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  1. Book Trailer: A Bitch Named Karma
  2. Five Secrets You Should Not Keep...
  3. A chance to win a copy of Playing with a Wood Nymph!
  4. RT Con Ohio - Win Prizes on Wednesday!!
  5. Free Reads! Test Drive the Book Before You Buy
  6. Bad Boss Blog!
  7. My first blog!!!
  8. Ten Secrets You Should Keep...
  9. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 04/18/2010
  10. Kaye Spencer - Debut novel - April 30th
  11. Check out Sapphire Phelan's Interview at Midnight Seductions Authors' Blog
  12. I'm being interviewed on Parafactor about my 'wolfish' novels and werewolves.
  13. Phaze Books new releases - 04/20/2010
  14. Check out Whispers Publishing's Dynamic Duo
  15. Tagging Her Lynx Contest!
  16. Golden Boys
  17. Author Jane Bled's GLEE Audition + New Site!
  18. Weird, Quirky Tours...Huh?
  19. New release from Bridget Midway!
  20. Live Chat tonight - Coffee Time Romance
  21. Last Call Europe: Dog Sled OUT NOW!
  22. Guest Blogging & Contest at Wicked Readings By Tawania
  23. Over 100 Prizes. Right Now!!!
  24. Mask of the Betrayer released today
  25. A hollywood affair- rrp bestseller!!
  26. Kaye Spencer's new erotic cowboy romance
  27. Zorro Contest on my website
  28. A psychological thriller
  29. Check Out My Guest Blog and Enter My Contest May 1st
  30. 12 Days of Sexy Times Blog Event
  31. Assassin's Honor - First Three Chapters
  32. Is A Tour Right For Your Vacation?
  33. My Website and Blog have a Sexy New Look!
  34. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 05/03/2010
  35. 12 Days of Sexy Times Blog Event
  36. Bridget Midway's 1st 2 Corporate novels now in print!
  37. Awe-Struck Publishing new releases - 05/03/2010
  38. Out Now at Loose-Id, Blood Claim: Tainted!
  39. Want My Pumas In Print?
  40. Phaze Books new releases - 05/04/2010
  41. Release party for Mask of the Betrayer contes and prizes!
  42. Zorro contest
  43. Murder at a Masquerade!
  44. Destiny Booze's Books Are On Sale!
  45. Michelle Chambers Romance- Love just got a little bit more complicated
  46. 12 Days of Sexy Times Blog Event
  47. Rejection letters
  48. Authors After Dark 2010: Romance Unlimited
  49. Quirky Questions Tourists Ask
  50. Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction-PLEASE READ
  51. Stolen Promise Trailer-Top Rated on B&N Site-View It Here
  52. I've just been signed under Turquoise Morning Press!
  53. New Review For Ræliksen (historical romance)
  54. Phaze Books new releases - 05/11/2010
  55. Blogging today at The Pink Fuzzy Slippers
  56. A paranormal romance treat
  57. New Releases From Keta Diablo
  58. AAD: Cheaper, More Free books and Free Alcohol. And Registration is open.
  59. Donations needed to help stop childhood cancer
  60. Sizzling suspense that will keep readers turning the page?
  61. Only two more weeks for Zorro Contest
  62. Win a Copy of FRIENDS IN DEED!
  63. America's Train Travel
  64. Win a Print Copy of Tea For Two
  65. Proudly announcing!
  66. Gold Medal Winner in the Independent Publishers Book Awards!
  67. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 05/20/2010
  68. Monthly contest
  69. Join Bridget Midway at Norfolk's Afr'Am Festival
  70. Author Sharon Donovan Give Away
  71. Most Unexpected Flight Delays
  72. Robert Downey Jr. Trivia Contest
  73. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 05/24/2010
  74. I have something free for you in MAY . . .
  75. Live Chat
  76. Whispers Latest Release: HEALER
  77. Didja Know...you can win Didja Know...?
  78. A Bitch Named Karma release is soon!!
  79. Serenity's Dream Release - Celebrate June 1-24
  80. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 05/25/2010
  81. Author Sharon Donovan Give Away
  83. Hidden Instinct
  84. You Can't Keep A Good Vampire Down!
  85. Ten Things We Can't Do Without...
  86. New Release - Captured In Lies by Kelly Abell
  87. New Releases for Champagne Books and Carnal Passions
  88. One Year Celebration
  89. Writer Routine Wednesday!
  90. A Paranormal Romance invitation
  91. invites and new contracts
  92. Trailer for Entirely Yours by E.R. Haze
  93. Beginner's Guide To Wordpress Workshop
  94. Two Pieces of Super News for Me
  95. Valentino and the Mystery Lady
  96. Kindle and E-Versions of my Vampire Books!
  97. Phaze Books new release - 06/04/2010
  98. Release date for Illusion of Night, June 21, 2010!
  99. Special Chat tonight at 9 pm CTR Chat
  100. Best of E
  101. "The Internet Will Fail" -- predictions that bombed
  102. It's finally here! Release day!!!!
  103. Ever do a radio interview???
  104. 3 Days And Counting...
