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  1. I didn't know where to stick this...
  2. Winter Solstice Contest: More chocolate
  3. This Week at Coffee Time Romance - December 2nd
  4. Submissions Call: Charity Anthology needs you!
  5. Choice of the Month
  6. THe Brass Spectacle Open House Chat Tonight!
  7. Last Wish
  8. Awesome Reviews for HOLLYWOOD GHOSTS!
  9. Have you read a good romance lately?
  10. Wild Rose Press
  11. This Week at Coffee Time Romance - December 9th
  12. Nominations Open for LASR Best Romance of 2007
  13. Twelve Days of Christmas Give-Aways!
  14. Woman of the Mountain - 2008 EPPIE Finalist!
  15. 2008 EPPIE Finalist--Too Good To Be True
  16. Office Christmas Parties
  17. Win a copy of The Awakening
  18. EPPIE Finalist on Sale! - 30% off!!
  19. December I’m Diggin’
  20. Series books - win a download!
  21. Karen Wiesner and Roxanne Rustand at LASR
  22. Phaze authors will be at The Realms of Love tonight 9PM EST
  23. Taking it to the Extreme
  24. The Brass Spectacle Magazine
  25. Want Free Autographed Books?
  26. "Season's Greetings" - today's Friday Flash is up!
  27. Dragon Spell Publishing
  28. Happy New Year!
  29. Do You Like Paranormal Romance
  30. I have a Question...
  31. New Release from Carolan Ivey and Live Chat!
  32. Fun Things and Prizes!
  33. HOT Excerpt for the Cold....
  34. Heatherfield Is Available!
  35. This Week at Coffee Time Romance - January 6th
  36. Short Storay and Article Published
  37. Wicked Pleasures and Celtic Love Knots 9
  39. Do you like werewolves?
  40. Chat Tuesday Night January 8th!
  41. The Lesser Evil to Come out in Print
  42. SheWolf - Available at Freya's Bower
  43. Got to love a man in uniform---
  44. Five out of Five.
  45. An excerpt from Every Witch Way But Dead
  46. Genre Specific? Win a print book...
  47. My Nonfiction Book Nominated for Library of Virginia Literary Awards
  48. Book signings/sales for Blood of the Dark Moon coming soon in MA!
  49. Only two days left to vote in the Preditors and Editors Polls!
  50. My New book
  51. "Forty Love" to be Released Feb. 1
  52. This Week at Coffee Time Romance - January 13th
  53. He Said, She Said...on Playing to Win
  54. Lady's Wager, A Traditional Regency Romance Now Available
  55. Free read & contest
  56. He Said, She Said...on Playing to Win...take two
  57. P&E poll
  58. Contest - Playing to Win
  59. He Said, She Said...on Playing to Win
  60. SNOWDRIFT contest now open!
  61. Out today! - Playing to Win by Shelley Munro
  62. New Release: Special Branch: Kane by Loribelle Hunt
  63. New Release: Snowdrift by Kris Eton
  64. I'm a dot co dot uk!!!
  65. Bachelor Auction for charity!
  66. This Week at Coffee Time Romance - January 20th
  67. Book signing party in Salem, MA 1/25 8pm for Blood of the Dark Moon!
