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  1. Sapphire Phelan Chatting at Coffee Time's Erotic Yahoo Loop
  2. New Fiction Release: POSTMODERN MEDICINE by Trevor Price | Untreed Reads Publishing
  3. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 08/18/2010
  4. Skye's the Limit: Experience the panic and the passion!
  5. Unbound Passions: Sealed Desires OUT NOW!
  6. New Mystery Novella Release: HUEY DUSK By Whit Howland | Untreed Reads Publishing
  7. Blogging at Southern Sizzle about DEAD SEXY, my upcoming release from EC!
  8. Bridget Midway's newsletter now posted!
  9. New Words Added To The Dictionary
  10. For sweet contemporary romance lovers!
  11. 50% Off All Untreed Reads Titles at WHSmith.co.uk…For US Shoppers Too!
  12. Releasing today: The Memoirs of Countess de Fontaine Part 1
  13. New Horror Short From Andy Frankham-Allen: ONE MISTAKE | Untreed Reads
  14. More Sheet Music Love!
  15. Michael Matson’s DIAMOND TREE Gets Rave Review at Ebook Addicts | Untreed Reads
  16. Phaze Books new releases - 08/24/2010
  17. Like to read YA?
  18. Hot New Y.A Paranormal Romance
  19. Sci-fi Erotic Romance Novella out now: Rescuing Natacha
  20. Super Hot Romance Author Tina Donahue Guest Blog & Contest!!
  21. DREAMSAYER - Sci/Fantasy Romance by Carrie R. Olguin
  22. Gum And Magnets--What Do They Have In Common?
  23. Publishing Pitfalls
  24. New Release: KIPLING AND CAMPING by Sophia Deri-Bowen | Untreed Reads Publishing
  25. New Western/Mystery Novella From Pete Peterson: CATCH A KILLER BY THE TOE
  26. OFF FLESH By Andy Frankham-Allen Receives 4-Star Review | Untreed Reads
  27. New Forthcoming Flash Mystery Anthology From Untreed Reads
  28. Blogging Friday - Coffee Thoughts
  29. Four Questions Friday at Sapphire Phelan's Blog-on Weather
  30. Read free chapters from A Soldier's Vow(Jackie M. Smith)
  31. "Sheet Music" Receives 5 Angels!
  32. Bridget Midway's Midway Lowdown newsletter now posted!
  33. Those Lusty Gods Of Mythology And Their Sexy Pursuits
  34. Phaze Books' special Labor Day sale!
  35. Awe-Struck Publishing special Labor Day sale!
  36. Mundania Press, LLC special Labor Day sale!
  37. Diego - Early Launch Date, 9/16! (& Sale & Giveaway :) )
  38. New Short Psych Thriller From Rick R. Reed: CRIME SCENE | Untreed Reads
  39. Phaze Books new release - 09/07/2010
  40. Check Out My Interview Sept. 7-9--Comment to Win Prize, Too
  41. For those who like YA!
  42. OMG - The Diego cover is here - and it's HOT
  43. Awesome new cover and release!
  44. New Short Fiction From Victor J. Banis and 25% Off Sale: CHANGING VIEWS
  45. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  46. Join Bridget Midway at the Leather Flea Market event!