  105. Phaze Books new release - 06/07/2010
  106. Great Review from CTR for FINDING HER PERFECT MASTER
  107. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 06/07/2010
  108. Dawn Chartier's Interview ~ June 9th
  109. Anchorage Books 1 & 2: Available NOW and a Contest! (SF/Futurustic)
  110. Why I Write Fantasy Interview
  111. Coupon Sale: A Summer Collection
  112. Writer Routine Wednesday! Gina Ardito
  113. Blogging today
  114. Perfect for Each Other
  115. Hot Hunk Wednesday on My Blog
  116. Cleopatra Contest
  117. Today, June 10th, is the day!
  118. I'm being interviewed today at Novel Sisterhood
  119. New collection of short stories.
  120. BTR show today! Interested in AAD? Well come find out!
  121. Celebrating the release of A Bitch Named Karma!
  122. Unusual Uses For Your Digital Camera
  123. CONTEST & New Release: Eris by D. Renee Bagby (xpost)
  124. June Jubilee Day Today!
  125. Sapphire Phelan's June Newsletter Now Live
  126. Please Join The Fun
  127. Excerpt - Illusion of Night - Contest Ideas.
  128. Writer Routine Wednesday w/ Nicola Marsh
  129. New novel from E.R. Haze, "The False Identity"
  130. An excerpt of The False Identity by E.R. Haze
  131. Four Questions Friday at Sapphire Phelan's Blog
  132. Friends in Deed (Paperback) Now on Amazon
  133. Reasons to attend Authors After Dark this Sept.
  134. Win a copy of "A Deadly Whisper"!!!!
  135. What You Can Steal From Your Hotel Room Without Guilt
  136. Blog Give Away
  137. Passion Fish by Alison Oburia and Jessica McQuinn
  138. Ghosts and spirits of New Orleans
  139. AFTERNOON DELIGHTS - Now Available!
  140. Phaze Books new release - 06/22/2010
  141. Bloody Mary
  142. Fantasci 2010 June 26th in Chesapeake, VA.
  143. Do you like Audio Books?
  144. Short story collection sale
  145. Release of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit!
  146. Hot Books For A Hot Summer
  147. Keta Diablo's Spring/Summer Gay Fiction Books
  148. Bridget Midway's CORPORATE NEEDS now released!
  149. Phaze Books new releases - 06/29/2010
  150. 3 Fun Interviews with Paranormal Romance Author Susan Hanniford Crowley
  151. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 06/29/2010
  152. Writer Routine Wednesday!
  153. New Release- BLOOD OF HIS FATHERS
  154. Available Now- Blood of his Fathers
  155. Promo/Excerpt Blood of his Fathers
  156. Christmas in July Contest! Win a Sony eReader and so much more!
  157. Drawing, and a Blog--Why I Just Say NO To Writing Contests
  158. Phaze Books new release - 07/01/2010
  159. Soul Mates?
  160. Now Available in Print: Spectre Nightmares and Visitations
  161. Four Questions Friday--on Fourth of July
  162. New release - Possession
  163. Phaze Books new print release - 07/02/2010
  164. Unexpected Hotel Charges--Legitimate or Unscrupulous?
  165. New Release- Blood of His Fathers
  166. Join erotica author Bridget Midway at RomCon!
  167. Excerpt: Reclaiming Isis by Selena Blake - 7/9/10
  168. Guest Blogging at Romance Lives Forever Today
  169. New Comedy/Fantasy Short From Wade J. McMahan: "Flying Solo"
  170. Writer Routine Wednesday w/ Kristen Painter
  171. Nice N' Naughty News!
  172. Official Release Day for Eternal Love!
  173. Interviewed on Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem Blog
  174. New Lesbian Short Story: "4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up" by Sara Elizabeth
  175. New Literary Short Story Release by Julian Adorney: "Deals"
  176. New Drive-Thru Interview For Anne Brooke
