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  1. I'm Talking Pitfalls and Sexual Positions with Elise Hepner
  2. Phaze Books new releases!
  3. New Romantic Suspense with Supernatural Elements
  4. Yippee! Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker is available for purchase!
  5. Interviews Galore
  6. Excerpt: #1 Daily Bestseller - Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual Mickie Sherwoo
  7. 9 All Time Unsolved Mysteries
  8. Say Goodbye To Summer And Hello To Autumn
  9. Romancing Olive is on a Blog Tour!
  10. New Release + Chp1 Online: UNDERCURRENT by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic BWAM Paranormal)
  11. End of summer bash
  12. Revealing All and Delicious Male Inspiration
  13. Excerpt/Promo: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - Sensual AA Bestselling Love Story
  14. Word Association and An Interview
  15. New Release: Sarah: A Mission of Love
  16. Mundania Press, LLC new releases!
  17. Promo/Thank you: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - Sensual African-American Love Story
  18. Cougar story free on Smashwords
  19. Ditched - My First M/M - is Released Today!
  20. Turning Stories into Stories at Me Want Food
  21. Interviewed at Kacey Hammell's Place
  22. Drenched Panties by Nichelle Gregory - FREE Today and Tomorrow!!
  23. My Island Life Lesson #5 on Happily Ever After Thoughts
  24. A Superficial Society
  25. More Interview Madness
  26. New Blog
  27. Sex Toys and Writing Spaces
  28. Interviewed by Zee Monodee
  29. Talking Men, Cooking and Jokes with Victoria Blisse
  30. Westmore Series Free this Weekend
  31. New Historical Romance coming soon!
  32. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases!
  33. Pondering NaNoWriMo 2012
  34. J. Gabriel Gates, male Romance author at Happily Ever After Thoughts
  35. October in history
  36. 7 Foods You Shouldn't Cook While Naked
  37. Talking "When in Rome" with Giselle Renarde
  38. Free Books and Writing Tips
  39. Guest Blogging with Tamsin Flowers
  40. Historical Romance Reconstructing Jackson Now Available!
  41. Call for Submissions—New Novella Lines & New Editors
  42. Phaze Books new release!
  43. Excerpts: IR/AA Sensual Mainstream Romances Mickie Sherwood
  44. Was It A Sex Club Or Not?
  45. Bizarre andl Strange October Holidays
  46. Three New Calls For Submissions
  47. Black Lion Virtual Tours presents Debra's Bandit
  48. Tuesday Chit Chat with The Romaniacs
  49. Release Party Thursday October 11 -- Lots of Prizes
  50. Interviewed by Jenny Lyn
  51. Playing God-M/M short novella
  52. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  53. Phaze Books new release!
  54. America's Haunted Hotels
  55. Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual on Kindle and now on sale
