View Full Version : Back to Work

Amy Gallow
September 11th, 2009, 08:12 PM
The flurry of external work has died down, the excitement of the interview (I was very nervous) has passed, and my next book release is two months away ("A Fair Trader" at Whiskey Creek Press) so I can return to what I like best--writing.
I've just reread what I've written so far in "Her Brother's Keeper" (working title only) and am quietly pleased. The opening moves are done, the situation has been created and it is time to move into the resolution of the issues I've created.
As always, at this stage of a story, I've revisited my intended targets, reviewed their guidelines and submission procedures to make sure I'm on track and can now plunge back into the storytelling with a clear picture of where I'm going and how I have to get there.
It's a great life.