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  1. My Electronics Don't Like Me!
  2. January's historical events
  3. The Pros and Cons of F/F Writing
  4. Female Force, On Sale Now
  5. Dishing the Dirt at Wendi Zwaduk's Place!
  6. Mayhem, A Jake Stone Book
  7. New Releases: Loose Ends and The Military Wife
  8. Mundania Press, LLC new release from Robert Adams!
  9. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases!
  10. Sex Toy Testing...A Possible Career?
  11. Fighting A Writer's Self-doubts
  12. New Release/R-Excerpt: Fantasy vs. Reality by Zenobia Renquist (Erotic Contemporary)
  13. Snowflake's Fury, Just Released
  14. Make Me Burn is 99 cents!
  15. Compelled now in paperback
  16. Radio Time and Top Ten Movies!
  17. Sale Alert: Coffeetimeromance Like Slow Sweet Molasses Sale!
  18. Phaze Books new release!
  19. What NOT To Say At A Job Interview
  20. Facebook--A Source Of Envy?
  21. Interviewed at SexyReads
  22. Achieving the Achievable and An Interview
  23. The Reluctant Traveler Just Released
  24. The Reluctant Traveler Just Released
  25. Live Appearance/Book Signing in Richmond Feb. 3rd 1-2 PM
  26. Mt Friend Miranda Free For Three
  27. Pre-Order CREAM by Zenobia Renquist on Kindle
  28. Phaze Books new releases!
  29. THE INTERNET WILL FAIL and other bold...
  30. Who Was Emily Post?
  31. Love and All That Stuff (And A Favour)
  32. Fun Q & A with Jennifer Shirk
  33. Doing it Differently and Loving a Man in Uniform
  34. A Hat Trick of Blog Appearances!
  35. Mardi Gras and Flashers
  36. The World's Most Romantic Islands
  37. Blog/Promo: Like Slow Sweet Molasses First Chapter + IR PG13
  38. I'm the Fresh Pick of the Day!
  39. Love, Obsession and a Party
  40. Kicking Off Our Short Story Event!
  41. Are You Headstrong or Heart-strong?
  42. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  43. Phaze Books new release!
  44. Pre-Order Nook/Kindle: CREAM by Zenobia Renquist (Vampire Romance)
  45. Beep beep! Hot fun in the Caribbean sun - a cruise ship erotic romance *New release
  46. New Release: The Perfect Dom by Lucy Felthouse
  47. Nicked Hearts - Valentine's First Two Chapters IR PG13
  48. Happy Valentine's Day!
  49. Bad Boy vs Good Boy at The Book Tart
  50. Moonlit Encounters - romance anthology only $0.99 at Amazon this weekend
  51. Deception, A Jake Stone Thriller
  53. Research can be fun
  54. Carla Krae Update
  55. Phaze Books new release!
  56. Only THAT Night Anthology OUT NOW!
  57. Paranormal Romance, Apocalyptic Moon, Available as Pre-release on Kindle
  58. Ranting and a Sexy Interview
  59. Rerelease: Moonlit Dream & Moonlit Watcher, Interracial Werewolf Romance only .99
  60. Vampires And Other Immortals, Part 2 of 2
  61. Secondary Characters And How To Use Them
  62. Mundania Press, LLC new release!
  63. Books I'm Addicted To and The Allure of Sex at Work
  64. HOPE'S BETRAYAL -historical romance by Grace Elliot (excerpt)
  65. 2 days left to join the Fly Hat Luncheon!
  66. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases!