  56. Historical Romance Reconstructing Jackson Now Available!
  57. New $2.99 Contemporary Romance Release!
  58. Now on Kindle, Nook, & ARe: Eternal Lovers by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic Vamp Romance)
  59. New Release: After Party by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic Contemporary)
  60. New Releases, TV Shows and Writing New Pairings
  61. Sexy Spaniards and a Giveaway
  62. Mundania Press, LLC new releases!
  63. New M/M Release Michael Mandrake True Meaning of Love 2 The Complete Portrait!
  64. Blog: Featured today at Blurbs in Bloom
  65. Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual - Sale Price $2.80
  66. Most Haunted Cities In America
  67. Michaela Rhua talks about her first release GYPSY BUTTERFLY on HEAT
  68. 9 Lessons Learned From Horror Movies
  69. "Between Porn and a Prayer" Radio interview with Stephanie Beck
  70. A Spook-Tastic Interview
  71. Want a Fun and Sexy Halloween Paranormal Romantic Suspense? A Honeybun in Hell
  72. Gap Year Fun with Emelia Hayes
  73. Sharing Chilling Excerpts in Time for Halloween
  74. He said what? How the host ended up in the doghouse (Stephanie Beck)
  75. SPOOKAPALOOZA PARTY -- Lots of Prizes
  76. My Novel Journey at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
  77. FREE Oct 26th & 27th, Marked in Mexico
  78. 10 Halloween Superstitions
  79. Halloween's ancient roots
  80. Free 2 Read: Azure Apparition (Revised) AA/PG Paranormal Love Story Mickie Sherwood
  81. My Paranormal Lesbian Novella is FREE Until the 31st!
  82. Mundania Press, LLC new releases!
  83. Hard Shell Word Factory new release!
  84. Phaze Books new releases!
  85. Promo: Kindles - CATCT/BayouBabe99er/Nicked Hearts/Louisiana Hot Sauce IR PG13 Mickie
  86. Blog: Featured this weekend at Blurbs in Bloom
  87. Reconstructing Jackson - 5 Star Review
  88. Daylight Saving Time--Do We Need It?
  89. Romance author Toni Noel chats about marriage on Happily Ever After Thoughts
  90. November's Bizarre and Weird Holidays
  91. Release of The Lost Mercenary
  92. New Release: No Boys Allowed by Lucy Felthouse (Lesbian Erotica)
  93. Talking About Achieving My Goals
  94. Talking Hibernation at the Dirty Birdies
  95. Phaze Books new release!
  96. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  97. What's in a name?
  98. What happened in november?
  99. Character Interview and Giveaway at the Smutketeers
  100. I'm chatting right now!
  101. Fiction That Turns Me On
  102. On Sale for 1˘ at Changeling Press!
  103. Me and My OH Interviewed!
  104. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  105. Phaze Books new release!
  106. Blog: Featured Authors this weekend at Blurbs in Bloom
  107. Promo: Passion for a discounted Price - IR/AA Sensual Mainstream Romances Mickie
  108. Pre-Holiday giveaway
  109. Those Naughty (and sexy) Pilgrims
  110. Dark Persuasion - Historical Romance Award-Winning Finalist USA Best Book Awards
  111. Turkey Trivia for Thanksgiving
  112. Oh So Very British
  113. Love Revealed - Explicit Excerpt at Scorching Reviews Today!
  114. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  115. Phaze Books new releases!
  116. Mundania Press, LLC holiday sale!
  117. Sharing a Sapphic First Chapter
  118. Phaze Books Black Friday - Cyber Monday Super Sale!
  119. FREE Regency Romance 11/23 & 11/24 Only!
  120. New Release: THe Christmas Answer
  121. New Release: Three Gifts
  122. RRP Black Friday Sale: Louisiana Hot Sauce & Nicked Hearts IR PG13 HURRY!
  123. 50% off Mundania Press, LLC books!
  124. Thanksgiving--The Aftermath
  125. The infamous black friday shopping day
  126. Over at Xavier Axelson's Place
  127. New Release & 1stChp Online: Overflow by Zenobia Renquist (MFM Paranormal)
  128. Phaze Books new releases!
  129. The Inspiration Behind Tiered Wedding Cakes!
  130. Talking A Taste of London
  131. Dawn's Reading Nook
  132. Historical Romance Reconstructing Jackson Free Excerpt
  133. Frivolous Lawsuits--Too Ludicrous For Words
  134. December's Bizarre and Unique Holidays
  135. New Releases & Free Reads by Zenobia Renquist
  136. 99˘ Sale on Changeling Christmas Past
  137. Because Maui is for lovers! Maui booktrailer, an island-style romance
  138. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  139. Phaze Books new releases!
  140. New release from BLMorticia! ML2 In His Arms M/M
  141. New Release ~ Sinner, Savior!
  142. Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers and the Scoop on Authograph
  143. FREE! 5 - 9 th December. HOPE'S BETRAYAL by Grace Elliot.
  144. It's Release Day!
  145. 11 Failed Doomsday Predictions
  146. Historical Dates in December
  147. Free! A GOOD MAN FOR KATIE by Marie Patrick - last day!
  148. A Hat Trick for A Taste of London
  149. Blog: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - 18-Wheelers that Rule the Roads
  150. New M/F Release by Rawiya Multicutural/Interracial Romance I Like Em Pretty
  151. Cookies, British slang, Supernatural and Dirty Books
  152. New Entangled Romance Release:KISSING KENDALL
  153. Promo: New Release Ring That Binds
  154. New Series and Sizzling Christmas Reads
  155. Draven's Crossing: Hidden Diversions by Selena Illyria OUT NOW!
  156. 12 Days of Christmas and Win a Nook and Books!
  157. Christmas with the Smutketeers
  158. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  159. Phaze Books new release!
  160. December 21, 2012--Doomsday or Myth?
  161. Interviewed by Morgen Bailey
  162. The Legend of St. Nicholas
  163. Release Day Blogging!
  164. 24 Days of Guest Posts and Giveaways!
