Chapter Read- The Vampire's Pet
  42. Any indie/self-pubbed authors out there??
  43. Because I love my readers SO much...
  44. Book signing, Campbell, California
  45. Guest Bloggers
  46. My 2011 Releases!
  47. Useless Information--part 1 of 3
  48. I am now a Decadent Author and a bit more. ;)
  49. New blog for a New Year
  50. New Horror Charity Short From Andy Frankham-Allen: REFLECTION
  51. Best of the best of romance for 2010
  52. Marscon Jan. 14th-16th in Williamsburg, Virginia
  53. Blogging about Benefits of Writing Paranormal Romance at RWA's FF&P Blog
  54. Blog Post: Ten Random Reasons to Keep a Man
  55. Phaze Books new releases - 01/11/2011
  56. You are getting very horny...
  57. Awe-Struck Publishing new release - 01/12/2011
  58. How important is research to an author?
  59. Man love don't freak me out no more
  60. Exploring the appeal of man love
  61. Calling all authors!!!!!!!
  62. Kimberly Killion giving away Educating Aphrodite
  63. Useless Information -- Part 2 of 3
  64. So excited to share my new cover from Decadent!
  65. Guest Blog-Kissing Cowboys
  66. New Literary Short from Jacquelynn Luben: MAGGIES PLOT
  67. New LGBT Short From Sara Elizabeth: THIS IS THE COUNTDOWN
  68. Contest and Interview for a great urban fantasy with hot love scenes
  69. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 01/18/2011
  70. Free Short erotic I/R story
  71. Sweet Pitch Day tomorrow Jan 20!
  72. Free short story
  73. HEA Reviewed My BOok!
  74. Giveaway!
  75. New review!!! Check it out!
  76. Awe-Struck Publishing new release - 01/21/2011
  77. More Useless Information -- Part 3 of 3
  78. New Release Alert! 02/10/11 RRP - Nicked Hearts M/C PG13
  79. Rhonda Print Interview
  80. Phaze Books new release - 01/25/2011
  81. January 28 is my day...
  82. Join me on January 27...
  83. Sashaying in with my new book cover - yea!
  84. Have a Kindle? Want a free book?
  85. Promo: The Latest News--Red Haircrow
  86. Mundania Press, LLC new releases
  87. Are You Right-Brained Or Left-Brained
  88. J.S. Nichols Book Giveaway!
  89. Win My Dark Crusader Romance Devil's Temptress
  90. Any Animal Lovers in the House?
  91. Win an erotic romance for Valentine's Day
  92. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 02/01/2011
  93. My Blue Valentine Contest
  94. Noble Romance Kindle Giveaway!
  95. Fiction Books - 5/5 - 'A Dead Man's Debt.'
  96. 'The Value of a Cat' ...
