View Full Version : "A Fair Trader" has it first review

Amy Gallow
September 23rd, 2009, 06:10 AM
"A Fair Trader" will not be released by Whiskey Creek Press until November, but Jennifer, from You Gotta Read Reviews, has read it and given it their top rating, when she wrote;
"This story surprised me. I admit to starting it and wondering if I would like it. Ms. Gallow does an excellent job writing a story. I really enjoyed it from start to finish. I enjoyed it enough to highlight and make notes in my ereader. I think Ms. Gallow captured the words to falling in true love. The feelings between elation and despair and being out of control. True love is like that sometimes. The book had good flow and really good characters. Characters that evolve as the story plays out."
You can read the whole review at the following link: http://yougottareadreviews.blogspot.com/2009/09/review-fair-trader-by-amy-gallow.html
I think I like her.