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  1. Toni Noel is giving away a copy of RESTORED DREAMS on HEAT
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  3. Tenth Jake Stone Thriller Just Released
  4. Uniform Behaviour Receives Five Stars!
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  6. New Release: The Cottage in the Woods by Lucy Felthouse
  7. New Release! Sarah's Bounty by Terri Crews
  8. Chat this Saturday on Coffee Time Yahoo Group!
  9. Downton Abbey vs Jersey Shore?
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  11. PROMO/New Release: Kissing the Captain
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  13. 7 Stress Reducing Scents and Foods
  14. Blogs, Features, Reviews and Awards!
  15. A Surprise is Coming on May 13th
  16. New Historical Fiction Title on Amazon Kindle- Treason, 2.99
  17. F*** Like Bunnies...and walk away smilin'
  18. Mundania Press, LLC new releases
  19. Promo and Blurb: TREASON by Michelle Chambers
  20. Celebrating Two Awesome Reviews!
  21. Popular New Series Teases Traditional Views on Sexual Roles, Marriage and Family
  22. Promo- The Woman In The Portrait
  23. Excerpt/You Gotta Read Review - Louisiana Hot Sauce IR (PG13) Mickie Sherwood
  24. 7 Mood Busting Foods
  25. Meggan Connors is giving away THE MARKER on HEAT
  26. A Soldier's Vow
  27. Under Italian Skies by E.R. Haze
  28. A Fab Review & Interview
  29. Daylight Saviings Time
  30. It's A Busy Week...
  31. Blog: Visitors like you’ve probably never seen in Person
  32. Getting a Reputation with the Wickedly Sexy Writers
  33. Out Now on Ebook: LADY WHILTON'S WEDDING by Barbara Metzger
  34. Phaze Books new release - 03/13/2012
  35. Lucy Felthouse Caught in the Act!
  36. JOIN ME St. Patrick's party
  37. Phaze Books new release - 03/14/2012
  38. Spring Has Sprung over at the Erotic Diaries
  39. Writing From Real Experiences
  40. New Sapphic Delights Available!
  41. Romancing Olive Excerpt Historical Romance
  42. ... the "Ah-oh!" moment.
  43. Diva Jefferson interviews her hero on Happily Ever After Thoughts
  44. It's Officially Spring...
  45. Debut book from Gemma K. Murray
  46. Guest Blog: I Write Romance Too!
  47. The Woman In The Portrait-Michelle Chambers
  48. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  49. Phaze Books new release
  50. Blog: It's Not Just Vampires I'm Obsessed With...
  51. Interracial Romance Blood of His Fathers- Michelle Chambers
  52. Blog: Casting - One of the Many Reasons I Love My Job
  53. Erotic Romance... free Ebook givaway!!
  54. Happy Friday!
  55. A Soldier's Vow
  56. Lazy? Bored? Or Procrastinating?
  57. A Daring Helicopter Rescue and then...?
  58. Character Interview at Day Dreaming
  59. Blurb- The Woman In The Portrait- Michelle Chambers
  60. Phaze Books new releases
  61. I'm Talking Luscious Ladies at Friendzstop!
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  63. New Release: Taking It Back by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic Paranormal)