  68. Book signing/sale in Arlington, MA 2/23 8pm-12am!
  69. Sliquid's Sexy Story Contest - Open to all!
  70. Romantic Inks Chat with Teresa D'Amario - and YOU're Invited!
  71. Midnight Bites...
  72. Coffee Time Romance Live Chat Tonight!
  73. Love in the Golden Years
  74. 8 Author Book Signing February 9th in Richmond, Virginia
  75. Virtual Book Tours - Starting Feb 1
  76. Read & Vote: Brava Novella Contest Readers' Choice
  77. New Release and Contest: EROTICS ANONYMOUS
  78. Shot Through the Heart - Scavenger Hunt starts today
  79. Just Released - STRIKES DON'T MATTER
  80. Valentine Contest
  81. Open Promo Day - Monday
  82. Valentine Contest~~
  83. PROMO - SheWolf, by Teresa D'Amario
  84. Contest: Two Spirits and a Last Wish
  85. Greetings from Australia
  86. Recent Release: How Faerie Dust is Made
  87. My First Book Signing
  88. Upcoming Chat
  89. Beowulf and Roxie Was Released
  90. Please Join Georgie Lee on Wednesday, January 30th at Leslie Carroll's Blog
  91. Win an ARC of Stripped Away
  92. New Review, Release Date, Book Cover And More From Author Sara Reinke
  93. New Virtual Book Tour Site Launch on February 1
  94. New Release: A Valentine's Gift for Tori
  95. Take Me Now, Dirk Deedlehopper!
  96. Please vote for my book cover
  97. Loose Ends kicks off with my interview!
  98. Fantasm Awards Voting now Open
  99. My First Book Signing
  100. Vote for #28 in the Covey Trailer Awards
  101. This One's a Keeper! Five cups says Jenifer.
  102. 8 Author Book Signing in Virginia 4-6PM Feb. 9th
  103. February News at Coffee Time Romance & More
  104. What's New -- Come see....
  105. An Alternative Seal of Approval!
  106. Hibiscus Bay
  107. WEEKENDS up at Fictionwise!
  108. Timeless Blue by Adrianna Ravel is now available! Yay!
  109. Something About That Lady
  110. Kiss of a Druid Bard
  111. Quick Reads
  112. Tuesday Events that you don't want to Miss!
  113. Sapphire Phelan Is Guest Blogger at Star-Crossed Romance
  114. Cerridwen Author: Amy Corwin, Excerpt from Smuggled Rose (PG)
  115. Would You Like to Travel Through Time?
  116. A new review for SheWolf, by Teresa D'amario
  117. Georgie Lee Interviews Amanda Elyot on 2/6/2008
  118. Vote Today in our Perk Poll
  119. Win a copy of The Centurion & The Celt!
  120. News for the Virtual Book Tour Site
  121. New Sale to Medallion Press
  122. Adrianne will be signing/selling books at the 7th Annual NEDSWB on 2/23 at 8pm!
  123. Blood of the Dark Moon novel receiving really ravishing, rave reader reviews!
  124. Anyone for a podcast?
  125. Look with your "Eyes" and enjoy with the rest of the senses on the Resplendence chat
  126. Valentine's Week at Coffee Time Romance & More
  127. Yet another great review for The Mars Imperative
  128. 'Romance ebooks' alert!!