  177. Phobias For The 21st Century
  178. July 15th is final day to enter...
  179. Blog series - Best of E
  180. New Horror Release From Untreed Reads And Joshua Calkins-Treworgy
  181. Win a Copy of Private Property
  182. $2.49 Tuesday Debut audio books sale! (Erotic)
  183. New Gay Short Story Release By George Seaton: "Continuum"
  184. Promo: Author debut. Gothic City Lights
  185. The Robber Wife by Verona St James
  186. For YA Lovers!
  187. Actor Loren Lambert on my blog!
  188. New Mystery From Rodolfo Peña: AN INCONSEQUENTIAL MURDER
  189. Phaze Books new releases - 07/15/2010
  190. A Real Husband - Historical Romance - Just Released!
  191. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 07/16/2010
  192. Talk to me book clubs!
  193. Secret Desires
  194. Do You Know What Your Dreams Mean?
  195. The Hohokam Indians
  196. Inspirational Women's Fiction Lovers
  197. New Sci-Fi Short From Anne Brooke: Creative Accountancy for Beginners
  198. New Horror Short From DOCTOR WHO Author Andy Frankham-Allen
  199. New Novella Release From Ruth Sims: Song on the Sand
  200. Phaze Books new release - 07/21/2010
  201. Latest Release from Whispers Publishing
  202. A Sea of Suspicion!
  203. I've been interviewed
  204. Win a great summer read (or two!)
  205. All Romance Ebooks
  206. What's Going On With Political Campaigns?
  207. New Fantasy Title Released As Benefit For Author Rie McGaha
  208. New Literary Short Story From Giselle Renarde: "Ugly Naked People"
  209. Debut Author - come and say hello
  210. Embrace the Dark Side of Camelot
  211. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 07/27/2010
  212. Re-Release and Virtual Book Signing
  213. Fan of Harlequin Super Romance?
  215. Outrageous and quirky romance coming soon!
  216. Misprints--Potential Gold Mines
  217. Guest Blog, Contests, and Upcoming Release
  218. Magazine Interview!
  219. Release Day!! His Brother's Keeper - New from Loose Id
  220. Writer Routine Wed w/ MJ Fredrick
  221. Sci-Fi Short Story Release: NEW NORMAL by Jeffrey Ricker
  222. Call For Submissions: Thanksgiving Mystery Anthology
  223. A Bitch Named Karma is in print!!
  224. Party Time
  225. Excerpt 2- Blood of His Fathers
  226. New! - Under Cover Love by Jewel Adams
  227. Two contests and a chat
  228. The Tease - sexy fireman Brant
  229. Words Rejected By The Oxford English Dictionary
  230. New Review For “Of Sound and Silence” By Casey Dyson
  231. Two interviews
  232. New Release this week - Comfort 2
  233. Phaze Books new release - 08/10/2010
  234. Author Heidi Betts hosting a giveaway
  235. New Literary Short: A DAUGHTER’S LOVE by Lorraine Sears
  236. Join Bridget Midway at the Eastern Shore Afr'Am Festival!
  237. Happy 29th Birthday, PC! Get 29% Off All Titles At UntreedReads.com!
  238. Just Released: New Entry In THE ZAGZAGEL DIARIES By Bryl R. Tyne
  239. A party with prizes...today!
  240. New Review ~ paranormal romance
  241. New Review - Historical Romance
  242. Friday the 13th Survivors
  243. Writing as obssession?
  244. Anchorage Book 3 Launches in *gasp* Three Days!
  245. Calorie free Indulgence (cont. menage) Surprising Darcy
  246. Book Launch Party and Contest
  247. New Review For MR. NEWBY’S REVENGE By Ruth Sims | Untreed Reads Publishing
  248. Phaze Books new releases - 08/16/2010
  249. New Short Fiction From Aaron Posey: THE WAREHOUSE | Untreed Reads Publishing
  250. New High-Rated Review For Neil Plakcy’s AT THE DINER | Untreed Reads Publishing