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Kate Hill
November 27th, 2009, 01:28 PM
Naughty Nights: Commanded
by Kate Hill
(M/M/F Sci-Fi Menage)
From Changeling Press

When Finesse, a private detective from Earth, is hired for a dangerous job on the planet Shandra, she can't resist the challenge. She's tired of passive Earth men and the aggression of Shand males is known throughout the galaxy and beyond. Finesse has spent her life fantasizing of a man who can dominate her, but she never dreamed of finding two.

Security Chief Blackstare and his aide, Rocksurf, have been lovers since their training days. Still, Rocksurf hasn't been able to tempt the scarred, brooding warrior into a traditional Shand marriage -- two men, one woman. Little did they imagine it would take a willful Earth woman to change their lives forever.

Warriors' Wenches, a free short story related to the Naughty Nights series, can be read at


"I invited you here tonight hoping you would be interested in an exchange of cultures."

"What do you mean by that?" she asked.

Blackstare cupped the back of her head. His fingers wove through her hair and his mouth dipped closer to hers.

Heavens, was he going to kiss her? She could scarcely wait.

As if sensing her desire, he covered her mouth with his. Oh damn, he was everything she'd imagined him to be. This kiss was powerful yet surprisingly tender. Everything about him from his fresh taste and herbal scent to his rock-hard chest pressed against her breasts turned her on.

When the kiss broke she felt a bit lightheaded and stumbled toward him. He steadied her by wrapping a powerful arm around her waist.

"Whoa," Finesse said, bracing her hands against his chest.

Damn, his pecs were made of iron. This was a man. M-A-N.

Powerful in every sense of the word and not afraid of taking what he wanted.

The question was, did Finesse want to give and if she didn't...

"Is there a problem?" Blackstare demanded.

"That depends. Do I have a choice here, or is this going to be a display of Shand male dominance?"

"Yes to both questions."

"I only asked one."

"You asked if you have a choice. The answer is yes. You also asked if this was to be a display of Shand male dominance. If your choice is to spend the evening here, then yes you'll experience Shand male dominance to its fullest extent. You will also experience pleasure such as an Earth woman like yourself has never known."