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  1. Need Your Votes and Series Writing
  2. Age Ain't a Factor - BayouBabe99er IR Sensual
  3. Most Unexpected Flight Delays
  4. Igniting "Fire Alive!" guest blog by John Steiner
  5. Sexy Men Of The Zodiac
  6. End Of Summer Bash--Lots of Authors and Lots of Prizes
  7. Enter to win a $50 Gift Card from Amazon!
  8. New Edge of Your Seat Suspense From Kim McMahill
  9. New Releases: Summer Scorchers and M/M Erotic Romance
  10. New Release, Interview and What's New
  11. Teaser/Promos: Cherished Moments - AA Contemporary Reunion Romance - Sensual
  12. Funny Bumper Stickers
  13. Profiting From Sin
  14. Only 99 cents!
  15. Now on Kindle, iTunes & Nook: FAVORED DRAGON'S RELEASE by D. Renee Bagby
  16. BDSM, Manlove, Summer Romance and a Giveaway
  17. Sex Scene Championships - Need Your Votes
  18. Carla Krae interview
  19. Deception revisited, just released
  20. Eulogy's Secret - just 99 cents - historical romance.
  21. 11 Signs You May Be Dating A Sociopath
  22. The reluctant traveler, free download all this week
  23. New Release: Grand Slam by Lily Harlem and Lucy Felthouse
  24. Word Counts, First Chapters and Twenty Questions
  25. Writing an Alpha Male
  26. Historical Romance on sale for 99 cents!
  27. New release! Verity's Lie - historical romance by Grace Elliot
  28. September Bizarre and Unique Holidays
  29. Strangest Things That Washed Up On Beaches
  30. PASSION'S POISON giveaway on Delilah Devlin's blog
  31. Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual + News Flash!
  32. Touring and Sharing Tasty Tasters
  33. Mysti Parker interviews me on Unwritten.
  34. Co-Authoring, New York and a Promo Op for Authors and Publishers
  35. New Excerpt: Like Slow Sweet Molasses @ the Italian Brat's Obsessions Blog
  36. This Friday Is The 13th--Does It Make You Stop And Think?
  37. 10 Of History's Overlooked Mysteries
  38. Lycan Gladiator Book 1 in the Wolf Maiden Saga was released.
  39. Stone of Destiny
  40. Secrets Will Out Season One now available
  41. Getting Personal, Reading, Great Book Covers and More
  42. Hot cover for Private Encore! Christie Butler
  43. Last Day For Free Download...
  44. 6 Of The World's Weirdest Superstitions
  45. Leonardo da Vinci's 10 Best Ideas
  46. Take 2 aspirins and kiss him in the morning! - Hawaii Romance on Kindle, SALE
  47. Disappointed, Dumped, and Divorced!
  48. You're Invited to Our Bday Party! Enter to Win a $100 GC & More!
  49. New Release: Mean Girls by Lucy Felthouse
  50. 11 Jobs Now Considered Instinct
  51. 6 Infamous Ghost Ships
  52. Autumn Is Here
  53. Sign Up for my New Newsletter!
  54. Re-released: A Menu with a Difference and A Bit of Rough
  55. Plotter or Pantser, Series Books, Giveaways and More!
  56. Love spicy fantasy romance? Buy ONE, Get TWO FREE!!!
  57. Autumn Blessing
  58. Giveaway: Pick My Cover Giveaway Going On
  59. Bizarre and Unique October Holidays
  60. Those Lusty Gods Of Mythology And Their Sexy Pursuits
  61. Blog Tours, First Chapters and Prizes to be Won!
  62. New Release: Love's Reprise - F/F Erotic Romance
  63. Win your own Wolfie!
  64. Last Day Pick My Cover Giveaway
  65. New Release by Bev Haynes
  66. What's In A Name?
  67. America's Creepiest Roads
  68. $1.99 Sale! Jealousy will be on sale for the next 24 hours! Hurry!
  69. Free Read: Azure Apparition is Live! AA Sweet Paranormal Romantic Short
  70. Most Haunted Cities In America
  71. His Magick Touch
  72. Jealousy on sale $1.99 - 5 stars powerful writing. A winner!
  73. Jealousy free excerpt!!!
  74. Awesome review for Private Viewing by Christie Butler
  75. Guest Blogging At Dawn's Reading Nook
  76. Guest Post - New Release by Tina Moss and Yelena Casale
  77. Double the Reading Fun!
  78. 99 cent sale this week: GEORGIE ON HIS MIND
  79. Blog: Top Ten Scary Movies by Sapphire Phelan and Giveaway
  80. His Magick Touch in general release Friday October 18
  81. 99 Cent Sale for Bestselling Mystery/Romantic Suspense 3 Book Bundle
  82. Enter for $10 Amazon Card in Spooktacular Blog Hop
  83. 10 Halloween Superstitions
  84. America's Haunted Hotels
  85. Release Party and Prizes
  86. 50,000TH Hit Giveaway Dec. 2: Books & Merchandise Needed!!
