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January 9th, 2010, 03:36 AM
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4.75 Stars and Top Pick From Reviewer

Boys of the Bite is an Anthology that explores the gay male side of vampire mythology. Stories from R.R. Angell to Bryl R. Tyne give us a different and alluring aspect to the sexy and beautiful vampires we know and crave. From modern vampires to vampires in our history you will be locked into these stories feeling as if you are there with them. Each one has its own alluring taste of blood and flesh but with a sexy side that is sure to appease any vampire fan.
Here are a couple storylines to savor.
Dillon works in a Vampire Dr.’s office helping Dr. Lowell care for sick vampires whether it be sun exposure or something they drank. They take care of it all. But Dillon loves to go clubbing. When he gets off and meets Rugger a good looking human he thinks he may be the one that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
Cornelius is Akhkharu, a very old vampire and he loves to collect ancient scrolls, texts and books. When his damu sends a boy named Jack with some texts and a letter letting Cornelius know he is versed in the libraries he looks to this boy as something different.
More great stories like this are written throughout this book and will delight and intrigue you.
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Book Blurb & Info for Boys of the Bite
Vampires are ever young, ever beautiful, and ruled by the cravings of the flesh. In Boys of the Bite, the gay male side of the vampire's legend is explored in every erotic possibility. From historical settings where vampires move through high society to modern vamps you find at the all-night laundromat, these lusty men know how to hunt, whether for love or just a midnight snack.

Mixing stories by gay male authors like R. R. Angell and Bob Panadero with some of Ravenous Romance's stars of m/m romance like Keta Diablo and Ryan Field, Boys of the Bite gives every reader plenty to get his or her blood pumping.

Story titles and Authors:

Wanting Needing Having by R. R. Angell
To Be Beloved by Pepper Espinoza
Lost in Translation by TammyJo Eckhart
The Love of a Faithful Servant by Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Cold Color of the Heart by Eric Del Carlo & Amber Jayne Dodd
The Sin Eater’s Prince by Keta Diablo
The Conservative Dark by Connor McKay
The Last Brother by Ken Panadero
The Devil’s Half Acre by Ryan Field
VAMMP: Conquering Dissension by Bryl R. Tyne

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Owen, a sin eater, is saved from death by Andras, a vampire. Little does Owen know their connection goes much deeper than he could imagine. This story is about two people who are from very different worlds, yet they love one another. As much as Owen would like to be with Andras permanently he has made an oath to his father, but so has Andras. Keta Diablo tells a wonderful little story that is really more of an encounter that could actually go on to tell a much deeper tale of love and I hope this does turn into a novel, or at least few more shorts that continues this love story.” —Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews, 4 Stars

“The Sin Eater's Prince by Keta Diablo is another first time story combined with strong high fantasy world building. I would rate Boys of the Bite well worth the price of entry, and a nice sampler of gay erotic romance stories that put a twist in the old tropes but never escapes or subverts them. I would certainly be interested in reading longer works by most of the authors included in this collection.” —The Fleam Vampire Reviews

“The Sin Eater's Prince is a short story, but I like the concept of a sin eater alone in the world going from victim to victim with nothing but a bleak outlook on life. He finds someone to share things with, the vampire, Andras. They have an altered outlook on life as a similarity between them. Set in 1842, The Sin Eater's Prince is the story of Owen, a sin-eater who meets people on their death bed and absolves their sins.” —Smexy Book Reviews

“A Vampire Anthology of Man Love. I would not be surprised if you read this book and the result is spontaneous combustion. It's packed with lots of lovin' and definitely not a book for those who like mellow romance. If you like graphic sex scenes with the creatures of the night, this book is for you.” —Readaholic Book Reviews