  64. April Fool's Day
  65. Weird April Holidays
  66. Interviewed at Me Want Food!
  67. An Interview with a Difference
  68. Chp1 Online/Erotic IR Paranormal: TAKING IT BACK by Zenobia Renquist (R)
  69. Romancing Historical Details
  70. What Would You Do For a Bunny?
  71. New Release: Pet's Pleasure by Zenobia Renquist / SciFi Mainstream Romance
  72. Crossfire of Love by Ella Jade Now Available
  73. New Historical Romance Train Station Bride
  74. Twenty-Five Years Ago Today on Kndle Fire Department
  75. Win at Birthday Blog Hop/28 Free Kindle Books
  76. Bianca Sommerland-The Dartmouth Cobras: DEFENSIVE ZONE release date and Excerpt
  77. Crazy Tax Deductions
  78. Free Guardian Excerpt
  79. Interviewed by Shannon Leigh
  80. Guest Post and EXCLUSIVE Excerpt
  81. Guest Post: Places as Inspiration
  82. New Series Just Out
  83. Join the Fun...
  84. Crazy Tax Deductions Part 2 of 2
  85. Not A Good Way To Start A Relationship...
  86. Blog: Do you know how to peel Crawfish?
  87. Did you get your free eBook copy of At the Beach from Beachwalk Press?
  88. Giveaway Blog Tour with Alexa Bourne
  89. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  90. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  91. Pre-Order Promo: BayouBabe99er is available for pre-order! IR Sensual Mickie Sherwood
  92. Calling All Authors - Promo Opp...
  93. Interviewed at Examiner.com
  94. Historical Romance Train Station Bride available for your Nook!
  95. New Release: Silk Stockings
  96. New Release! Risk Is A Four-Letter Word by Erin M. Leaf
  97. Three M/M Short Stories: Volume One--Out NOW!
  98. Earth Day -- Where, When, and Why
  99. He Tackled Her And Did What?
  100. A New Lady Jane's Salon in San Diego
  101. Awe-Struck Publishing new release
  102. Promo: My Big Day! BayouBabe99er was released today! IR Sensual Mickie Sherwood
  103. Add a little smut (the good kind) to your weekend! Stephanie Beck
  104. New Release: ONCE WAS LOST by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic IR Shifter)
  105. Holly Bush is the Guest Blogger at Coffee Addicted Writer!
  106. Dirk Cobb Trilogy Of Thrillers Now Available
  107. Giveaways All Day in the Latte Lounge!
  108. Phobias For The 21st Century
  109. Her Plan Was To Ruin Him...
  110. Chp1 Online/Erotic IR Shifter: ONCE WAS LOST by Zenobia Renquist (R)
  111. The Burning Seal, Book One in a new paranormal romance series
  112. Review, Character Interview and Hottest Sex Scene
  113. Praise for Train Station Bride
  114. Promo - 5 Kindle Books 99 Cents for Cinco De Mayo Weekend
  115. Announcing a Lady Jane's Salon San Diego!
  116. Can The Past Be Changed?
  117. Dark Chocolate and Red Wine -- good or bad?
  118. Just Released, The Fetish
  119. Not Just a Fling
  120. New Excerpt: BayouBabe99er (A thrilling quick read!) IR PG13 Mickie Sherwood
  121. The Jake Stone Books
  122. Chance to win $25 Amazon GC with Samhain author Alison Stone!
  123. Blog Posts: Dishing the Dirt on Location and Fleshing it Out by Lucy Felthouse
  124. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  125. Train Station Bride 1st Chapter
  126. Tempeste O'Riley Interviews Me
  127. Exclusive Interview with Jen Blood About Writing, Promoting & New Projects
  128. Off the Shelf: The Story Behind the Story
  129. New Release: On the Prowl by Lucy Felthouse
  130. FREE on May 12th&13th! The Apple Tree by Lynette Sofras
  131. My new release from Champagne Books - Long Live The King!
  132. FREE Time Travel Romance - STARGAZER by Jewel Adams
  133. Do You Know Your Hotel-Motel Etiquette?
  134. Is It Wise To Pursue Something That Is Off Limits
  135. Lightning Strikes! Round-robin FREE read STARTS TODAY. Prizes to be drawn daily!
  136. Anniversary Extravaganza Contest - Signed Copy of Be My Everything
  137. Did you hear about Sex Scene Saturday?
  138. Interviewed by Desi Moon
  139. Lightning Strikes--Free Short Story Going on Now!
  140. Interview and Giveaway at In Love With Romance
  141. A Pittsburgh Affair, Just 99 Cents
  142. Holly Bush Featured Author
  143. Last Day to Catch Our Free Short Story!
  144. You know what day it is?
  145. Coincidence or Conspiracy?
  146. So...You Want To Own An Entire Town?
  147. Release Party -- Prizes
  148. Jake Stone
  149. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  150. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
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  152. Musa Publishing Blog Hop with more than 30 authors' free reads and giveaways!
