View Full Version : "Quo Vadis?"

Amy Gallow
November 17th, 2009, 04:56 PM
Apart from being the title of a mediocre 1950s blockbuster movie, staring Robert Taylor and Deborah Kerr, "Quo Vadis?" (Where do you go?) was the Roman Legionarys' equivalent of the German Gestapo's "Papers, please?" and probably just as threatening to the people in the occupied territories of the Roman Empire.

With the release of "A Fair Trader" by Whiskey Creek Press, the same question has been occupying my mind.

I have four WIPs in varying stages of completion. A romantic intrigue set in contemporary Australia and Malaysia; a historical romantic adventure following the voyage of a former blockade runner from London to Kingston, Jamaica, during the short peace that followed the Treaty of Amiens in 1802; a romantic adventure set in the Australian coastal shipping of the 1970s; and another foray into the contemporary offshore oil industry.

Whiskey Creek Press appear to be shifting focus to their Torrid line to the detriment of the area I write and Eternal Press are still an unknown quantity with some question marks, so where do I go next?

Another E-publisher, perhaps Samhain? Harlequin Intrigue, to see what the confidential elements of their contract are? More of the same?

I don't know.