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  1. Josee Renard giving away WORKING IT on Happily Ever After Thoughts
  2. 10 Odd Ways To Get Rid Of Flies
  3. The Secrets of Marocco- the horse accused of witchcraft.
  4. “You want me to find you a husband? That’s insane. We’re not exchanging handbags.”
  5. Harlequin Author Melissa McClone on my blog-chance to win $20 GC!
  6. My upcoming release
  7. Evernight Blog, Manic Readers and London's Scribbles
  8. Hot new cowboy menage! Karleigh's cowboys!
  9. contemporary romance with a Shakespearean twist
  10. New m/m werewolf romance!
  11. Guest author, Melissa McClone posts about writing...and kittens! (Enough said!)
  12. Romance sale! Up to 50% off!!
  13. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  14. "You and Niall were lovers long before he ever touched you."
  15. Phaze Books new print and ebook releases
  16. Which of my characters is my favorite?
  17. Erotic audio-book romance set in Hawaii, on SALE!!
  18. New Release - CE3: Provoked Lover by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic Paranormal)
  19. Run To You Romantic suspense
  20. Christmas in July!
  21. When your book inspires real events and a YouTube video!
  22. Fire and Ice, Five Worlds Series, Book 1
  23. A Fire Within~Christi McMillen
  24. Summer Bash 2011
  25. Words Of Wisdom From T-shirts
  26. Blog Post: Chasing Fame
  27. Sixty Nine Sunday (over 18's only)
  28. Exclusive Interview with Anne Whitfield.
  29. Bizarre Tudor Deaths!
  30. FREAK WEEK with Stephanie Beck August 1-6
  31. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  32. Three Days of Night is on sale!
  33. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  34. Untreed Reads Receives Rights to Barbara Metzger Backlist Titles
  35. Phaze Books Kindle sale!
  36. What are the Treasures in your life?
  37. Vampires And Other Immortals
  38. Sixty Nine Sunday (18+ only)
  39. Mickie’s Freebie
  40. Jillian Chantal giving away Redemption for the Devil
  41. Book Marketing Secrets/Writing & Motherhood
  42. Very first review for Fate's Embrace:)
  43. Starting Up On A Blog
  44. More, Bizarre Tudor Deaths (+ Giveaway!)
  45. Buy Any E-book at Whimsical Publications at 1/2 Off!
  46. Greece erotic romance, sand included!!
  47. New Romance Short From Daniel Lance Wright: DANCING AWAY
  48. A Classic From The 50′s, Now Available In Ebook: Sloan Wilson’s A SUMMER PLACE
  49. Sneak Peak at Emerald Moon (M/M Erotic Shifter Romance)
  50. Phaze Books new release
  51. Amazing TRIO! Trinity, Brethren Beginnings, Picture Perfect
  52. Mundania Press, LLC special 9th anniversary sale!
  53. Blog Jog Invitation – Come one, come all!
  54. Meet The Author - Have a book you want to promote?
  55. Sexy short story!
  56. Nicole North giving away BLADE OF THE WOLF at Happily Ever After Thoughts
  57. Vampires And Other Immortals--Part 2
  58. Coming Soon from Extasy Books
  59. 10% off at Solstice Publishing PLUS a Contest!
  60. Maui? or Kauai? 2 Bachelors, 2 Beauties, 2 erotic FREE stories!!
  61. 'This Book Made Me Blush'
  62. News, WriteSEX and more
  63. Ebook for .99!!!
  64. New Blog Post
  65. Speed Dating For A Busy Society
  66. It’s yum-yum time, again, at Mickie’s Mutterings
  67. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  68. Awe-Struck Publishing new release
  69. Phaze Books new release
  70. Share Your Love Story and Win a GC!
  71. Excerpt: K.C. can run but she can’t hide - Nicked Hearts PG13/MC by Mickie Sherwood
  72. ~First Interview~
  73. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  74. Phaze Books new release!
  75. Word play
  76. Sneak Peak at Musa Publishing Website and Books
  77. Whoohoo! Caris Roane Giving Away Your Choice of the Ascension Series Books
  78. Sexy Men Of The Zodiac
  79. BLOG/PROMO: Tell your embarrassing story and win!
  80. New release, blog tour, and PRIZES!!
  81. Phaze Books new releases - 08/23/2011
  82. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 08/23/2011
  83. Musa Announcing its first Authors
  84. Chat with me on Yahoo! 8/24/11
  85. Release Party -- prizes
  86. Come Meet Bladen Sloan, hero from CINDRA'S BOUNTY HUNTER!
  87. Nalini Singh Guild Hunter Readalong!
  88. Historical Romance author Michelle Willingham giving away 2 books!
  89. 5 rose review!