  153. New Release: ON A WHIM by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic Paranormal Romance)
  154. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
  155. What Should I Blog About and Where?
  156. Are you feeling sexy? Then it must be Saturday!
  157. Opening Volume of Brand New Series Just Released
  158. Offbeat Museums of America
  159. Is He Trouble Or Is He In Trouble?
  160. New Release/Chp1 Online: ON A WHIM by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic IR Fantasy)
  161. New Release: Off the Beaten Track by Lucy Felthouse
  162. Interviewed at Nyx Book Reviews!
  163. New Release: We Love Lucy by Lucy Felthouse
  164. Taking Her Chance (One Night With A Cowboy) is FREE
  165. Interview and Giveaway at Labelle Books!
  166. Phaze Books new releases
  167. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  168. New Release: Erotic Romance Novella, Off the Shelf
  169. Male Review New Release and Giveaway
  170. Are you sitting down?
  171. 10 VERY VERY Short-Lived Television Series
  172. Is That Any Way For A Best Friend To Behave?
  173. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  174. Westmore: The Aftermath
  175. I'm into sharing!
  176. Book Lovers Buffet - 99 Cent Blowout Sale & Contest
  177. Teaching BDSM in Romance for Writers
  178. Travel Trivia--10 Miscellaneous Facts From Around The World
  179. Are Some Secrets Worth Dying For?
  180. Dirk Cobb E Books Now On Sale
  181. Sweet Review for Not Just a Fling!!!
  182. Phaze Books new releases
  183. Talking Lesbian Fiction with Taryn Rose
  184. Romancing Olive Historical Romance Review
  185. Putting the 'L' in GLBTQ with Josephine Myles
  186. Secrets of Jenkins Bridge Now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble $4.99
  187. Three's A Crowd is FREE on Amazon this weekend...
  188. Sex for Sex Scene Saturday!
  189. Jake Stone
  190. Waking Up With A Naked Man In Your Bed?
  191. How Did Father's Day Come About?
  192. Doin' It Succubus Style at the Para Posse!
  193. A Love Stolen - New Release by Ella Jade
  194. Bridget Midway book signing in Tennessee!
  195. Talking Settings at the Dirty Birdies
  196. Promo/Invite: Blurbs in Bloom - BB99er-NH-LHS IR PG13 Mickie Sherwood
  197. Top 10 Movie Quotes
  198. Do You Believe What You Hear Or What You See?
  199. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  200. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  201. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases
  202. Blooming Blurbs of the Day at Blurbs in Bloom
  203. Four of July Holiday -- Trivia and a Quiz
  204. Does He Live Up To His Reputation?
  205. Charlene Keel talks about THE LODESTONE on Happily Ever After Thoughts
  206. Now on Kindle: TAKING IT BACK by Zenobia Renquist
  207. New Release: PRE-GAME SHOW by Zenobia Renquist
  208. Win a copy of Train Station Bride!
  209. The Malevolent Sister
  210. Be My Everything by Ella Jade - Paper back 25% off/Free shipping
  211. I'm a Hot M.A.M.A.!
  212. I got mentioned in a newspaper article!
  213. Signed paperback of Just One More--get entered to win!
  214. 1 Night Stand Series Bloghop! Prizes? Oh yeah (Kindle Touch anyone?)
  215. 25 Obscure World Facts
  216. Will She Discover The Truth...Or Die Trying?
  217. Phaze Books new release
  218. Blog: Mickie's glimpse of opening day at the Essence Music Festival 2012
  219. Off the Shelf – An Erotic Romance Novella – is FREE on Amazon!
  220. Jake and Snowflake, The Adventures Continue
  221. New Release: A Hero's Homecoming by Carlene Havel
  222. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
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  224. Free Read - Her Protector (Men of Valor #3.5) historical romance
  225. Promo/Coming soon: BayouBabe99er IR Sensual Romance/Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA S
  226. I'm Talking Literary Influences at Dirty Birdies - PLUS a freebie!
  227. Pre-orders Now Being Taken For The Boy Who Delivered The Wind
  228. Win free books from July 16th to July 20th!
  229. Rekindling A Relationship After Half A Lifetime...Is It Possible?
  230. Nude Beaches...A Vacation Destination?
  231. I'm in USA Today!
  232. Jake's Shining Moment, a new Jake Stone book just released
  233. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  234. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases!
  235. New Book Coming Soon From Samantha Lucas...
  236. Grab a free copy of Talking Dogs, Aliens and Purple People Eaters
  237. Free 7/19 & 7/20!
  238. FREE 7/21 & 7/22 The Apple Tree by Lynette Sofras!
  239. 10 Little Known Wars
  240. Stalked, Abducted...What Else Could Happen?
  241. Final Days of HUGE Beachwalk Paperback Sale! Get Just One More 25% off and ship FREE!
  242. Weekend giveaway!
  243. Westmore: Broken Ties
  244. 10 Unexplained Ocean Mysteries
  245. Do Opposites Really Attract?
  246. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  247. Phaze Books new release!
  248. New Release: Caveat Emptor Series Finale!!
  249. Talking About My First M/M Release
  250. The Boy Who Delivered The Wind