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Christie Gordon
March 16th, 2010, 10:24 PM
The Obsession
© Copyright Christie Gordon: www.christiegordon.com
All rights reserved, eXtasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-494-1
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As a senior-year art student at a Santa Barbara university, Tristan is caught in a mental prison of his own making. Sexually repressed and emotionally abused by an oppressive mother, his preference for men leads him into sexual addiction. Then a new roommate appears in his dorm - Collin, a stunning psychology major from class he's fantasized about since the start of the school year, a young man Tristan's fallen in love with from afar. Collin uses his charm and knowledge of psychology to pull Tristan out of his self-destructive existence and into a tumultuous affair. But Collin has a secret, a secret that could potentially further damage Tristan and send him plummeting farther into isolation and desperation than he's ever been before. Will Collin's secret emerge? And will Tristan move forward and find the love he's always craved or will he fall headlong back into addiction and lose everything he's worked so hard for?
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Available at: www.extasybooks.com
Available May, 2010 at: Amazon, Fictionwise, All Romance eBooks, Mobipicket and more!
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Adult Excerpt:
"I‘m just trying to figure you out, that‘s all." Collin brushed a lock of blond hair from Tristan‘s forehead. "Are you still scared of me?"
He twisted his head back to gaze into Collin‘s dark eyes. "No. I just—"
"Because why else would you have such control over yourself normally, when you‘re alone, but not when you‘re with me?"
His brows tensed in frustration. "I don‘t know. I‘m not scared, not anymore."
"Then how do you feel about me?"
Shock tore through his body. "What?" His eyes widened.
A soft smile swept over Collin‘s lips. "Relax, I just asked you how you felt about me."
I love you…don‘t say it out loud. "Isn‘t that obvious? Haven‘t we already been over this?" His body tensed with anxiety. What answer was Collin looking for? Did he want to hear those words? No way could he say that.
Collin placed a lingering kiss over Tristan's mouth. "Well, maybe it‘s because of your feelings for me that you‘re having such a hard time. How long did you jerk off and think of me?"
He gasped and shut his eyes tight. "Stop it, Collin."
"Open your eyes and look at me and answer my question." A firm gentleness filled Collin's voice.
He opened his eyes and heat rushed his cheeks. "Ever since I first saw you in class."
"Since the beginning of the year?" Collin's face tensed as if in deep thought. "So for two whole months?"
He nodded. "Yes."
"Every day?"
"All day?"
"Yes." Images of his fantasies with Collin flooded into his mind, of Collin fondling him, of Collin sucking him under his desk, of Collin telling him how much he loved him.
"Are they happening now? I mean, is what we do like what your fantasies were about?" Collin‘s expression turned serious.
"What do you think?"
"Tell me what you used to fantasize about." Collin‘s voice was husky and soft. He thrust his firm cock into Tristan‘s through their jeans and came down over him, kissing and nipping at his neck.
"I, uh, used to…" Pleasure snatched all the words from his mouth. He gasped and let his erection grind on Collin. Sweet pressure and friction heightened his sensitivity.
"Go ahead, tell me. Did I do this?" Collin lowered his body and raised Tristan‘s shirt up to expose his stomach. His tongue licked into the hollows of his abdomen and thrust into his navel.
He let out a sharp moan. "Y-yes."
Collin‘s tongue dipped down under his belt and the band of his boxers, teasing him. "Did I do this?"
"Yes." His voice growled out of him. He lowered his hands and tugged at the back of Collin‘s hair, attempting to push him lower.
Swiftly, Collin unfastened Tristan‘s belt and jeans and opened Tristan‘s pants. His head dove downward. He sucked and nibbled at Tristan‘s cock through the thin fabric of his boxers.
"Oh, God." As pleasure rushed through him, he arched his back.
"Did I suck on you, Tristan?" His tongue found the slit in Tristan‘s boxers and licked up swollen flesh.
"Yes!" His voice rang out in the small room. He clenched his teeth. His toes curled. Release surged forward to a raw edge. "Do it now, please!" His hands tugged on Collin‘s head.
In a flash, Collin ripped Tristan‘s boxers down, baring his erection. His mouth devoured his cock and pumped over it while a free hand groped at his own stiff flesh still under his jeans.

March 17th, 2010, 12:36 AM
Congrats on the release. It sounds good.