  90. Paraprosdokians...what are they?
  91. Two Dollar Tuesday! Get Any Full Length Work For $2!
  92. Fun interview
  93. Mundania Press, LLC new releases
  94. Phaze Books new releases
  95. Be My Everything - BDSM Romance Release Date
  96. The Sunny Side of the Mountain
  97. Mickie Sherwood eBook Wallpaper
  98. Your chance to win 5 Rachel Brimble books
  99. Karen Duvall giving away a copy of Knight's Curse on Happily Ever After Thoughts
  100. New Book Review and Interview Site
  101. 10 Weird Allergies
  102. Guest author and whole first chapter
  103. Announcing Living by Grace, a Faith-Based Facebook Page
  104. 15% Off August Bestsellers In The Untreed Reads Store
  105. NEW Readers Retreat - come join the fun!
  106. September Specials In The Untreed Reads Store
  107. New Release!
  108. Boss With Benefits, erotic audio book, #1 Amazon Bestseller! 2.95 SALE
  109. Tia Dani giving away SEDUCTION TO THE ALTAR and a charm bracelet!
  110. 10 Emails That Could Get You Fired
  111. Special 9/11 anthology from Hard Shell Word Factory
  112. Read Chp1 - CE4: Anguished Lover by Zenobia Renquist
  113. New Ebook Version Of A Barbara Metzger Romance: AN ANGEL FOR THE EARL
  114. Silken Sheets & Seduction Blog Launch & 100 Book Giveaway
  115. Phaze Books new releases - 09/13/2011
  116. Astraea Press sale!
  117. Contest: Kick Off! Writing Contest for Authors--Inspired Publishing
  118. I'm Chatting till 6PM Eastern Today at Latte Lounge-Giveaway too
  119. Book Signing of Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle This Saturday 1-4PM in Virginia
  120. Bargain Ebooks: The Language of Souls
  121. Mundania Press, LLC and Hard Shell Word Factory new releases
  122. Come on over and Join me @ Coffee Thoughts!
  123. 6 Lusty Gods of Mythology...
  124. Barbara Longley giving away $25 Amazon certificate & HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD
  125. Crawling out of my hole...
  126. Did Anne Boleyn Ride Astride?
  127. Calling all Goodreaders!
  128. Be My Everything - Book Giveaway
  129. Embrace the Night is now Available!!!
  130. Paying the Piper is now available.
  131. Giveaways and Chat with Extasy Authors
  132. Promo: K.C.’s had enough! Nicked Hearts MC/PG13
  133. 20% off my books at E-book Eros!
  134. Blogging about Reviews, & an erotic romance giveaway
  135. New Release: Keeping Kaitlyn
  136. Mundania Press, LLC and Hard Shell Word Factory new releases
  137. Romanciong on Friday-Aittle Voodoo--Comment to Win Giveaways
  138. 10 Bits of Historical Trivia...
  139. Contemporary author Laura Breck Giving Away SECRET VEGAS LIVES
  140. Today Last Chance to Win Secret Vegas Lives
  141. Upcoming E Loop Chat-Alexandra Kane
  142. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 09/27/2011
  143. Awe-Struck Publishing and Hard Shell Word Factory new releases
  144. Sale on Sascha Illyvich books, new writesex and more!
  145. Chatting Now at CTR Chatters Group
  146. Excerpt of New Paranormal Thriller - 99 cent Halloween Promotion
  147. Please help with votes
  148. *NEW* Release Land of falling Stars - Keta Diablo
  149. 5 Points In Favor Of Live Conversation
  150. Contemporary Paranormal Author Rayka Mennen giving away a copy of ENCHANTED DESTINY
  151. Rules Not to be Broken
  152. Rhythm of the Rain now available
  153. Eve of Samhain on sale!
  154. Coming soon! Klondike Winter
  155. Canadian author Jackie M. Smith
  156. Tell me what you think?
  157. Phaze Books new release
  158. New Release--Megabook
  159. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  160. Calling All YA Authors
