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Veronica Wilde
January 31st, 2010, 12:25 AM
Another sale to my favorite publisher, Liquid Silver. This is an M/M/F menage - or wait, is it an M/M/M/F menage? Read and find out... Blurb below!

How does a friendship catch fire? It starts with a lap dance….<O:p</O:p

Alexandra and Diego are coworkers who won’t risk their friendship for the lusty fling they secretly want. Newly divorced and fresh from the suburbs, Alexandra’s afraid that if she gives him her body, he’ll steal her heart. A bisexual ex-model too gorgeous for his own good, Diego is afraid the true intensity of his passion will scare off the skittish Alexandra. So they skate along as friends, never confronting the depth of their feelings.<O:p</O:p

A fun night out at a male strip club changes everything when a wild young stripper electrifies them both. Sexy and mysterious with a dangerous past, Tristan is the ultimate bad boy, firing up their desire even as he arouses their jealousy. Soon they’re competing against each other in a battle of male vs. female sexual wiles. It’s a dead heat until the night their rivalry turns explosive at an auction of the raciest kind…<O:p</O:p

February 1st, 2010, 12:02 AM
Congrats on the Sale. Looks like a good book.

February 1st, 2010, 12:44 AM
Congrats on the sale of a new book.

Veronica Wilde
April 27th, 2010, 11:31 AM
Alexandra’s cell phone rang. “I’m in the cab on the way to your place,” Diego said. “ETA two minutes.”

“I’ll be down.” She hung up and took a deep breath, trying to quell the butterflies in her stomach.

She was about to be surrounded by naked guys. No matter how breezy she wanted to act about it, the idea made her nervous. Not that she didn’t love the naked male body. But she’d only slept with one boyfriend before meeting Conrad her sophomore year of college; a woman of the world she wasn’t.

All you have to do is watch, Alexandra. No physical contact required.

The taxi pulled up just as she walked outside. As she slid into the cab, Diego unrolled that dazzling grin that had once earned him a small fortune every day. “Nervous?” He pulled her close against him and kissed her hair.

She didn’t want to admit how good his arm felt around her. “Maybe a little...”

“Don’t be. If any of the dancers bother you, I’ll take care of it.” He pulled her coat open. “And with the cleavage you’re showing, they probably will.”

“Diego!” She snatched her lapels away from him. “These guys aren’t going to care about my boobs.”

“All men care about boobs, Lex, gay or straight.” Diego leaned forward. “Heartbreakers,” he instructed the taxi driver. “Down by the waterfront.”

Alexandra watched with interest as the taxi headed down into a seedy part of the city. Soon they were traveling down dark, empty streets lined by warehouses and abandoned buildings. The dim flicker of old streetlights shone on puddles of melted snow, giving off an eerie glow. She was beginning to wonder just where they were when the cab made an abrupt left and pulled over. Through the snow-streaked window, she saw a blue neon heart with an arrow through it next to a flashing sign: HEARTBREAKERS.

Diego put his arms around her and steered her inside, into a huge dark room with flashing lights. “This way.”

Alexandra stopped, too stunned to keep walking. The scene around her overwhelmed all of her senses, from the booming music to the reddish stage lights to the mingled scents of varied colognes. A variety of fit young men moved through the dimly-lit club, all of them clad only in underwear. Each was different from the next. Some were fair and some were dark; some were hulking and muscular while others sported sinewy, snake-hipped builds. Some looked very clean-cut, while some had an edgier, trendy look.

All of them were sexy.

Diego nudged her. “Lex. Come on.”

She followed him to the table, not once taking her eyes off the dancers. Some of them dispensed shoulder rubs to the male clientele, but others slid onto the customers’ laps and gave them lap dances right there at the table. However, the real action was clearly happening in a side room blocked by a long, black curtain. It was open just enough for Alexandra to see a room of leather couches. She caught a glimpse of a naked young man writhing on an older man’s lap.