  47. Secondary Characters And How To Use Them
  48. New Urban Fiction Short From Leslie Vaughn Weaver: A COMMUNITY BIRTHDAY
  49. Great Review For Rie McGaha’s A WINTER’S NIGHT: VOLUME 1
  50. New release--Untouched
  51. New Release! A Honeybun in Hell - Sensual Romantic Suspense
  52. New Release - Gaia's Lust
  53. New Horror Novella From Jonathan Janz: OLD ORDER
  54. Diego Is Out!
  55. Upcoming Release: THE CURSE OF A MIND by Destiny Booze
  56. Weird And Wacky Laws
  57. Mundania Press, LLC new release
  58. New Release "Devon's Dream"
  59. New Mystery From Linda Frank: AFTER THE AUCTION
  60. The Spurned Viscountess is out at Carina Press
  61. Phaze Books new release - 09/20/2010
  62. Phaze Books new release - 09/21/2010
  63. Awe-Struck Publishing new release - 09/21/2010
  64. New Short Horror From P.A. Bees: THE CLARENT PIN
  65. New Release: Stroking A Brazen Lust by Rita Sawyer
  66. Join Bridget Midway this weekend at FFF Carolinas!
  67. Release of The Devil's Kiss - Contest
  68. Going Home Again
  69. 50 Years After Emily Post
  70. Entirely Yours-reviews and a trailer. Contemporary Romance
  71. Excerpt- Blood of His Fathers
  72. I'm on Facebook!
  73. New Literary Short From Rich Jax: That Little Piece of Fluff
  74. Free Read from Ellora's Cave!
  75. Win 2 free erotic romance ebooks from Australian author Lexxie Couper
  76. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 09/29/2010
  77. New - Comfort 3: The Future
  78. Mundania Press, LLC new releases - 09/30/2010
  79. You're invited to a Party!
  80. Review Blood of His Fathers
  81. Join Bridget Midway at the Capital BookFest
  82. Nightwalker has been released
  83. New Television Season--Hits or Misses?
  84. Fir\st Two Interview on Just Another Paranormal Halloween Blog Tour
  85. 3 Contests, One Stop
  86. Bridget Midway's Midway Lowdown newsletter now posted!
  87. Vote for Phaze Books authors on All Romance eBooks!
  88. Just out! Print edition of The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais
  89. Interview on Menagerie Authors Blog
  90. Third Interviwew for Just Another paranormal Halloween Blog Tour
  91. Untreed Reads Launches New Web Store
  92. 25% Off All Mystery and Horror During October
  93. My book got 4 Coffee Cups!
  94. New Mystery Release by June Whyte: Chasing Can Be Murder
  95. Phaze Books new releases - 10/05/2010
  96. New in Print from Ellora's Cave! IF YOU DARE
  97. Last interview of Just Another Paranormal Halloween Blog Tour
  98. "The First Born" is on sale!
  99. New Literary Short From Jesse S. Greever: 5
  100. SONG ON THE SAND Receives 4 1/2 Stars At Three Dollar Bill Reviews
  101. Michael Matson’s THE DIAMOND TREE Receives Great Review
  102. Just Another Paranormal Halloween Anthology Now Available
  103. Most Haunted Cities In America
  104. Vote for Phaze Books authors in Round Two!
  105. CONTEST: 100+ Book Giveaway
  106. Guest Blog and Contest at Wicked Reading by Tawania
  107. Guest Blogging at Golinowski's Gambol-Contest Too
  108. First Time Ever In Ebook Format! WHILE I DISAPPEAR By Edward Wright
  109. Win a copy of "The Spurned Viscountess"
  110. Phaze Books new releases - 10/12/2010
  111. UNMASKED - New Release from Ellora's Cave!
  112. Mundania Press, LLC new releases - 10/13/2010
  113. Awe-Struck Publishing new releases - 10/13/2010
  114. Family Heirlooms 2: In Her Fantasies by Selena Illyria
  115. Giveaway for my book GEORGIE ON HIS MIND
  116. Win Eye of the Beholder by Dana Marie Bell!
  117. Haunted Houses Are Now Big Business
  118. Vote for Phaze Books authors in Round 3!
  119. New Short Mystery From Wade J. McMahan: WITCHES WITCH?
  120. Win a free copy of Spanked!
  121. Eye of the Beholder Out Today!
  122. Lessons in Temptation now available in print
  123. If you like Sci-Fi Romance...
  124. DESIGNED ENCOUNTER now has a release date
  125. New Literary Short: VENUS OF THE METRO by Rodolfo Peńa
  126. New Romance Release
  127. Starting a Yahoo Group!
  128. Untreed Reads Launches First Title in Spanish
  129. "Sign for the Cure" book signing event
  130. Win a free copy of Spanked! Oct. 23, 2010
  131. Halloween--Where Did It Come From?
  132. Vote for Phaze Books authors in Round 4!
  133. Mundania Press, LLC new releases - 10/25/2010
  134. Author Interview
  135. Meet a New erotic paranormal romance author
  136. New Crime Novella: Hostages at the Kitchen Table by Corie L. Calcutt
  137. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 10/26/2010
  138. SQUEE! I'm an EPIC Award Finalist!
  139. Ring Around the Sun a finalist too!
  140. Please vote for author Yvette Hines!
  141. My First Novel!!
  142. 48 Hours of Halloween (Contest)
