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October 30th, 2009, 11:32 AM
En Garde was released in August by Phaze.

En Garde by Will Belegon (http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=En+Garde/exact_match=exact)
John knows certain things are true. He knows he is in good shape for his age. He knows that buying a farm in rural Pennsylvania was good for his writing but bad for his pursuit of excellence with the sword. He knows that making the three hour drive to compete in a monthly tournament at Penn State is worthwhile even when he loses. And he knows that even though they seem to accept him as their equal, there are some lines that society says just can't be crossed with his new compatriots...since they are literally half his age.

Kelly is young and ferocious enough to believe that society isn't going to make decisions for her about who and what she wants in her life.

The trick isn't convincing her friends to accept that a relationship is possible between her and the sexy older man who has joined their competitive circle. The trick is convincing John...

Now, to keep this from just being a promo thread... Tell me, how do you feel about the link between sports and sex? I have always been attracted to athletes. The knowledge of a persons fitness, the lines of their muscles, the firmness of their toned flesh.

I've dated swimmers, volleyball players, basketball players, softball players, soccer players, cheerleaders, dancers, martial artists... not all of which are necessarily considered "sports" but all of which share that fitness link.

Sweating together is a very good image for me. In many ways.

Also, there is the competitiveness. It can work for good or ill.

Your thoughts?