  165. Hawaii Moonlight - on sale, .99 Cent Promo!
  166. More Dirt on Reindeer Games: Cupid
  167. Holiday Party With Lots Of Prizes
  168. Guest posts, interviews and prizes to be won!
  169. Daughter of the King by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux
  170. Digging Deeper and Giveaway Goodness!
  171. Discussing Romance + Win a Kindle Fire!
  172. Ancient Roots Of The Christmas Celebration
  173. Awe-Struck Publishing Super 50% off Holiday sale!
  174. Hard Shell Word Factory 50% off Holiday Sale!
  175. Phaze Books 50% off Holiday Sale!
  176. Reindeer Games: Cupid - Awesome Review and First Chapter
  177. Romance Lives Forever Excerpts, Sales and a Freebie
  178. New Year's Resolutions You Won't Have Any Trouble Keeping
  179. New year's celebrations
  180. Talking Male Fantasies in My Last Post of 2012!
  181. FREE Kindle e-book, (sensual Island Moonlight Collection :) & a New Release
  182. Happy New Year Sale
  183. Free read at amazon, "victorian dream" full length historical romance
  184. I'm an Xcite Awards Finalist - Plz Consider Voting
  185. Blog: Blurbs in Bloom - First Showcase of 2013!
  186. People We Said Goodbye To In 2012...
  187. Reconstructing Jackson is on a whirlwind tour!
  188. January's Weird Holidays and Bizarre Celebrations
  189. Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event
  190. Promo: Something New, Something Naughty Blog Hop Jan. 10-13-Prizes
  191. Chat at LoveRomanceCafe Jan. 13th-Giveaway
  192. Food, drinks, dancing and BOOKS!
  193. Promo: New release ASHER'S DILEMMA steampunk time travel romance
  194. Ranting at Four Strong Women
  195. Promo: Out Now! Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR PG13 WOO!
  196. Now Live: Something New, Something Naughty Blog Hop Jan. 10-13
  197. Addicted To My Series
  198. New Year, New Writing
  199. PSC series at 25% Off
  200. Thank you - Hot Seller: Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR PG13 - Hot Seller!
  201. My Electronics Don't Like Me!
  202. January's historical events
  203. The Pros and Cons of F/F Writing
  204. Dishing the Dirt at Wendi Zwaduk's Place!
  205. New Releases: Loose Ends and The Military Wife
  206. Mundania Press, LLC new release from Robert Adams!
  207. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases!
  208. Sex Toy Testing...A Possible Career?
  209. Fighting A Writer's Self-doubts
  210. New Release/R-Excerpt: Fantasy vs. Reality by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic Contemporary)
  211. Make Me Burn is 99 cents!
  212. Compelled now in paperback
  213. Radio Time and Top Ten Movies!
  214. Sale Alert: Coffeetimeromance Like Slow Sweet Molasses Sale!
  215. Phaze Books new release!
  216. What NOT To Say At A Job Interview
  217. Facebook--A Source Of Envy?
  218. Interviewed at SexyReads
  219. Achieving the Achievable and An Interview
  220. Live Appearance/Book Signing in Richmond Feb. 3rd 1-2 PM
  221. Mt Friend Miranda Free For Three
  222. Pre-Order CREAM by Zenobia Renquist on Kindle
  223. Phaze Books new releases!
  224. THE INTERNET WILL FAIL and other bold...
  225. Who Was Emily Post?
  226. Love and All That Stuff (And A Favour)
  227. Fun Q & A with Jennifer Shirk
  228. Doing it Differently and Loving a Man in Uniform
  229. A Hat Trick of Blog Appearances!
  230. Mardi Gras and Flashers
  231. The World's Most Romantic Islands
  232. Blog/Promo: Like Slow Sweet Molasses First Chapter + IR PG13
  233. I'm the Fresh Pick of the Day!
  234. Love, Obsession and a Party
  235. Kicking Off Our Short Story Event!
  236. Are You Headstrong or Heart-strong?
  237. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  238. Phaze Books new release!
  239. Pre-Order Nook/Kindle: CREAM by Zenobia Renquist (Vampire Romance)
  240. Beep beep! Hot fun in the Caribbean sun - a cruise ship erotic romance *New release
  241. New Release: The Perfect Dom by Lucy Felthouse
  242. Nicked Hearts - Valentine's First Two Chapters IR PG13
  243. Happy Valentine's Day!
  244. Bad Boy vs Good Boy at The Book Tart
  245. Moonlit Encounters - romance anthology only $0.99 at Amazon this weekend
  247. Research can be fun
  248. Carla Krae Update
  249. Phaze Books new release!
  250. Only THAT Night Anthology OUT NOW!