  143. Mundania Press, LLC new releases - 10/29/2010
  144. Awe-Struck Publishing new releases - 10/29/2010
  145. Mundania Press family congratulates our EPIC Award finalists!
  146. Book Feature
  147. Join Bridget Midway at VA Beach bookstore grand opening event!
  148. Halloween Candy Nightmares
  149. Out Now! Siddella's Surrender
  150. Writers: New Anthology Calls for Submissions
  151. Sizzler Editions Seeks Writers for New Erotic Romance Line
  152. You Can Preorder Giving up the Ghost!
  153. New Mystery Flash Fiction Anthology: DISCOUNT NOIR
  154. 5-star review for Devon's Dream
  155. The Gift of Joy by Valerie Maarten (Novella)
  156. Phaze Books new ebook and print releases - 11/02/2010
  157. "The Holiday Truce" book trailer
  158. Phaze Books new releases - 11/03/2010
  159. Free Read! Brethren Beginnings, Rise of the Brethren
  160. Don't Forget...
  161. How To Be A Super Villain
  162. On Romance Alley Blog Today! Please Stop By!
  163. Second Chances by Valerie Maarten
  164. New Yummy Male/Male Erotic Sci Fi collection by Kiernan Kelly is out now!
  165. few new things
  166. Celebrate the Season
  167. Classic Rocket Mystery Re-Released! Denise Dietz’s FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER
  168. Phaze Books new releases - 11/09/2010
  169. New Horror Short From K.G. McAbee: BLZ
  170. New Release and sneak peak at upcoming release
  171. Reader Reviews
  172. OUT NOW! Draven Crossing: Tempestuous Crossings
  173. New Release - THE CURSE OF A MIND!
  174. New Thanksgiving Fiction: PUMPKIN LIE by Lorraine Sears
  175. New Humorous Essays: The Unleavened Truth by Darryl A. Forman
  176. Phaze Books call for submissions!
  177. Recommendations for Great Reads!!!
  178. Awe-Struck Publishing new release - 11/11/2010
  179. Phaze Books congratulates Victoria Blisse!
  180. Online Release of An Everlasting Bite & Contest
  181. New Literary Fiction: THE OUTHOUSE GANG by Neil Plakcy
  182. New WriteSEX Post and more!
  183. New release for sapphire Phelan-Paranormal Romance with M/M Interracial Wereleopards
  184. Eagle Vs. Turkey--America's National Symbol
  185. Reviews Please!
  186. New Thanksgiving Short From Bryl R. Tyne: The Secret Ingredient
  187. Phaze Books new release - 11/16/2010
  188. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 11/16/2010
  189. Phaze Books new release from Piers Anthony!
  190. We are all still Aspiring...
  191. Lauren Kate-Author of Fallen
  192. I need your vote!
  193. Check out what the reviewers are saying about NIGHTWALKER A LEAH WOLFE SINS NOVEL
  194. Free Read!
  195. My Harlequin/Silhouette backlist available as ebooks
  196. New Thanksgiving Mystery Short by S. Furlong-Bolliger: Death by Jello
  197. New Entry In The ROADS THROUGH AMELIA Series: Faith in Amelia
  198. New Literary Fiction From George Seaton: The Cow and Other Colorado Tales
  199. New Literary Short From Jesse S. Greever: The Annex
  200. New Crime Anthology From Jim Newell: NEVER USE A CHICKEN and Other Stories
  201. Those Naughty Pilgrims
  202. Free Anthology
  203. BLACK FRIDAY...$0.99 E-book Extravaganza. Escape for the Holidays with a great book.
  204. A Gift of Snow release day!
  205. Phaze Books new release - 11/23/2010
  206. Review for Nightwalker A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel
  207. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 11/24/2010
  208. Awe-Struck Publishing Thanksgiving releases - 11/25/2010
  209. Tartan Mate OUT NOW!
  210. Phaze Books Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!
  211. I'm SExing today!
  212. Save 25% on all Awe-Struck Publishing books!
  213. Lame Remakes Of Great Television Shows
  214. Paranormal Romantics
  215. How to write Male POV and create better heroes course
  216. Take 25% off all Mundania Press, LLC books!
  217. Love, Lust, and Tenderness anthology
  218. New Interview with Romance At Heart
  219. Believe: Christmas Short Story Anthology, 2010
  220. Mundania Press, LLC new release - 12/01/2010
  221. Holiday Blog Party: Contests, Fun, and Recipes!
  222. New Release: Azula's Rebellion - menage, sci fi, paranormal
  223. New author interview
  224. WriteSEX for Writers and more!
  225. A little gobsmacked
  226. Join Bridget Midway at LeatherFet!
  227. Shameless Promotion
  228. Whispers Publishing New Releases
  229. We Want To Share Your Book Related Event
  230. Crazy Things Confiscated By Customs Agents
  231. Get Your GEEK On! New Release from Mocha Memoirs Press
  232. New Romance Group
  233. My book feature with APA!
  234. New Literary Christmas Short From George Seaton: ANOTHER FINE CHRISTMAS
  235. Debut Release from Jadette Paige + Contest
  236. I'll review your book if you review mine...
  237. Samantha Gentry Interview
  238. December release party -- prizes
  239. Author Interview
  240. Phaze Books new release - 12/10/2010
  241. Interview with Harlequin Intrigue Author Dana Marton
  242. NEW RELEASE - DEAD SEXY is Out Today with Ellora's Cave!
  243. Interview with author Jennifer Shirk
  244. I'm Blogging At Coffee Time
  245. Phaze Books new releases - 12/11/2010
  246. Holiday Rush Blog Tour - Win Prizes!
  247. Lucky Locations To Visit
  248. Free books!
  249. Phaze Books new release - 12/12/2010
  250. Mundania Press, LLC new releases - 12/12/2010