View Full Version : Week 1--Profiling

Amber Grosjean
March 1st, 2010, 04:03 PM
Ok, for profiling purposes, here's a brief list for the characters in your story. You're welcome to print this out and keep in your work area or take with you when spying on people lol.

1. Character's Name
2. Character's Purpose in Story
3. What drives this character?
4. Family Life of Character (only child, siblings, children, parents, other members of family that's important to story or back story)
5. How does this character relate to others? How does she/he act around them?
6. What personality traits does he/she have, good or bad?
7. What are your character's favorites (color, food, activities, etc.)
8. What does he/she do for a living?
9. If an adult, how was he/she at school?
10. Does he/she have any memories that might impact his/her decisions in today's life (present time for story)? What would they be?
11. How does this character relate to the MC or the "bad guy" in the story? If this is the MC, only answer the second half-same for the "bad guy" in the story.
12.What is the story question?
13. How will the story end for this character and why? This will give you a goal. If you can't answer the question, that's fine. Some writers write on a whim which is how I write so answering that question could take writing the story to find it out for you and your characters. If you're a planner, then this will help you shape your story.

There's more you can ask but this will get you started. Don't be afraid to get more personal with your questions. Anything that helps you get in the character's head will help you understand that character. You should be able to know him/her like you know yourself or better. Not everything has to be used in the story so put it all out there so you as a writer know what and why your character does in the story.