View Full Version : Excerpt #2: Homecoming....Adult, not safe to read at work. LOL

March 10th, 2010, 07:53 PM
Once they were in Eagle’s bedroom, Crew took a good long look at Eagle. The man was wearing what he thought of as his lover’s professor getup. He had on his customary dress slacks, polo shirt, and jacket with black dress shoes. The man had been dressing the part since he had reached his majority at twenty-one, and he had been teaching for seven years by the time he and Crew met and become involved. At thirty-six the gray in his hair only added in a positive way to the professorial

As he watched the other man, Crew knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he had every intention of doing it. Still it was hard. He had always preferred a more submissive role with Eagle, but this once he wanted to do something different, take a more active role in what they were about to do. He was a little nervous since he had never been dominant in his relationship with Eagle, but he was fairly certain his lover would go along with what he had in mind. That is, as long as in the end Crew submitted. A wicked smile graced his lips at the thought; he had no problem with that.

His mind made up, he walked over to Eagle, slid the jacket down his arms and threw it aside. Then holding his lover’s black gaze with his own, he unbuckled the belt at Eagle’s waist. He almost smiled when he saw Eagle’s eyes narrow, but kept it inside instead. Grabbing the end of the belt that held the buckle, he pulled until it slid out of the loops of Eagle’s dress pants. Then, still holding Eagle’s eyes, he dropped to his knees and rubbed his cheek against Eagle’s cloth-covered erection. His lover’s scent wafted from the cloth, and Crew’s own cock, which had never really gone down from before, hardened even further. He pushed his face into Eagle and continued to inhale the beloved scent. Eagle’s hands tangled in Crew’s sunny locks, holding Crew in place as a groan wafted from above him. Long minutes later Crew unbuttoned and unzipped the man’s pants, sliding both the pants and Eagle’s boxers down his legs to his knees.

Eagle’s hard cock bounced when it was released from the constraints of his underwear and trousers. Crew could see a drop of silky pre-cum on the tip. Yum! He leaned forward and swiped the salty drop from the head of Eagle’s cock with his tongue and found the taste he had been dreaming about the entire time he was gone. No one would taste like his Eagle, no one. He knew this with blind certainty. Crew heard Eagle give a long, drawn-out moan before something seemed to snap inside him, and he grasped Crew’s blond head and pulled it forward, growling,“Suck my cock!”

Only too happy to oblige, Crew drew Eagle’s erection into his mouth and allowed it to slip all the way back until the tip touched the back of his throat. The velvety hardness riding his mouth was even more intense than his memories. Emotions nearly choked him at the thought that he was finally where he wanted to be. The salty taste, musky smell, and silky skin of his lover’s dick felt so heavenly that tears pricked Crew’s eyes. It had been too long; he should have come home years ago.