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  1. The Chocolate Buffet -New Website Page
  2. The Pendulum:Legacy of the Celtic Brooch reviewed by Zee
  3. Chance to win Lisa Greer's Gothic Romance
  4. DRB 1st Chp Recap - 28 March
  5. 10 Most Counterfeited Products...
  6. Book Cover
  7. Enlightening Thoughts.
  8. Tales of a newbie author
  9. The Zagzagel Diaries Comes To A Close: A Letter From Our Editor
  10. My Book is now a Kindle download at Amazon!
  11. Last Day to Win Lisa Greer's Magnolian
  12. New Romance Short From Ruth Sims: THE LEGEND OF THE MOUNTAIN ASH
  13. New glowing review from The Romance Studio
  14. Excerpts: Sweet pg13 mc/ir romances by mickie sherwood
  15. Historical romance fan?
  16. Gathered by Virgins.
  17. Phaze Books new release - 04/06/2011
  18. all fired up!
  19. May's Character Blog Interview Bash!
  20. New Bridget Midway release!
  21. Free ebook promotion
  22. Is There a Stigma in Reading Romance?
  23. Bridget Midway at The First Annual Baltimore Urban Book Festival
  24. Mundania Press, LLC new releases - 04/09/2011
  25. Outrageous Tax Deductions
  26. Last week!
  27. How to brew the perfect cup of tea....
  28. Win a free book and help our wounded military men and women
  29. DRB 1st Chp Recap 04 April
  30. Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop
  31. Are you ready to be seduced by a Cajun Werewolf?
  32. What made you smile today?
  33. Get Swept Away by a Pirate on April 13
  34. Come to the Carnival
  35. Book Giveaway!! Doll by Nichelle Gregory
  36. Phaze Books new release - 04/12/2011
  37. A Lusty Pirate Tale
  38. Deadly Captive by Bianca Sommerland Available Now!
  39. On a dull Wednesday, here's something to make you smile.
  40. a Quick Lesson about Lingerie
  41. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 04/12/2011
  42. Interested in a new paranormal romance series?
  43. New free read
  44. Whimsical Publications All Day Author Chat
  45. New Release: Charmed Lover by Zenobia Renquist (R excerpt)
  46. Interview with Regan Taylor
  47. Blogging at Coffee Time
  48. Romancing on Friday-Gothic Romance-Giveaway
  49. Promo: Release and New WriteSEX update for Authors
  50. If You Want Something Done, Ask a Busy Person!
  51. SHOWERS OF LOVE MC/PG13 Sweet Reads by Mickie Sherwood
  52. Those Marvelous Situation Comedies From The Past
  53. More Smiles.
  54. Newsletter
  55. Phaze Books open submission call
  56. Romantic comedies & chicklit mysteries by Sibel Hodge
  57. Write What You Know
  58. Monday ONLY - 2 Contests
  59. Just had a lovely email from a reader!
  60. New blog post - Teaser Tuesday
  61. Win a Kindle copy of The Fashion Police!
  62. Write What You Know - Part Deux
  63. "Paige's Passion" Released Today
  64. The Final Zagzagel Diary Entry From Bryl R. Tyne: LOVED
  65. Witch Hunts and Penicillin.
  66. Grace Elliot Contest
  67. Suzette Stone Contest
  68. New blog post - Cats Are Funny
  69. Phaze Books new print release - G.A. Hauser
  70. Help Celebrate Desiree Holt's 100th Book
  71. Want a free Desiree Holt book?
  72. Awe-Struck Publishing new ebook and print releases
  73. Mundania Press, LLC new releases - 04/22/2011
  74. It's Sample Sunday Cookoff! Read an excerpt from my romantic comedy...
  75. Chance to Win Claire Ashgrove's Waiting For Yes
  76. #SampleSunday - post your link here!
  77. Phobias For The 21st Century
  78. Bayeux Tapestry - a stitch in time.
  79. Twenty-Five Years Ago Today Featured at Get More Ebooks
  80. 'Sassy, sexy and southern' - guest Casey Crow.
