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December 11th, 2009, 02:36 PM
5 Star Review by Bitten By Books

Wyatt Weylan is the leader of a mercenary team that performs missions deemed impossible by both the US and British governments. He also owns the Shadow of the Moon Sanctuary, which is a thousand acres of land in Montana. Wyatt has been looking for his wolf maiden all his life. When a disease threatens all the young werewolves all over the world, Wyatt travels to San Fransisco to meet up with a doctor that just might hold the answers to his people’s survival.

Dr. Madeline B. Styles is a veterinarian who specializes in wolf diseases. She has just spent three months treating distemper in the wolf population of Ethiopia. On her way home, she receives a dear john email from her fiancé, Mark Tellington, saying that he has fallen in love with someone else. Maddie, upon arriving back in San Fransisco, finds a six month job offer from the mysterious Wyatt Weylan. She decides to take his offer instead of sulking over the breakup and having to move back in with her mother.

Werewolf Sanctuary will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The adversary Bisclavaret is just as compelling as the heroes of the story. A second book, Beast Warrior, is already planned, and I can’t wait for it to be released.

Book Stats:

* Paperback: 318 pages
* Publisher: Vanilla Heart Publishing (May 4, 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1935407309
* ISBN-13: 978-1935407300

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Phoebe Jordan<o></o>
Queens, NY, United States<o></o>
Today I'm reviewing my online friend Eva Gordon's contemporary paranormal romance novel, Werewolf Sanctuary, the first book of her Wolf Maiden Chronicles series. I'm also happy to say that in a couple of weeks I'll be interviewing Eva right here on TAMFA so keep looking for it this month. Now to my review of Eva Gordon's novel which I had such fun reading that I finished it up in less than a day because I couldn't stop reading it that I didn't sleep until it was almost past midnight. Since ancient times, the Lupercal Council has kept their people’s werewolf identity a well-guarded secret from humans around the world and they generally refer to their kind as lycans instead of werewolves. The lycan shifts into a bear-sized wolf, bearing unique markings reminiscent of Maori or Celtic tattoos and the pack only shifts during the full moon and are under the control of their alpha male leader. The alpha male and alpha female are not bound by the full moon and can shift at will unlike the other lycans of their pack. Though the lycans can only breed with their kind there is an exception with the alpha males, who can only mate with human women known as wolf maidens. These human women bear the five-toed paw print or mark of the wolf on their left hip that they have from the time of their births while the female alphas of the lycan packs are sterile but are the leading lycans governing the Lupercal Council.<o></o>
The Lupercal society is in peril due to an unknown disease infecting their young offspring and the children that survive the pestilence shift too early into wolf cubs, lose their distinct markings, and end up becoming normal wolves unaware of their human consciousness. Normally immune to most known diseases, the Lupercal has few of their own doctors and must seek the help of a human outsider to find the cure. Wyatt Weylin, our hero and the alpha male of the Montana pack and leader of a team of mercenary lycans, flies to a World Wolf Conference in San Francisco, where he hopes to convince leading authority on wolf diseases, veterinarian Dr. Madeline Styles to come to his wolf sanctuary and find a cure. Now the minute he sees her he feels drawn to her striking good looks and the sensory chemistry is instant from the moment he sees as well as smells her from across the crowded conference room. He tries to suppress the feeling knowing that he is forbidden to fall for a human woman but life gets complicated when Wyatt discovers that the vegetarian animal doctor has the mark of the wolf and is his life mate. But that's not all because though Wyatt and Maddie have this instant attraction to one another that feels like they finally have found that other piece of the puzzle to their soul there is someone in the Lycan community that wants to destroy their new found love.<o></o>
OMG and Wow! That is what I had to say when I finished reading this novel because I couldn't believe how great a read it was. From the start of this novel I became addicted to the characters Wyatt and Madeline because I knew that they would have a lot to tell me about themselves as well as the relationship that I knew was going to happen between them throughout this novel. There were many plot twists and turns that had me glued to this novel making me want more and more as well as making me wish that it would never end. I found out that this Lycan world that Eva created was very intriguing because it is such a complex world that I had fun learning everything I could about it while reading this novel. Wyatt and Maddie are such wonderful characters that have a lot of growing to do in this novel because they have been living without each other for their entire lives so now that they have finally met and fallen in love they need to adjust to their new lives together. Along the way they will have many tough and dangerous obstacles that will be blocking their way to finally having their happily ever after with each other. Eva Gordon delivers an intriguing tale of lycans and humans that is at times so believable I felt as though I'm right there with Wyatt and Maddie. From the first page to the very last page, this novel tells of an entertaining journey into the the lycan world that will give you a thrill ride in this contemporary paranormal romance. Werewolf Sanctuary has more than enough romance, plot twits and turns to give readers a page turner with satisfying experience and I look forward to more of the Wolf Maiden Chronicles series especially her next book in the series which is a historical paranormal romance called, Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf. I give this book 4.5 Open Books:

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Welcome to all who are new, enjoy!
This is one of my most favorite reviews, partly because when I read the back of Werewolf Sanctuary, by Eva Gordon, I read Romance/Paranormal. I ma the first to admit i don't normally read romance, but I do reviews of book so I jumped in.
I can say that this is one of the best novels in the Romance genre I've read. I enjoyed in and read it twice to give my honest perception of the book. It starts with a character I can identify with, Madeline, and her job in the everyday world. Intelligent and everything a heroine should be.
The book heats up when, it dives into the past and into her life as a person. It is by far the best part of the book, as it deals with the relationship between her grandmother and herself, the book become more powerful because of it. it also deals with World War Two and the effects of loss and love eternal.
Gordon makes such a strong heroine the hero is equally important. Like her heroine the hero is strong willed and brave, but is also temperamental, which gives a more rounded hero than what is normally expected from a typical romance novel.
Gordon is a wonder author who draws the reader into the book with a grace and intelligence and captures their imagination. With a few plot twists that are surprising but handled well, this makes for a far more entertaining book.
This is a superb start to her series, which i can't wait to review when the next book comes out. I'll be recommending this to anyone, and it can be bought at amazon, for a very reasonable price.

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Rebecca Emlich (Canadian Review)