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September 2nd, 2009, 11:31 PM
To those of you in the know I run this spunky little newsletter every once in a while called The Willing Courier, get it?

Anyway when I does push this thing out to my willing fans, (oh, the puns are so thick and fast tonight) the one important thing it contains. Well for you guys. Is the poll at the end of it wherein you can get to win some goodies. Usually a gift certificate for books of one ilk or another.

And for this poll I particularly need your guys help because I need someone to help me design my Hero for the fourth book in my PIACT Undercover Agent Series.

Yep, you heard me right. Here's a glimpse of the Q's I'll be asking.


In this month’s poll you get to help me create the hero for the next book in the PIACT Agent Series, Atlantis IV – So tell me, what does Valkir look like? Carrie’s stats are listed in the newsletter. You are allowed to select one option in each category (hair length, hair color, beard, eyes, body type, mouth/lips and height). Two winners will receive a $10 gift certificate to their choice of Amazon, Fictionwise or MBAM. Deadline for voting: September 30, 2009.

<INPUT id=s120781703 value=120781703 type=checkbox name=answers.120781703> <LABEL for=s120781703>mouth/lips – Full, Soft & Wide</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781704 value=120781704 type=checkbox name=answers.120781704> <LABEL for=s120781704>mouth/lips – Tight & Narrow</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781705 value=120781705 type=checkbox name=answers.120781705> <LABEL for=s120781705>mouth/lips – Firm & Fun </LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781706 value=120781706 type=checkbox name=answers.120781706> <LABEL for=s120781706>height – Shorter than Carrie</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781707 value=120781707 type=checkbox name=answers.120781707> <LABEL for=s120781707>height – Same height as Carrie</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781708 value=120781708 type=checkbox name=answers.120781708> <LABEL for=s120781708>height – Taller than Carrie</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781709 value=120781709 type=checkbox name=answers.120781709> <LABEL for=s120781709>hair length – Short</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781710 value=120781710 type=checkbox name=answers.120781710> <LABEL for=s120781710>hair length – Medium</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781695 value=120781695 type=checkbox name=answers.120781695> <LABEL for=s120781695>eyes – Green</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781696 value=120781696 type=checkbox name=answers.120781696> <LABEL for=s120781696>eyes – Blue</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781697 value=120781697 type=checkbox name=answers.120781697> <LABEL for=s120781697>eyes – Dark Brown</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781698 value=120781698 type=checkbox name=answers.120781698> <LABEL for=s120781698>eyes – Hazel </LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781699 value=120781699 type=checkbox name=answers.120781699> <LABEL for=s120781699>eyes – Gray </LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781701 value=120781701 type=checkbox name=answers.120781701> <LABEL for=s120781701>body – Athletic, military type. You definitely feel safe when you're around him, among other things! </LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781702 value=120781702 type=checkbox name=answers.120781702> <LABEL for=s120781702>body – Geeky Exterior hiding a passionate, strong personality. The package doesn't hold much interest but when you unwrap it and find out what's inside, OH BOY!!!! </LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781700 value=120781700 type=checkbox name=answers.120781700> <LABEL for=s120781700>body – He Man, Body Builder (Major Muscles!). He doesn't make you feel safe when you look at him but your body is definitely feeling something! </LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781731 value=120781731 type=checkbox name=answers.120781731> <LABEL for=s120781731>hair length – Long</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781732 value=120781732 type=checkbox name=answers.120781732> <LABEL for=s120781732>hair length – Shaved</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781733 value=120781733 type=checkbox name=answers.120781733> <LABEL for=s120781733>hair color – Black</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781734 value=120781734 type=checkbox name=answers.120781734> <LABEL for=s120781734>hair color – Blonde</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781735 value=120781735 type=checkbox name=answers.120781735> <LABEL for=s120781735>hair color – Brown</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781736 value=120781736 type=checkbox name=answers.120781736> <LABEL for=s120781736>hair color – Reddish</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781737 value=120781737 type=checkbox name=answers.120781737> <LABEL for=s120781737>beard – Yes</LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781738 value=120781738 type=checkbox name=answers.120781738> <LABEL for=s120781738>beard – No </LABEL>
<INPUT id=s120781739 value=120781739 type=checkbox name=answers.120781739> <LABEL for=s120781739>beard – Stubble, five o’clock shadow</LABEL>
Now do you all think you can come on over to my newsletter group here (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thewillingcourier/surveys?id=12938461)and help me get this poor fellow off the drawing board and into the word processor. The wee Heroine in getting rather desperate in there...!

Thanks for helping me with this one, he's a toughie...

September 3rd, 2009, 06:21 AM
I voted :clap:

September 5th, 2009, 11:00 AM
I voted :clap:

Thanks Hollie,

Let's hope we get a nice looking hunk out of this, It can take me ages to work it out normally.


September 6th, 2009, 11:51 PM
I voted as well.

October 25th, 2009, 06:12 AM
We have the results, Tree's collated them and I'll be posting them soon.

This guy looks rather Hawt!

Couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks.!


October 25th, 2009, 09:58 AM
well tell us about him then :tt2:

October 25th, 2009, 06:05 PM
Can't wait to hear what the guy looks like.

October 28th, 2009, 05:33 PM
Okay, well the reader's choice for Valkir is....

Taller than Carrie, black medium length hair, dark brown eyes, firm and fun lips, and a military body to die for.
And since there was a tie between no beard and designer stubble, we're heading towards designer stubble since none of my hero's have had that before :)

Looks like the kind of killer hunk any woman would die for :)

Thanks so much for voting guys and here is the actual breakdown of figures, if you'd like to see how the voting went.

Attribute Votes % of Votes
lips – Full, Soft & Wide 6 5
lips – Tight & Narrow 0 0
lips – Firm & Fun 9 8

height – Shorter than Carrie 0 0
height – Same height as Carrie 3 2
height – Taller than Carrie 12 11

hair length – Short 2 1
hair length – Medium 11 10
hair length – Long 5 4
hair length – Shaved 2 1

eyes – Blue 1 0
eyes – Dark Brown 6 5
eyes – Hazel 2 1
eyes – Gray 3 2
eyes – Green 2 1

body – He Man, Body Builder 0 0
body – Athletic, military type. 11 10
body – Geeky Exterior 4 3

hair color – Black 8 7
hair color – Blonde 1 0
hair color – Brown 4 3
hair color – Reddish 2 1

beard – Yes 1 0
beard – No 7 6
beard – Stubble, five o’clock shadow 7 6

Thanks so much for helping me get this guy together and just to let you know I've already got 6k that's 10% of Atlantis IV written already Yay Go Me!