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September 3rd, 2009, 03:29 PM

M/M Erotic, Sci-Fi, Romance


The world is in ruins, society divided into those who protect and those who need protection. That protection comes at a price, one that Jiri discovers when he's sold to Zane, leader of the Death Dealers. He's shocked when Zane explains he wants Jiri as his own personal sex pet. But Jiri can't deny he's intrigued by Zane's proposal.

He wears the collar and leash Zane provides and prepares himself to be a possession. But the more he gets to know Zane, the more Jiri wants something more. He wants Zane to want him for him, and not just as a pet. But before Jiri can convince Zane of his desire, an attack comes from The Night Dwellers, one that could destroy them both.

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Zane had resisted taking a pet in the past. He didn't want the added responsibility. He already had an entire gang and town full of people to care for. But there was just something about Jiri that called to Zane. He had to have him.<O:p</O:p
"Hey, little one, you ready to go in and see your new home?" Zane asked.<O:p</O:p
Jiri shrugged his shoulders.<O:p</O:p
Zane reached down and tipped Jiri's head back so that he could look down into his sky-blue eyes. "It's going to be okay, Jiri. I won't let anyone hurt you anymore. You belong to me now, and no one messes with what's mine."<O:p
Jiri didn't look like he believed Zane. He had a sudden desire to feel Jiri's soft, pink lips against his and leaned down to kiss him. It was everything Zane had hoped for and more. Jiri's lips were so soft and lush. Zane couldn't contain his deep growl as he pulled Jiri closer.<O:p
When Zane finally lifted his head, Jiri's face was flushed. He watched Jiri's eyes dart up to his, then fall down just as quickly. Jiri clearly looked embarrassed, but the hard bulge in his pants told Zane that Jiri had enjoyed their kiss.<O:p<O:p
"What's wrong, little one?" Zane asked softly. He rubbed his thumb down the side of Jiri's face that wasn't bruised. When Jiri shrugged his shoulders again, Zane chuckled. "Uh uh, little one. That won't do. I asked you a question and I want an answer. What's wrong?"<O:p
Jiri's eyes came back up to meet Zane's. "I'm not supposed to like that."<O:p
"Like what?"<O:p</O:p
"Whe–when you kissed me. It's wrong and I'm not supposed to do it."<O:p</O:p
Zane's brows drew together as he frowned. "Who told you that?"<O:p</O:p
"La–Larry," Jiri replied.<O:p</O:p
"And you believe him?" Zane chuckled. "This is the same man who beat you to a pulp and took all of your money, then sold you to me. Somehow, little one, I don't think Larry is the authority on anything. Besides, now that you belong to me, what I say is what matters, not Larry."<O:p</O:p
Zane was thrilled when Jiri let out a small laugh. "I guess," Jiri said.<O:p</O:p
Zane tilted Jiri's face back up to his. "No 'I guess' about it, Jiri. Would you rather believe me or your stepfather?"<O:p</O:p
Jiri was so quiet that Zane was almost afraid that he wasn't going to answer him. When he did, though, it wasn't the answer Zane was expecting, but it thrilled him just the same.<O:p</O:p
"It's okay to like kissing you?"<O:p</O:p
Zane laughed. "It's very okay. In fact, I prefer it. Just as long as you remember that you're only allowed to kiss me. I catch you kissing anyone else and what Larry did to you will be a cakewalk. Got it?"<O:p</O:p
Jiri quickly nodded. <O:p</O:p