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Anne Patrick
October 25th, 2009, 04:25 PM
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Title: Journey To Redemption
Author: Anne Patrick
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Release Date: Sept 15 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9824833-6-7
Genre: Romance; Suspense; Mystery
Rated: 5
Buy here (http://roguephoenixpress.com/rogue_phoenix_press_042.htm)
Reviewed By: Lynn 9/9/09

A body has been found floating in the water and it’s not a usual drowning. This is murder. As Sergeant Morgan Reynolds and her Partner Detective John Russo look the scene over, memories of a year earlier comes flooding back to Morgan’s mind. A serial killer on the loose , the same M.O. It can’t be. The killer had been captured after making one mistake, murdering Morgan’s husband. Sentenced to life in prison, this must be a copy cat murder. This can’t be starting over again.

Lieutenant Chase McAdams is new to the department and will be partnering with Morgan for awhile along with John. Just to learn the ropes and the way around. Little does he know the ride he is in for. Morgan has a reputation for testing the patience of even the highly seasoned officers. As more bodies are found, Morgan learns; Tate has escaped from prison. Now the manhunt is on before more are found dead. Claiming innocence in the death of her husband Tate kidnaps Morgan’s son and gives her 72 hours to find the person responsible for his death, if she wants her son back alive. With the death of her husband Morgan turned her back on God. How could he have let this happen. Now can she renew her faith and trust in God again to help see her through this latest crisis in her life. Can Chase , as a Christian help her regain her faith once again. As the story line deepens you will be immersed in a plan of corruption that takes some amazing twists and turns throughout.

From the first sentence in the first chapter I was captivated by this book and couldn’t stop reading till I was finished. Ms. Patrick has written a spine tingling , page turning novel. If you like good cleanly written mysteries, then I recommend grabbing a copy of “Journey To Redemption” and as the old saying goes ”Enjoy The Ride” because once you start you won’t want to put the book down till you are finished. Coming soon Sept 15th,2009.