Alexandra took another dazed look around. From customers to coworkers, her daily life was dominated by women. Seeing so many cute boys everywhere made her feel like she’d been dropped into an alternate universe of pure, gorgeous testosterone.

“Quit gawking,” Diego teased her. “God, you’d think you haven’t seen a naked man in... Oh, wait.”

She smacked him. “Enough with the Alexandra’s so hard up jokes. You don’t see me calling you a slut.”

“Slut! I’ll have you know I’m very discriminating.” He nudged her to look at the stage. “Only the A-list hotties make my team. Like him.”

Alexandra looked at the stage. There, casually winding his way around a pole, was a clean-cut young man with the preppy good looks of an All-American frat boy. Perfectly buff with short blond hair and a tan, he flashed an inviting smile at the crowd. Under the red stage lights he looked as if he had just stepped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue.

A waiter clad in cut-off shorts leaned over. “Did you want a soda or seltzer? No alcohol per state law since it’s a fully nude bar.”

“Seltzer’s fine.” A vodka tonic would have been better to settle her nerves, but that was okay.

The music died, and the blond stripper left the stage. She wondered how much a lap dance cost. Diego deserved one for taking her out like this, and secretly, she knew she would enjoy the sight of a pretty boy grinding on his lap all too well. But her attention was diverted by the DJ’s booming voice.

“And now the boy you’ve all been waiting for... let’s give it up for Tristan!”

Was it her imagination, or did the entire audience seem to go quiet and lean forward in their chairs?

The backstage curtain parted. A young man with a silky mess of dark hair walked out, bare-chested above his faded jeans. Alexandra instinctively went still, riveted by his cool, insouciant walk as he headed up the stairs to the stage. This stripper was no preppy fantasy like the last guy. Both of his nipples were pierced with tiny barbells, and she could see twin serpentine tattoos adorning his cut biceps, with another tattoo on his left pectoral muscle. The waist of his jeans fell slightly off his narrow hips, as if inviting the audience to strip off his pants. Yet his face was a mystery, hidden by his hair as he wiped down the silver pole with disinfectant.

From his defiant walk to the hard definition of his abs, he commanded attention.

Alexandra shifted in her seat. This was the kind of guy she’d always been secretly attracted to in college: a bad boy, the kind who had his own punk band and too many notches on his bedpost.

Diego elbowed her. “You seem impressed.”

The waiter stepped in front of her. Jolted out of her trance, she accepted the cold green bottle of seltzer. “Well... You have to admit, he’s pretty impressive.”

Diego snorted. “This guy? Seriously? He looks like he just got out of jail.”

The music began, and Tristan leapt onto the pole.

Alexandra’s jaw dropped open. Tristan moved with astonishing grace and power, swinging his thighs around the pole until he circled around hanging upside down. His chiseled, perfect chest unfurled before the audience’s eyes like a work of art. Then he bounced to his feet and taunted them all with a naughty grin, a grin that said he knew he was the pick of the Heartbreakers litter. Alexandra’s heart pounded. He was even cuter than she’d dared to hope, with wide-set dark eyes in an innocently boyish face. She could see now that he was very young, in his early twenties, with a smile that projected sweetness and danger at the same time.

She felt almost hypnotized as he swung around the pole again. Men eagerly crowded the stage, holding out dollar bills. He graciously knelt down to accept the money stuffed into his pants.

Alexandra pushed her hair off her face, feeling flushed.

Tristan leaned against the pole and tugged the waist of his jeans down a few inches. The crowd perceptibly leaned forward as he smiled that naughty-boy smile and lowered them more. Alexandra’s mouth went drier with every new inch of skin that came into view. In thirty seconds or less, this insanely hot boy was going to get naked, and the anticipation was making her shake.

April 28th, 2010, 01:50 PM
great excerpt congrats on the new book :huepfen017:

April 28th, 2010, 02:59 PM
Great excerpt Veronica.

Kim Smith
April 28th, 2010, 05:08 PM
sounds great... and had to check out the thread due to the subject line!