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Amy Gallow
October 27th, 2009, 08:22 PM
My computer is a little like the Douglas DC3 aircraft that did such sterling service during the Second World War as "Biscuit Bombers" in New Guinea and then flew on after the war in hundreds of locations, endlessly maintained until the only original part was the registration plate attached to the bulkhead behind the pilot.
The outer case is over sixteen years old and the three and a half inch floppy drive is original. Everything else has been upgraded along the way to meet the needs of developing software. A downside of this gradual development is the accumulation of redundant drivers etc., that gradually clog the processor and slow its operation to a crawl.
The only effective way to deal with this is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall only the programs needed for its current configuration.
If you back up everything first, it is merely time consuming and I generally do it once every couple of years as a maintenance routine and am rewarded by a revitalized machine.
This time it was a little different. The reformat was forced on me when the hard disk crashed during the upgrade of the operating system and refused to yield much more than the majority of my data files. The situation escalated when my local backup proved incomplete due to carelessness on my part and I was forced to fall back on my off-site back-up, which cut a huge hole into my monthly download quota and revealed faults in my setup that took a week and several long sessions with my backup provider to fix.
The up side of it is that I've fixed the gaps in my local back up and proved the reliability of my off site back-up at the cost of having to double my download quota and suffer a part functional computer for almost two weeks.
All is well now, my old friend is its normal cooperative self and our confidence in each other has be reforged in adversity.
I suppose the day will come when the programs I use consistently will be beyond the upgrade capacity of this computer and we will part regretfully. I can only hope it lies in the distant future.

October 28th, 2009, 04:22 PM
my poor baby has gone for repair and now i am using my old one which now belongs to a 14 year old girl and has alsorts of girly stuff on it

Amy Gallow
October 28th, 2009, 04:46 PM
We personalize our computers so completely that having to shift to another machine leaves us bereft, our comfort zone invaded and our efficiency depleted. Even reformatting from a back-up leaves gaps that reveal themselves to interrupt the flow of work while you try to remember how you installed them in the first place.
I am still in that resettling process because the reformat was forced and I lost some of my shortcuts and hotkeys.
Good luck with the repairs.