  161. Beware Of America's Creepiest Roads
  162. Tami Dee is Giving Away a copy of Innocent Deception
  163. Final call for free promo offer
  164. Scavenger Hunt @ Mickie’s Manor
  165. Celebrate Gay History Month With 30% Off All LGBT Titles
  166. Authors' Tailgate Party Saturday, Oct. 15th in Keswick, Virginia
  167. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 10/11/2011
  168. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 10/11/2011
  169. Hot new cowboy menage! And the ranch hand makes three!
  170. Unholy Pursuits released from Ellora's Cave today!
  171. Get your werewolf on this Halloween!
  172. Love and Other Dreams in Books Today in Chat
  173. Horror Movies For The Halloween Season
  174. KC Klein is giving away a copy of DARK FUTURE
  175. Christmas Drawing
  176. Birthday Girl full chapter preview
  177. *New Release* Till Abandon-Shifter/Paranormal
  178. Fallen Angels, Demons, Shape-shifting & a Chance to Win $20.00!
  179. Weekend at Wilderhope Manor is Available Now!
  180. Lover's Scare Contest Tons of Prizes!
  181. Haunted Houses Are Now Big Business
  182. Two Free Reads -- Mystery
  183. Phaze Books new release - 10/18/2011
  184. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 10/18/2011
  185. A Quaint British Custom?
  186. A New Jake Stone Thriller Now On Sale
  187. Just One More-Sweet Romance with an edge
  188. America's Haunted Hotels
  189. Lisa Lickel is giving away a copy of MEANDER SCAR
  190. $2.99 Mystery/Romantic Suspense Novels on Kindle Mojo
  191. Fourth Volume of Hot New Series Just Released
  192. New Paranormal Romance Series
  193. Halloween's Ancient Origins
  194. Blog-a-Thon Oct 29-30
  195. New Romance Short From Betsy Miller: EQUILIBRIUM
  196. Tango Trio is now available!
  197. Chat with Canadian romance author Jackie M. Smith
  198. Gracie and The Preacher, a coming of age story with a splash of romance
  199. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 10/26/2011
  200. Out Now! Hellhound Detective Agency: Demon's Captive
  201. Embracing the Unexpected...upcoming M/M Romance
  202. Silvers Alpha - Samantha Bates on sale for 0.99 for a limited time only
  203. Celebrating a new release
  204. Welcome to my Friday chat!
  205. 2nd Annual Spookapalooza Party--prizes
  206. Hot New Series About Jake Stone and His Quirky Friend Snowflake
  207. 10 Halloween Superstitions
  208. Halloween Candy Nightmares
  209. Snowed in Connecticut, A Book, and 3 Contests:The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais
  210. Marie Patrick is giving away TOUCH THE FLAME
  211. Last Chance for 99 Cent Kindle Trick or Treating & Vampire Giveaways!
  212. Her Only Hope--New Release from Inspired Romance Novels!
  213. Stop at our Halloween blog party and win an ebook
  214. Free Sweet Erotic Short Story - Trust
  215. New release! M/F/M hockey menage erotic romance - Head Games
  216. Book cover for THE SPARROW
  217. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  218. Check out the adventures of Snowflake and her friend, Jake Stone
  219. New book by BLMorticia
  220. New Release - CE5: Forgotten Lover by Zenobia Renquist
  221. NEW RELEASE Mad About the Boy by Suzan Battah
  222. Ryder on the Storm - Emerald Seer #1
  223. Join Bridget Midway at the 3rd Annual Authors' Literary Festival
  224. New Release November 14
  225. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  226. Awe-Struck Publishing new release
  227. Did Butch Cassidy Survive?
  228. Update - Ryder on the Storm Emerald Seer #1
  229. My Birthday Celebration on Happily Ever After Thoughts
  230. Shattered Is Climbing The Charts!
  231. An Interview With Angie And Ty...
  232. Call for Submissions
  233. Mad About the Boy - Out Now
  234. Be My Everything Amazon Best Seller!
  235. Giveaway! Leave a comment on the CTR blog.
  236. Check out hot new series redefining the battle of the sexes
  237. Anyone wanna chat?
  238. Phaze Books new release - 11/09/2011
  239. Win a free copy of my novel
  240. Mundania Press, LLC new releases
  241. Going Underground
  242. Klondike Winter Preview!
  243. One Writer's Journey.
  244. How thanksgiving became a nat'l holiday
  245. The hills are alive...
  246. Win a website critique from Carol Webb
  247. Thanksgiving Turkey Trivia
  248. An Interview With Jean and Ryland...
  249. Fifth Installment of Popular New Series Now on Sale
  250. Giveaway - The Lonely Dominant Releases Today!