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Savannah Chase
February 7th, 2010, 11:53 AM
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Freya’s Bower and Wild Child are having a Valentine’s Day sale. All newsletter subscribers will receive a coupon code for 40% off all ebook sales over $5, but you must be signed up for our newsletter. You can sign up here for Freya’s Bower: https://app. expressemailmark eting.com/ Survey.aspx? SFID=72253 (https://app.expressemailmarketing.com/Survey.aspx?SFID=72253) or short url: http://bit.ly/ 3RrxoT (http://bit.ly/3RrxoT)
and here for Wild Child:
https://app. expressemailmark eting.com/ Survey.aspx? SFID=72294 (https://app.expressemailmarketing.com/Survey.aspx?SFID=72294) or short url: http://bit.ly/ w1VGE

Or they can use these codes for 25% off all ebook purchases at Freya’s Bower or Wild Child Publishing sites over $5:

FB: 493b041c26
WCP: 4c19604a15

These codes are good for the entire month of February.
So stop in and shop on….