  87. Cover Reveal!
  88. Photo Teaser - Jenna Galicki 1000 Likes Extravaganza!
  89. Horror Movies For The Halloween Season
  90. Halloween Is Almost Here...
  91. The Gingerbread House by Jacqueline Hopper
  92. Halloween Blogfest, Special Offer and a Charity Fundraiser
  93. Blog: Mickie Sherwood's Tuna, Romance and Kitchen Scenes +
  94. Bizarre and Unique November Holidays
  95. Free Teaser!! Jealousy by Jenna Galicki
  96. 24 hour sale! Jealousy by jenna galicki
  97. Halloween Aftermath
  98. Azure's Premonition - Free Read AA Sweet Mainstream
  99. KISSED excerpt - First Kiss!
  100. Excerpt: Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - AA Sensual Mickie Sherwood
  101. Free Writing Class -- Creating Multi-dimensional Characters
  102. How To Be A Super Villain
  103. 10 Things You May Not Know About Vikings
  104. Blog/Invite: FAN-tabulous First Glimpse
  105. Bridget Midway's LICORICE WHIPS now on sale!
  106. Brave New Century
  107. Blog: Adele Downs is @BlurbsinBloom
  108. Video Book Trailer for Jealousy!
  109. Blog: Sharon Kleve is @BlurbsinBloom
  110. Pop up sale! $1.50 for jealousy on kobo
  111. BETRAYED coming soon! My Once and Future Love Revisited #2
  112. Promos: Variety is the spice of life! - IR/AA Sensual Romances
  113. Promos: Variety is the spice of life! - IR/AA Sensual Romances
  114. Erotic charity anthology to raise money for the disaster in the Philippines
  115. OPEN IN PRIVATE...What's It All About?
  116. Turkey Vs. Eagle--America's National Symbol
  117. Excerpt: Louisiana Hot Sauce IR Sensual Christmas Shocker
  118. Desperate Dreams FREE ON AMAZON!
  119. It's party time!
  120. I have to amazing new authors to share
  121. Latest News and Posts (& Giveaways)
  122. Four New Heartwarming Holiday Releases!
  123. Blog: Sharon Kleve Showcases Another Christmas Romance @BlurbsinBloom
  124. Turkey Trivia
  125. Those Naughty Pilgrims
  126. Unique Gift Idea: 5 Year Journals
  127. FREE until Sunday!
  128. December Bizarre and Unique Holidays
  129. Television Series Remakes
  130. Cyber Monday Offers and a Reminder
  131. Free Christmas Read: Azure & Frank (The Gift of Love) on my Blog
  132. Promo: Fools Gold
  133. New Release: Girls Rule, Boys Drool by Lucy Felthouse
  134. It's Blissemas - Win a Kindle or Gift Card
  135. The Millionaire's Christmas Wish
  136. Carli and Parker are talking about...
  137. Coming for Christmas - Dylan and Jen
  138. Invite: Bayou Classic Parade 2013 Video Clips + Free Christmas Read
  139. New Fantasy Romance ~ Kristar by D. Renee Bagby
  140. Witcha'be
  141. Ancient Roots Of The Christmas Celebration
  142. Mistletoe, Hunky Santas, and Santa School
  143. Party and Prizes
  144. Like Slow Sweet Molasses & Louisiana Hot Sauce IR Sensual Holidays
  145. The Love Thief
  146. New Release: Illicit Relations by Lucy Felthouse - M/M Erotic Romance
  147. Writing to Santa, Sexy Men and Prizes!
  148. 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
  149. The Legend Of St. Nicholas
  150. Follow their journey... Jealousy by Jenna Galicki
  151. Blog: Nuts
  152. New Release: Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse (M/F/M Erotic Romance)
  153. New Year's Celebrations
  154. 25% Discount off Evernight Books
  155. New Year's Resolutions You'll Be Able To Keep...
  156. Jan. 1-3 - Get DYLAN AND JEN free on Amazon!
  157. Happy New Year/Open Promo: Payback is a B—
  158. Win a Kindle Fire!
  159. Rebates, Guest Bloggers, Free Chapters and More!
  160. Weird And Bizarre January Holidays
  161. Those We Lost In 2013...
  162. Blogging Crazy (with giveaways)!
  163. "Love's Ghost"...it's never been harder to choose
  164. Book 3, FORGIVEN, heading to pre-order
  165. Courting Controversy, Giveaways and More!
  166. The Last Detail
  167. Excerpts: LSSM CATCT BB99er IR/AA Sensual
  168. A Revealing Interview and Erotic Horror
  169. Day 5 of My Blog Tour - Win a GC
  170. TRIVIA -- part 1 of 3
  171. Who Orders Delivery Food?