  81. NRCA Paranormal Finalist!
  82. Honeybun Sheik releases 5/5/11!
  83. I've won the You Are An Inspiration Award!
  84. Today is the last chance to win a signed copy of Waiting For Yes
  85. NRCA Finalist List
  86. New Romantic Bondage stories!
  87. Interview with Silver James!
  88. Phaze Books new release - 04/26/2011
  89. Marital Miscellany - historical trivia to do with marriage.
  90. Today and tomorrow !
  91. Promo - free books to give away!!
  92. It's A Conversation With Jean And Ryland...
  93. Frugal eReader.
  94. 7 Signs You're In A Manipulative Relationship
  95. OMG Caris Roane giving away two books!
  96. Excerpt from A Dead Man's Debt.
  97. The "Sex Odyssey" series by Berengaria Brown
  98. Online book fair
  99. Lovely new review for my romantic comedy, Fourteen Days Later...
  100. Monster Mash May!
  101. Last day to win signed copies of two romances by Caris Roane
  102. Promo: Dani's Duo by Lauren Fraser available from Ellora's Cave
  103. Author Sue Perkins talks about her latest book BLITZ
  104. On Sale!
  105. At The Tycoon's Command--A conversation with Kim and Jared
  106. Ebook giveaway! Author interview with Lena Goldfinch, The Language of Souls
  107. PROMO: Fourth and Goal--M/F Sports Hero Romance
  108. Read a sample of my latest chicklit comedy mystery
  109. Interview with Kate Noble!
  110. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  111. PROMOS: Sweet-Read Reader’s POV – Chemistry’s Right on Point - MC/PG13
  112. Phaze Books new release
  113. 10 Workplace Rights You Thought You Had...
  114. Win a copy of THE GUARDIAN by Margaret Mallory
  115. Shorter by a Head - some guillotine trivia.
  116. Guest Blogger Andrea Buginsky.
  117. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 05/09/2011
  118. Free Read! Download Short Story at Smashwords
  119. I've Got a New Book and It's Just $0.99 on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and ARe!
  120. Learn more about Author Destiny Booze
  121. Honey Bee Newsletter
  122. The Heart of Romance.
  123. My Once and Future Love - contemporary romance
  124. Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits.
  125. 99 Cent Mysteries/Romantic Suspense Novels on Daily Cheap Reads
  126. New Release: Chamomile Nights by Zenobia Renquist
  127. This Is Friday The 13th...
  128. Open for business in June
  129. Wanted: Blog Hosts (Romance Writers)
  130. Sex Odyssey: It’s all about the journey
  131. $250 Sweepstakes for use in the Copia store!
  132. #SampleSunda - May 15th
  133. Romance fantasy author, Rie McGaha, giving away a book
  134. Cats or Rats? Facing Phobias.
  135. Guest blogging on May 19th-Giveaway
  136. Invitation: See the swollen Mississippi River through my eyes
  137. Cat Gut Your Tongue?
  138. Most viewed post at The Blog Farm.
  139. Bookish Arousal. OUT TODAY!!!!
  140. It's Sample Sunday!
  141. 10 Points To Ponder
  142. Paty Jager blog tour comment contest
  143. Memorial Day Bash - LOTS of Prizes!
  144. Muse Author Chat
  145. New Romantic Mystery From June Whyte: SEX ON TUESDAYS
  146. Diary of a Danger Magnet
  147. Blogging at Coffee Thoughts Sat. May 28
  148. Phaze Books new release
  149. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  150. Featured at Bargain eBooks.
  151. Crista McHugh giving away $10 gift certificate for books
  152. 10 States That Profit Most From Sin
  153. #Sample Sunday 29th May- find or add excerpts here!
  154. LOVE NEVER FAILS - my first Rebel release!
  155. Free book for Bob Dylan fans & $250 giveaway
  156. New Excerpts: Sweet Kitchen Scenes – Nicked Hearts/Louisiana Hot Sauce M/C PG13
  157. Yay for my lovely review by Coffee Time Romance!
  158. I've Got a New Book Out called SECURITY RISK and It's Just $0.99!
  159. Breath of Death (new blog post.)
  160. Kim Watters giving away On Wings of Love
  161. Open for Business
  162. New free books from Harlequin!
  163. Destiny's Beach Blog Party at Author Roast and Toast!
  164. Newsletter and Groovy Gifts.
  165. #SampleSunday - June 5th. Discover new reads here!
  166. Sunday Spotlight
  167. Love Never Fails is now out!
  168. 10 Bizarre Tips For Mosquito Prevention...
