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February 6th, 2010, 12:48 PM
Nocturnal Cravings - Nights of Temptation (A Prequel to Temptation Eve (http://cataurl.com/eUHfG))
by Michelle Lauren

Genre: Paranormal/Multicultural Romance
Word Count: 3,000 words
Series: Nocturnal Cravings
Price: FREE!


A dangerous attraction. A night of passion that leads to more...

Icy hot lawyer Eve Templin meets her match in a jaded incubus who haunts her dreams in this hot tale, a prequel to my bestselling paranormal romance, TEMPTATION EVE (Nocturnal Cravings Book 1) (http://cataurl.com/eUHfG) available from Cobblestone Press.

EXCERPT - Warning: Includes a frisky incubus, late night visits & dangerous carnal appetites.


§ Action which binds a person legally even without intention§

I consider myself pretty unflappable. A decade living in Jupiter Hollow, Virginia has that effect. Still, finding an incubus on my doorstep on New Year's Eve comes as a shock.

Tall and lean, he lounges in the doorway dressed in a pale blue suit that hugs his long frame. Rain slick black curls brush his forehead, making him look younger than his 34 years. Short, dense lashes rim a pair of fog gray eyes. Eyes that burn as they slide over my body, lingering on my breasts.

Obviously this is a dream. In reality, Alonso D'Agostino never looks at me like this. With such hunger. Why would he? Blessed with a touch that can take a woman from zero to ecstasy in seconds, he can have anyone he wants. Why would he choose someone as ordinary as his lawyer?

Cool, leather clad fingers brush my lips. The contact shocks me but not more than his next words.

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