  67. Paranormal Romance sale for March only
  68. Hot New Release ~ Fatal Promise %15 off!! Read Excerpt
  69. New BDSM Shifter: Collar and Bell by Zenobia Renquist
  70. Promo: New Book Trailer for Apocalyptic Moon, paranormal romance with a bite!
  71. Read An E-book Week 2013
  72. EULOGY'S SECRET by Grace Elliot "Engrossed from the start."
  73. New multi-cultural romance - SHORT SOUP by Coleen Kwan
  74. A new senior citizen exam :)
  75. Daylight Saving Time Coming Soon
  76. Things i've learned from teaching a fiction writing class
  77. Till Surrender- 25% OFF at Total E Bound!
  78. HOPE'S BETRAYAL - blog tour + giveaway of $30 Amazon voucher!
  79. The end game, just 99 cents
  80. Promo: A Free Audiobook and Special Offer for 6 Free EBooks
  81. Smut Alfresco and Smut for Chocoholics
  82. Alfresco Liaisons and Smut Ahoy!
  83. 10 Biggest Myths About Medieval Torture
  84. St. Patrick's Day--More Than Green Beer and Irish Coffee
  85. Urban Fantasy book coming this Spring
  86. My Top Ten Most Inspirational Males Plus a Giveaway
  87. New blog post: 52 Ways to Joy - The Daydream
  88. New Release: Like a Lily
  89. Looking For Authors to Join Our Blog Hop!
  90. Talking Themes Over at the Dirty Birdies
  91. Interviewed at Amber Skyze's Place
  92. St. Patrick's Party...Win Prizes
  93. Excerpt Tour and ....Giveaway! Weeeeee!
  94. Mundania Press, LLC new releases!
  95. Phaze Books new releases!
  96. Introducing a New Pen Name
  97. Irish Gold Blog Hop! Win BIG!
  98. Promtional Free Kindle Copy of Apocalyptic Moon March 15-16
  99. Free Read - Collar and Bell: Begging by Zenobia Renquist (Shifter BDSM Romance)
  100. Words Of Wisdom From T-shirts
  101. 99 Cent Sale - Buy 1 Romantic Suspense Novel, Get 6 Books Free
  102. All woman, just 99 cents
  103. Vernal Equinox--It's Springtime
  104. I've Been Nominated - The Romance Reviews
  105. Promo/Excerpt: Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual @ CTR*
  106. New Book/ Blog Contest
  107. Best GLBT 2012 NOM for Love the Sinner!
  108. Blogging at The Erotica Readers and Writers Association
  109. 10 Bits Of Historical Trivia OR Where Did Those Expressions Come From
  110. Useless Information--part 1 of 3
  111. Free First Chapter Excerpt of Historical Romance!
  112. Phaze Books new ebook and print release!
  113. It's A Wonderful Undead LIfe
  114. First Chapters and Inspirational Males
  115. Bargain Bride, Billionaire Groom on SALE - 99 cents - Maui romance!
  116. I'm Talking Backlist at Victoria Blisse's Place
  117. April Fool's Day--Where Did It Come From?
  118. Useless Information--part 2 of 3
  119. Brooklyn Sinners are 50% off w/Rebate all April
  120. Promo/Excerpt Christie Butler
  121. Back to Work
  122. No Joke! Home to Hellas is out today!
  123. My Erotic M/M PNR Dark Leopard Magic Now an Audiobook
  124. Promo: Writer Guest at Ravencon This Upcoming Weekend
  125. *FREE on Kindle til 04/06/2013 - Caribbean cruise erotic, romantic tale of mischief!