  169. Danielle Monsch to give away a copy of LOVING A FAIRY GODMOTHER
  170. Breath of Death (part 2)
  171. Hot Summer Ebook Deal!
  172. Beyond Midnight (or what the grown-up bees get up to.)
  173. Phaze Books new release - 06/06/2011
  174. It's here!
  175. New releases and new cover art!
  176. Release day! So excited!
  177. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 06/09/2011
  178. Pick what I annotate next!
  179. Make Me Sweat, Released Today!
  180. Love Bites: new blog post
  181. Contest and Excerpt
  182. Best Selling Eloisa James at Nights of Passion Blog with Contest and Interview
  183. Book Trailer for the series is OUT!!
  184. Announcing: My new blog – Mickie’s Mutterings – Reality Rush
  185. New Erotic Cowboy Western
  186. Sidney Ayers giving away $15 Amazon gift certificate and her DEMONS PREFER BLONDES
  187. #SampleSunday - June 12th.
  188. 7 Weird American Museums
  189. New release
  190. Lots of prizes
  191. New Cover- woooohoooo!!!
  192. Wild Ghost Chase
  193. Phaze Books new releases - 06/14/2011
  194. New Release; In The Presence Of Evil
  195. Join my Yahoo Group
  196. Thursday Thirteen
  197. Cleopatra, an ancient curse and an archaelogist escaping his past.
  198. Hurry, Many Prizes Up for Grabs! Ending Soon!
  199. New Release: A Familiar Tangle With Hell--Sequel to Being Familiar With a Witch
  200. In Her Tender Care
  201. What could be weirder than a dusty cowboy sittin’ down to crumpets at high tea?
  202. Sat June 18th - Ghost/Vampire Chat TODAY!
  203. #SampleSunday - June 19th.
  204. Randi Alexander is giving away a copy of HER COWBOY STUD
  205. Weird And Wacky Laws
  206. Meet Bachelor Pad Winner Natalie Getz
  207. If you're a soap opera fan, check out Westmore
  208. Phaze Books new releases - 06/20/2011
  209. New Release! PIRATE'S WOMAN!
  210. Love Scars (Sequel to Love Tattoo) now out!
  211. Join Me At The Dead Man's Party...
  212. Free Facebook Promo for Authors Today
  213. Awe-Struck Publishing new release - 06/22/2011
  214. You Gotta Read Videos
  215. An Important Book for Writers: Market or Die by Jennifer Fusco
  216. Best of May 2011 Voting Open
  217. Chat with the authors of Whimsical Publications on 6/23/11!
  218. New Romance Short From Giselle Renarde: LOVE AGAIN
  219. FREE God Save the Mark by Donald Westlake
  220. $10 gift card and book being given away by Jennifer Wilck
  221. 10 Things NOT To Say On A Job Interview
  222. How to Dunp Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room (and other short stories) FREE!
  223. Promo: Let’s get physical – Activate all of your senses - LHS in paperback - MC/PG13
  224. Now In Ebook Form By Barbara Metzger: ACE OF HEARTS and JACK OF CLUBS
  225. Saturday Snippet
  226. I'm Up for Book of the Week on Whipped Cream...Vote for Me...Please?
  227. Phaze Books new print releases
  228. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  229. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  230. 10 Question Quiz About Fireworks
  231. Bisset's 'Cat Orchestra' and other performing cats.
  232. Now available in paperback
  233. Colour me surprised
  234. Taken By Surprise Release Party Extravaganza! 5 Days...5 Ways to WIN!!
  235. Dirt Cheap Paranormal Erotica for Kindle
  236. Newest Release!
  237. Huge ebook sale!!!
  238. Chance to win $25 VISA GC!
  239. Jocelyn's Choice - New Release
  240. Contentment release and excerpt
  241. 7 Reasons Your Brain CAN'T Spot A Liar
  242. The Horse Accused of Witchcraft.
  243. Coming soon- Releasing Wednesday July 13th- Shakespeare Masquerade
  244. Party -- Prizes
  245. Shakespeare Masquerade- Read an excerpt
  246. New Bondage Romance anthology out!
  247. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  248. Hunted!!!
  249. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  250. Chance to Win An Ebook Copy of Jocelyn's Choice