  172. EROTIC ENCOUNTERS Anthology Vol. 1
  173. Return to Sweet Home, Texas!
  174. Never Marry A Vampire - Free Story!
  175. Writers - Need a Business Plan + Contest!
  176. Official Release Day, Plus a GC Giveaway!
  177. TRIVIA part 2 of 3
  178. New Release: The Trouble With Memories - SFR
  179. Morality In America
  180. The Trouble With Memories is on The Galaxy Express! #giveaway
  181. Excerpt from my recent release Saltwater Lover by Shiloh Saddler M/M Erotic Romance
  182. Nicked Hearts - A Valentine's Romance IR Sensual
  183. Love, Valentine Style is Free on Amazon
  184. Blog Tour and Scamp Interviewed!
  185. Day 2 of My Blog Tour and the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event
  186. The Virgin Madam - F/F Historical on Sarah Says Read Romance
  187. Snow can cover a multitude of sins...
  188. Research and What I Do When I'm Not Writing
  189. Novel Research and Cheating in Erotica
  190. Last Day of My Blog Tour, Plus a Guest
  191. New Release: Midnight Heat by Haley Whitehall (Historical Romance)
  192. TRIVIA part 3 of 3
  193. A great review for The Trouble With Memories #SFR Woot!
  194. What Your Favorite Sandwich Says About You
  195. Swamp, Gators and Love, Oh My! BayouBabe99er IR Sensual
  196. M/M Shifters, Books That Don't Sell and More...
  197. Joe "Josephine" Bascum - The Virgin Madam - Character Interview
  198. Interviewed at Female First
  199. New #GLBT One Night Stand from Decadent Publishing!
  200. BBW romance on sale for .99! *hot excerpt* #erotica
  201. Lover Enslaved is out today! #MM #GLBT #romance from @decadentpub #newrelease
  202. Hot Teachers, Winter Wonders and A Giveaway!
  203. Author bio with blurbs from published books
  204. Bizarre and Unique February Holidays
  205. Groundhog Day--What's It All About?
  206. Illicit Relations, Guest Bloggers & A Giveaway
  207. Going Home Again
  208. Giveaway - Because I'm a genre slut!
  209. Patriot's Heart - Can Sworn Enemies Become More?
  210. The World's Most Romantic Islands
  211. Blog Hops, Gorgeous Guests and Sexy Saturday
  212. Valentines day contest
  213. New Release and #giveaway #MM #romance Lover Enslaved @decadentpub 1 Night Stand
  214. Cover Reveal for LOVED!
  215. Free At Amazon For Kindle...
  216. Valentine's Day -- The Good And The Bad
  217. Just released, crazy, a jake stone thriller
  218. Sexy Kisses, HEAs, Untraditional Romance and More!
  219. ALL 2012 & 2013 Crimson Romance Titles $1.99!!
  220. Sex, Ties and Videotape - a little BDSM for your #ValentinesDay #giveaway
  221. Mrs. Condit Reads - #giveaway today of Lover Enslaved: 24 hours in Mumbai #GLBT
  222. Are You On Wattpad?
  223. Destined for Deception
  224. 1st in Series: A SUITABLE WIFE
  225. Private Encore - New release from Ellora's Cave!!
  226. History's Romantics
  227. Chocolate--The Food Of Love
  228. Casting My Novel, Plus a Free Download
  229. His Reign - Price Reduced (PNR Menage!)
  230. Coming in March - Becoming Seven
  231. New Release: HER UNEXPECTED FAMILY (Sweetwater Springs Series, #2)
  232. The Tempering Agent by Victoria Pitts Caine
  233. News Flash! + Excerpt: Like Slow Sweet Molasses IR Sensual
  234. Being Part of The Brit Babes and Awesome Guest Bloggers
  235. Most Influential Candy Bar Of All Time
  236. The Real Story of The Hound Of The Baskervilles
  237. Northern Lights
  238. The Prince of Punk Rock is LIVE and he's coming to rock your world!
  239. Lesbians, Chocolate and Smut in Italy
  240. Sexy Just Walked Into Town - A FREE Anthology from The Brit Babes
  241. Bizarre and Unique March Holidays
  242. Read An E-Book Week 2014
  243. Download my Love - new #SFR release available on Amazon!
  244. It's Mardi Gras Time!
  245. Free on Smashwords-Going Home Again
  246. Sexy Romance, Favourite Characters and Bargain eBooks!
  247. Chocolatey Inspiration and a Giveaway!
  248. Ménage March, Stately Homes and a Guest Blogger
  249. Guest Blogger JoAnne Myers
  250. The Academy Awards--Oscar by the Numbers