  126. Join Bridget Midway at the Desired Beauty Expo!
  127. The Order of Chaos and Justified have been reviewed!
  128. PHOENIX - May 6th
  129. FREE chicklit on Kindle this weekend only (6/7 April)
  130. Promo: Fatal Promise ~ Excerpt
  131. Useless Information--part 3 of 3
  132. Crazy Tax Deductions--part 1 of 2
  133. Promo/Excerpts: Mickie's Men and the Hair of the Women they Love AA/IR Sensual
  134. Are you a fan? Join my street team!
  135. A Dead Man's Debt by Grace Elliot - "Historical romance at its best"
  136. Eulogy's Secret by Grace Elliot - greed, prejudice and a stolen identity.
  137. Simpson's Already Did It
  138. Blogging at 69 Shades of Smut
  139. Real Men Don't Quit - new sweet romance by Coleen Kwan
  140. New M/M Releases by Michael Mandrake N'awlins Exotica/Paranormal
  141. Crazy Tax Deductions--part 2 of 2
  142. 10 Weird And Wacky Laws
  143. Awe-Struck Publishing new release!
  144. Blog: Romancing on Friday: Reason for the Sex: Alexa Day
  145. Can Micara save Sweet Home, Texas? New Release From Prism Book Group!
  146. Paranormal Romance Prize Package to Giveaway!
  147. Top 10 Wacky Driving Laws
  148. Earth Day--Where, When, and Why
  149. A New Release and Some Sherlock Action
  150. Blog: Unusual use for Coke
  151. Half price sale
  152. Want to win a paranormal fantasy? The come on over :-)
  153. Writer Guest at Cascades Public Library's Local Author's Fair in Potomac, VA May 4th
  154. Does Family Really Matter?
  155. Countdown to Release of PHOENIX - win an e-copy
  156. The Phenomenon of Speed Dating
  157. 10 Scariest Places On Earth
  158. Free Book Download
  159. New Release - Coming Together with Curves
  160. Beer, Secrets and Dr. Watson
  161. Wrapped Up: A Corseted Event with Bridget Midway and Yvette Hines!
  162. Another Hat Trick
  163. Free E-Book
  164. Blog Post and Giveaway
  165. Mother's Day -- A Brief History
  166. 10 Thoughts to Ponder
  167. Lee McKenzie is giving away one of her sweet romances on HEAT
  168. Join Bridget Midway on The Love Jones Experience tonight!
  170. Memorial Day--A Holiday With A Dual Distinction
  171. Blondes vs. Brunettes--stereotype or reality?
  172. Super Release--Super Prizes!
  173. A Giveaway, Paris and a First Chapter
  174. Beach Read SOS: Buy 1 Beach Read for 99 cents, Get 10 Free! Thru June 1
  175. New Erotic Demon Romance: Or Current Resident by Zenobia Renquist (IR)
  176. Inteview with a vampire and free e-book
  177. Blog: Open Promo: Memorial Day Weekend - Magic Moments in Romance
  178. The maldives--soon to disappear?
  179. 10 spies you've probably never heard of...
  180. Gina Conkle is giving away NORSE JEWELL on HEAT
  181. Westmore on Sale for $0.99
  182. The Wolf on the Hill is only 99cents!
  183. Ideas and Giveaways
  184. My new paranromal romance, Apocalyptic Moon just got a 5 cup review on Coffee Time!
  185. EXPENSIVE CELEBRITY WEDDINGS: Were The Nuptials Worth The Price Tag?
  186. 11 famous female spies from history
  187. Danica Winters is giving away MONTANA MUSTANGS on HEAT
  188. Promo/Excerpt: Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual
  189. Charity Anthologies and New TV Shows
  190. Promo/Excerpt: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual
  191. Blog Invite: Wow or Whoa Day + Saturday Sunday Snippets
  192. Who almost played the role?
  193. Hawaiian Island Contemporary Romance - Kindle Promo
  194. Should I be jealous?
  195. FREE FREE FREE Poppy's Present is Free on Amazon!
  196. Invitation for Father's Day Salutes
  197. Is it soda or pop or soda pop?
  198. Endangered languages
  199. Upcoming Radio Show Appearance
  200. It's WEDDING month on the Heart-Shaped Glasses Blog!
  201. An Inappropriately Personal Interview
  202. Shadow of the Hawk just released
  203. Call all authors! Pitch event!
  204. Promo: Daddy Wanted
  205. Pre-Order: Favored Dragon's Release by D. Renee Bagby
  206. Summer Chillin' Bog Hop June 22-29 has begun!
  207. 7 bizarre items high on the theft list
  208. 10 Greatest Game Shows Of All Time
  209. Being Adventurous and Why I Write GLB Fiction
  210. A French Affair is FREE on Amazon!
  211. Radio mention for me and LSB!
  212. Free Excerpt!
  213. 4th OF JULY HOLIDAY Trivia And A Quiz
  214. 8 people you've never heard of who changed history
  215. Nice Review for Not Just a Fling Christie Butler
  216. Character Interview at Dawn's Reading Nook
  217. New Release: THE BEDPOST QUEEN + Blurb!
  218. America's greatest train rides
  219. Quirky questions tourists ask
  220. Promo: July 4th Scene Part 2 Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker AA Sensual
  221. Blog: Essence Festival 2013 - My Glimpse
  222. Jolly July and a Pajama Party
  223. Everyone Loves a Second Chance Story
  224. Take a Trip to Cairo!
  225. Authors: A New Spot to Promote Your Books!
  226. Discounted Books for July Only!
  227. Sexiest spies on tv and in the movies
  228. Is a guided tour vacation right for you?
  229. Price Drop on SUNNY DAYS FOR SAM
  230. 15 Bizarre Natural Wonders
  231. MURDER AT THE MUSEUM -- For Real Or Just A Game?
  232. Ghost Encounters with Gabrielle Holly
  233. Win a Book!
  234. Reviews and Guest Blogs Galore!
  235. Private Viewing released today! Christie Butler
  236. Weird and bizarre august holidays
  237. 10 Weird Food Laws
  238. Mickie Sherwood's Great News!
  239. New Release and Tour
  240. Day Two of My Blog Tour PLUS A Giveaway!
  241. Day Four of My Blog Tour PLUS A Giveaway!
  242. Nice review for Private Viewing by Christie Butler
  243. Just released, no warning, a jake stone thriller (book 18)
  244. Every State Is Famous For Something
  245. Do and Don't For The 'Morning After'
  246. Lynn Cahoon is giving away a copy of A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL on HEAT
  247. New Release: A Taste of Paris by Lucy Felthouse
  248. Radio Debut
  249. More Touring, First Chapter and a Kindle To Be Won!
  250. Writing From Experience and What I Do When I'm Not Writing