  129. THE WEDDING WAR, by Jenny Gilliam, Coming Soon from The Wild Rose Press
  130. Win a copy of ErRatic
  131. The Mars Imperative now on BarnesandNoble.com
  132. Acknowledging Meirion - OUT NOW!
  133. See No Evil, My Pretty Lady -- Best Seller
  134. New Release - Tort & Retort by Maura Anderson
  135. Win a copy of LADY'S WAGER!
  136. Love & Lust Party!
  137. Today's Friday Flash is up - Finally
  138. This Week's Escapades at Coffee Time Romance & More
  139. Contest!
  140. The 1001 CTR Knights!
  141. Like sexy cowboys and fiesty heroines?
  142. Celebrated author Denise Skelton releases her newest novel Forgotton Promises
  143. sapphire Phelan's Live Appearance at Shevacon in Virginia
  144. In Celebration of Dissecting the Muse...
  145. Win a copy of TAINTED HERO
  146. The Little Things - win a book :)
  148. Newsletter Contest
  149. Which psychic powers would you NOT want?
  150. This week's Free Read is up!
  151. Today only Phaze Oscars Sale!
  152. This Week's Fun at Coffee Time Romance & More
  153. Reader Appreciation Contest
  154. Lost for a Day in Fantasy
  155. Highland Caller
  156. It's almost here!
  157. Who Is Chatting Tonight?
  158. VARGAS GIRL contest now live!
  159. Beast Magic Got 4 1/2 Hearts From Night Owl Romance Reviews!!!
  160. Phaze's Take a Leap Giveaway and Leap Year Sale
  161. This Weeks Flash is up - and it's Urban Fantasy/Cyber Punk
  162. News, Contest, Free Read!!
  163. Signed ARC Giveaway
  164. You're Such a Character!
  165. March Fun!
  166. Smoldering Ember Excerpt: Coming March 15
  167. Touch of Fire Excerpt - New Release March 15th
  168. Review for "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady"
  169. Dorothy Bodoin News
  170. Australian Romance Readers Convention.
  171. Karen Kay - The Last Warrior
  172. Blood of the Dark Moon vampire novel received more reader reviews!
  173. Lady's Wager receives 4 cups from Coffe Time Romance
  174. News From Judith Gilbert
  175. Catch me at Virginia Festival of the Book In Charlottesville
  176. The Vicar's Vixen - Coming soon from Dark Eden Press
  177. A Tournament Knight is Released in Print
  178. A quick read that tell a gripping saga
  179. DANGEROUS DESIRE v.sensual new release
  180. Win a download from Shelley Munro
  181. FANCY FREE - out Today
  182. Condoms and the Romance Writer
  183. Win $20+ in romance fiction at www.sarareinke.com
  184. Hey! It's alive...and a newsletter!
  185. Fun Stuff this week at Coffee Time Romance & More
  186. New Release CONTEST!
  187. Are you up for 'sex on the beach?'
  188. Subscribe to Sapphire Phelan's Newsletter and Be Entered in Contest
  189. First Review for Crimson Promise and It's Not Out Yet!
  190. MOONLIGHTING contest!
  191. The Brass Spectacle Magazine Launch Party
  192. Starsight Featured on Write Life Blog
  193. Hibiscus Bay by Debby Allen gets an 'A' from Simply Romance Reviews
  194. New Release - The Vicar's Vixen
  195. In the Hot Seat (I’m Diggin’) Interview for March
  196. New Release: THAT DANGEROUS AGE!
  197. New Regency: I Bid One American coming in May!
  198. First Review for The Vicar's Vixen
  199. Why I love to blog...
  200. Cowboys, Leather & More - erotic eLoop Chat - Wednesday March 19th
  201. Check Out Author Patricia Guthrie's Virtual Tour Stop on My BLog
  202. I'm blogging at...
  203. Live chat with me tonight!!
  204. AP Miller is at Extasy books
  205. Cartoonist/ Comic Book Writer Guest Blog/Contest @ DCL
  206. Contest celebrating Nature's Pentacle Release
  207. The Centurion & The Queen - New Cover
  208. Seventeen fantabulous prizes up for grabs
  209. New Interview - Jewel Adams
  210. Vote at Erin Aislinn's Cover Contest!
  211. This weeks Guest Bloggers and Contests
  212. Win a print book...
  213. Serenity Is OUT NOW!!
  214. Hero Kiss Match March 25 - right now!
  215. Chat Thursday March 26
  217. 'Tween Heaven and Hell available in Print!
  218. The handsome centurion is finally ready to be held ~sigh~!!!
  219. Noooooooo!!! Help me!!
  220. Nine new excerpts
  221. Cover Day... and I'm so excited!
  222. Free Promo Op for Authors
  223. Only nine more hours
  224. This Week's Fun at Coffee Time Romance & More
  225. Unlock your sexual desires!!!
  226. Promo and Contest: A Fling in Vampriopolis is Out Now!
  227. My Cover is up for voting!
  228. Odyssey In Reading.....starting April 1
  229. Heart of the Nile Contest!
  230. The Comet Cometh... on April Fools Day?
  231. 4/1-4/4 Guest Bloggers and Contests at DCL
  232. Website for Winds of Asharra now up! FREE gift!
  233. Win a copy of Scarlet Woman!
  234. Winds of Asharra Promotional Contest!
  235. Sarah Mäkelä's upcoming appearances and contests
  236. Australian Romance Readers Convention 2009
  237. Romerotica Blogging
  238. Win a Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  239. Join Sapphire Phelan at Chat Until 9PM Eastern Tonight-Contest too
  240. First Review...Nightowl Romance...
  241. "Patterns" - This Week's Friday Flash
  242. **Cyan Bell's contest **
  243. Thirty, Yes, Thirty new excerpts!
  244. This Week at Coffee Time Romance - April 6th
  245. Would you like an Author Interview?
  246. The Power of Love - 12 excerpts
  247. Switching Publishers
  248. You wanna trip into space!
  249. Mahes Was Released
  250. Blogging at Loose Ends April 20