  97. It’s Our Birthday! Save 25% Off Our Titles At Many Ebook Retailers!
  98. Sale! Contest! Release!
  99. Great News
  100. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 02/03/2011
  101. Chocolate--The Food Of Love
  102. Win a signed copy of .38 CALIBER COVER-UP!
  103. Ba-boom! M/c pg13
  104. Read Chp1: Harley on the Rocks by Zenobia Renquist
  105. Free Fudge at the Coffee Time Romance Blog!
  106. Call For Submissions: Mother's Day/Father's Day Stories
  107. Call For Submissions: Mother's Day/Father's Day LGBT Stories
  108. Phaze Books new releases - 02/07/2011
  109. Read the First Chapter of Rosemary Entwined
  110. WIN a $20 Amazon voucher.
  111. The 2011 Follower Love Giveaway Hop
  112. My addiction to cats...and other addictions.
  113. E.R. Haze: review of False Identity
  114. Come and get it! Nicked Hearts M/C PG13 Sweet and Spicy Valentines
  115. SQUEE! New Contract with Ellora's Cave!
  116. Blog: Romancing on a Friday
  117. New WriteSEX Post and Call for Submissions
  118. Sneak Peek at GHOST HUNTER FOR HIRE, Coming Soon from Ellora's Cave!
  119. Win a copy of CROSSED OUT & a t-shirt
  120. Thank you! Nicked Hearts is on RRP’s Bestsellers list.
  121. The More The Merrier-Guest Post By Lisabet Sarai!
  122. Hurry! New bestseller release – nicked hearts – on rrp valentines sale
  123. Hilarious Romantic Comedy - 43 days and counting...
  124. Valentine's Day--The Good And The Bad
  125. Goodreads Giveaway: THE CURSE OF A MIND by Destiny Booze
  126. Last few hours - win a $20 Amazon Voucher!
  127. Cat Medicine Victorian Style!
  128. Captive Bride at Carina Press
  129. Valentine's Freebies
  130. Phaze Books new releases - 02/15/2011
  131. Verna Clay!
  132. The Perfect Rose
  133. Free book give away
  134. As You Wish by Nichelle Gregory
  135. Mardi Gras Giveaway!
  136. Honor Bound - ON SALE
  137. New 5 star review and author interview today (sweet fantasy romance, novella, ebook)
  138. Mardi Gras Madness! Sweet Taste of Nicked Hearts PG13 M/C
  139. Come Visit My Guest Indigo Skye!
  140. Discover 5/5 rated romance for just $2.99!
  141. Outrageous New Taxes
  142. Why Do Cats Have Nine Lives?
  143. Release Day AND Excerpt Monday!!!
  144. New low price on my romance!
  145. Naughtiness is Nothing New....
  146. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 02/22/2011
  147. Win a copy of Beyond a Highland Whisper
  148. My First book Trailer!! Happy Dance
  149. My First Author Interview! Win a Prize
  150. A mid week smile.
  151. 1ST Chapter Offer Due to End: NICKED HEARTS M/C PG13 RRP Bestseller
  152. Up all night....
  153. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  154. Book Give Away! As You Wish by Nichelle Gregory
  155. Believing In Your Gifts
  156. New Releases in Erotic Romance at Sizzler and WriteSEX Update!
  157. Awe-Struck Publishing new release
  158. Bridget Midway book signing event!
  159. I've been interviewed by Nell Dixon
  160. Mardi Gras--Let The Good Times Roll
  161. Challenge: Who doesn't love...?
  162. Sweet Comforting Romance: Louisiana Hot Sauce M/C PG13 RRP Bestseller
  163. Comforting Sweet Romance-Nicked Hearts M/C PG13 RRP Bestseller
  164. Last Giveaway Until May! I'm a Guest At Erotica For All!
  165. New Romance Short From Neil Plakcy: RHIANNON
  166. Jean Hart Stewart "For Love is New."
  167. Vampires' Consort out today
  168. Requesting Interviews
  169. Have You Ever Noticed…?
  170. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 03/01/2011
  171. The Heart of War-Novel-E-Books & Print
  172. Win an Amazon Kindle 3G & $25 in Kindle bucks!
  173. Win a copy of 'A Dead Man's Debt.'
  174. Great Promotional
  175. DARLIN' is #1-Bestseller in Time Travel Romance at SONY!
  176. Giveaway and Grace Elliot Interview (new)
  177. HUGE WEEK - CELEBRATION Read an Ebook Week!
  178. Win a KINDLE, signed books, and more!
  179. For a first look at the Cover Of Deadly Captive...
  180. <b>Can Jack Withstand The Sweltering Heat from the Delta Darling?</b>
  181. Cathy McDavid to Give Away 3 Books!
  182. Most Memorable Female Television Characters
  183. VOTE! Best historical romance.
  185. The story behind the trailer
  186. LOVE TATTOO out March 18
  187. "More Power by Tears" - new blog post.
  188. Interview with author Felicia Rogers
  189. PROMO: Are you the tail or the head? Two First Chapters M/C PG13
  190. Last Chance at Cathy McDavid Cowboy Romances
  191. Cats in Battle. - blog post.
  192. Catch up with Deborah Melanie
  193. Latte Lounge Open Mike Day
  194. Join Bridget Midway at the Leather Flea Market event!
  195. Come chat with me!
  196. Trailer Contest
  197. St. Patrick's Day--history, symbols, traditions, green beer, and Irish coffee
  198. Vote for Phaze Books and Awe-Struck Publishing authors!
  199. Why are black cats considered lucky?
  200. DRB 1st Chp Recap Week 07 March
  201. E.R. Haze:False Identity now in print
  202. Greece and Hawaii romances
  203. I'm a Girl!!
  204. Phaze Books new releases - 03/15/2011
  205. Three Days of Night - New Release
  206. Till the Break of Dawn - New Release
  207. Fun stuff for the week of April 4th
  208. Wife Selling! .....yes really!
  209. Out Today "Strung Tight"
  210. New WriteSEX featuring M Christian and DRIVE, plus more
  211. 500 Followers Giveaway!
  212. Vernal Equinox--It's Officially Spring
  213. Winter's Spirit Book Trailer
  214. Weekend at Deborah's
  215. How to Kiss...and other musings.
  216. DRB 1st Chp Recap - 14 March
  217. My first review
  218. Reviews: The authors most fickle lover
  219. PROMO: Allow me to re-introduce myself. I’m Mickie Sherwood, author of sweet and spic
  220. Kiss Of Ash
  221. Phaze Books new release - 03/22/2011
  222. A TSUNAMI of sex and love: "Flash Flood"
  223. A fashion for bad language.(blog post)
  224. What letter sponsored your day?
  225. Contest: Chp1 - Beyond a Highland Whisper by Maeve Greyson
  226. Message from a historical romance evangelist....
  227. Contest for Dark Passion Rising!
  228. Hallelujah! If I Can Do It You Can Do It!
  229. ABNA expert reviewers on A Love Rekindled
  230. Chance to win one of TWO historical romance books by Terri Brisbin
  231. Simple announcement about a new book
  232. Guest Blogger Patricia Walters-Fischer
  233. DRB 1st Chp Recap - 21 March
  234. April Fools' Day...History and Pranks
  235. Feeling flush?
  236. Lessons From a Kissing Guru.
  237. Charity's Revenge ...Free read
  238. Last day with Terri Brisbin for chance to win!
  239. Sojourn With A Stranger - New Release - Paranormal (ghosts) K. Diablo
  240. Join me at "Lindsay's Romantics."
  241. Absence Makes the Heart release day
  242. Interview with Inez Kelley
  243. Contest: Chp1 - His Perfect Submissive by Alyssa Aaron
  244. The Strange Properties of Urine (blog post)
  245. Naomi called her boss a f**ing idiot. In the lunchroom. Oooops.
  246. Talkig Contemporary Romances
  247. Learn to Flirt - Regency Style.
  248. Blogging and Contest
  249. The Witchblade Chronicles - historical paranormal romance - Book 1 now 99 cents
  250. Something for readers of erotic romance, and authors too!