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Amy Gallow
September 19th, 2009, 06:29 PM
Cat Johnson mentioned it as a writer's tool during my interview on "What's Hot In Romance". She was comparing my story creation process to other writers she'd had on the program, and one of my writing class picked it up to ask a question the night after the interview.

"It's alright for you," she said. "You're old, and have done things. What about me?"

Whilst I would have preferred that she chose her words a little more carefully, (from my perspective, 72 is definitely not old!) it was an interesting question and the whole class was soon involved as we canvassed the options of research, reading and listening to other people. I'm not sure she was satisfied in the end (I wouldn't have been, in her position), but it started me thinking about the creation of my current WIP and I finished up with a list of the significant inputs that came directly from my personal experiences. Fully half of them, certainly the most vivid, were beyond the reach of research or of normal reading patterns.

Yet, years of living are not the answer in themselves. I am often surprised at how little is understood by my surviving contemporaries of events in which they had an equal involvement to me (they remember the sequence, but not the why).

Does anyone have an answer that would satisfy her?