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January 9th, 2010, 03:25 AM

Love Romances Cafe held a readers' poll and Spank Me Twice won Best Erotic Book of 2009!


Boy Spank Me Twice now and see why it won!


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SPANK ME TWICE (multi-genre anthology of stories)

Lip Service by Keta Diablo is the final story in this collection. Navarre loves Bryan more than life itself, but after a major fight, he’s not sure Bryan is still in love with him. I liked how the conflict revolved around a rash decision, a slight lack of trust, and the fear that harsh words could tear them apart. The reader, male or female can relate to what these men are going through. The misunderstanding and how it played out had tinges of humor and sweet romance that made the story memorable. You knew these two men really cared about each other, no matter how different they were. If you want a collection of spanking stories that will make you laugh, cry, squirm, and think, then you want to read Spank Me Twice. I give this collection 4 cherries.” —Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

“Wowzers! Spank Me Twice is mouthwateringly delicious down to the last page. What an incredible array of writers in this book. Jude Mason starts it off with a delicious tale of a naughty husband who gets his punishment and it goes out with a bang with a male love story by Keta Diablo. Spank Me Twice is like an Oreo cookie. Yummy crunchy cookie on the outside with delectable cream-filling in the middle. All the stories are fast paced and will have you needing a fan on high next to you. 4.5 Stars” —Manic Readers Reviews

“The final story in this anthology is an M/M titled Lip Service by Keta Diablo. While it’s not something I’m personally into, how hot it is, is hard to judge. That said; this was the sweetest of the stories. The relationship between Navarra and Bryan is palatable in the dialogue and their mannerisms around each other. And regardless of what sort of relationship you are in, driving 200 miles to be with the one you love on your anniversary, is just good old fashioned romantic.” —Goodreads Reader