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November 18th, 2009, 05:20 PM
After two weeks of Tree's grandmother rushing in and out of intensive care we finally had the Funeral saturday. Only one person spoiled the event a little, by insisting on claiming their share of grandma's jewlery and other artefacts on the three days leading up to the funeral. They wouldn't even wait until she was buried. Fortunately they left immediately after, sans anything giving my mother-in-law a chance to recuperate before having to go through her things.

It was a sad occasion but everyone who'd been around her knew that at least grandma was no longer hurting. (It must hurt bad when you write a note asking to be taken off the life support ventilator)

Every one has gone home now, and the house is finally tidy.

Somehow we all have to try and get back to our regular routines, which is harder than it looks.

Other things this last three weeks...

The surgeon thinks I might need pancreatic surgery, said we'd need a specialist from another city to do it and admitted it would probably be too expensive for us to afford.

So I carry on as normal there.

Tree's struggling to get back to her writing, all we can do is send her hugs and encourage her on. This has been a particularly hard two weeks for her.

Me, I've been hopping on and off the pc finding myself with little heart to write and normally ending up playing the facebook games, curse their little hides.

I will be announcing the winner for the latest piact agent draw soon. I'm kinda running behind a little again. I will try and set up a regular schedule for things like blogs, newsletters and lists. It's frustrating when I get so many gaps between things.

Still, I'm working on the MOMS novel, amazed at how badly I'd written it and trying desperately to make it presentable. Man I hate my writing, particularly the early drafts, they look so awful they scare me. :arghhhh:

On the plus side I'm still en route to finishing three and a half novels this year.

Every cloud has a silver lining... once you've been soaked by the freezing rain...



November 18th, 2009, 09:11 PM
It's hard to lose someone you love, but I look at it this way, at least they're not in pain anymore. I bet she's smiling down on y'all and having a party now. My "adopted mom" has cancer (melanoma) in her lungs and a tumor behind her eye and she's telling her daughter that she's ready to go home to the Lord. She's tired. They're bringing in Hospice and also starting her on oxygen and I think pain meds. I just hope she has minimal pain.

I hope Tree gets back to writing. Living with you has to have rubbed off on her somehow. LOL!

I hope you win the lottery so that you can have the surgery. We want you around for a long time.

Good luck with your writing! I know it will be great in the end. Remember, everything looks really bad the first time around. That's why you let it sit and refresh yourself then go back to it and tweek.