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Gemini Judson
March 29th, 2010, 10:00 AM
Think SPRING! These flowers don't bloom on my part of the planet, but they conjure images of spring just the same.:flowers:

Night Blooming Jasmine, newly released from Loose Id is an erotic, suspenseful spring romp in the Adirondacks.

Here's a blurb:

Night Blooming Jasmine
By Gemini Judson


In the safety of an Adirondack addiction recovery lodge, Jasmine battled her heroin demon and won. Falling in love with the rural life, she stayed at the lodge and became part of the staff. She’s also in love with the lodge manager, Adam Vianetti. However, with low self-esteem and a humble future, she’s certain she’s no match for a guy like him.
Fate has other ideas. On a stormy spring night, Jasmine and Adam are kidnapped and forced into each other’s arms. Jasmine’s not nearly as frightened as she should be. She’s had a gun in her face lots of times. Instead she feels warm and wonderful in Adam’s embrace. With chains on their wrists and the thunder rolling around them, they ignite a passion to keep them fiery warm.
When one of the men returns in the night to set them free, he issues a dire warning. The other kidnapper, Red, is heading east and plans to take Jasmine with him. He says he’ll shoot her up with heroin—she’s a street rat like him. Jasmine has no strength left to fight that battle again. In this prequel to Animals, we witness Red’s cruel trail of crimes before he moves on to New Hampshire. With or without Jasmine?

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Gemini Judson

March 29th, 2010, 03:58 PM
Congratulations on the release Gemini. The book sounds great.

Gemini Judson
March 29th, 2010, 04:21 PM
I meant to toss out an excerpt but got crazy busy today.

Better late than never?

Night Blooming Jasmine
By Gemini Judson

ISBN: 978-1-60737-556-2
E-book Novella
Contemporary Erotic Suspense


Chapter One

Hypodermic needles littered the room. Hundreds of ruthless skewers caught the light and aimed their venom. Naked men milled around a dingy room, sometimes touching her, mostly ignoring her. One man loosened a hollow laugh that echoed off colorless walls. The other men looked at him stupidly and laughed too. A featureless figure approached her with a syringe dripping with liquid. “I’m clean,” she protested. I’m clean, I’m clean, I’m clean.
Then Adam appeared among the men, pushing and shoving to get to her. “I’m here, Jas. Just let me hold you.” He held out his hand to her, his brown eyes full of compassion. She reached for him and fell into his embrace, safe and warm. He caressed her hair, and she looked up at him. The look in his eyes changed from kindness to that of desire. He wanted her. At last.
He reached around, cupped her ass, and lifted her up to grind his hard-on between her legs. When their lips met, she expected to feel ecstasy. Instead, she felt…nothing.
He wasn’t there.
* * * * *
Jasmine Bly awoke from her vision of needles and naked men. She’d had that dream before. Why wouldn’t it let her go? She ran her fingers through her short brown hair to help erase the clutter of the dream from her mind. Then she remembered Adam’s cameo appearance. Whoa. That was new. She rustled her hair again and laughed. She might not share this dream with her lodge mates.
Whenever she told Dianna about her dreams, she felt better -- purged. Dianna helped her understand her latent memories. In a heroin haze, her mind had unwittingly cataloged disgusting and terrifying things. Those images continued to haunt her, even though she’d been clean for months. Jasmine felt grateful for the things that didn’t surface in her dreams.
She reached under the bed for her cushy mat and poured onto the floor for a soft landing. Gradually she eased into a full-body stretch and then sat for a ritual of yoga poses. She followed with a refreshing sun salutation. With happy muscles but a burdened heart, Jasmine grabbed her robe off the chair and shuffled into the kitchen.
Dianna turned from the pan of scrambled eggs to greet her. “Morning, Jas. How did you sleep?”
“Okay, I guess.” Her response hit the floor with a thud. She’d meant to deliver it with more enthusiasm.
“Did you dream again?”
“Yeah. Needles everywhere and laughing naked men.” Jasmine poured herself a cup of hot tea and sat at the counter. She kept the lusty vision of Dianna’s brother out of the description.
“I’m sorry, Jas. I believe the dreams will end eventually. For now, just love yourself for all that you’ve accomplished. That world no longer exists for you. Send those dreams up in a pink bubble.”
“You guys shipping off pink bubbles without me?”
Adam Vianetti came into the kitchen like a breath of fresh air. The spring on the screen door screeched behind him like it always did, and Jasmine felt an unexpected tug in her heart. She loved the lodge -- her first real home in a long time.
Adam kissed his sister, Dianna, on the cheek and grabbed a cup for himself. “Morning, Jasmine. What’s in your bubble?”
“Bad dream.”
“Ah. Anything I can help with?”
Hold me forever? Jasmine shrugged. She’d been brewing a crush on Adam for nearly a year, since she’d first arrived at the lodge as a recovering drug addict. She felt certain he was the whole reason behind her success. When she looked into his dark Italian eyes, she’d wanted to get clean for him. She wanted to look back at him with clear eyes of her own.
“So, Adam, will you be able to map out some new hikes today? I’ll bring back eight new lodgers this afternoon.” Dianna rubbed her hands together with excited anticipation. “We’ve got two potheads, one cocaine addict, and five meth freaks.”
“Sounds like a fun bunch.”
Dianna gave her brother a scolding tap on the nose. “All clean and sober for two months. I looked over their files last night. Only one is receiving government assistance. The rest are paying out of pocket.” Dianna raised her eyebrows with a smile and handed him a plate of eggs. “That’s a lot less paperwork for you.”
Adam seemed unimpressed by the news and reached for the spoon to dump another big scoop of eggs onto his plate. “The money comes in either way. Jasmine, are you up for a day of hiking and flag tying? I’d love some company.”
“Let me put the finishing touches on the lodge. It won’t take more than an hour. Can you wait that long?”
“For your company, you bet. I’ll be at my place packing up. Stop over when you’re ready.” Adam grabbed his plate of eggs and headed for the door. She watched him look outside, then back at her. “Might want to grab some rain gear. It looks clear now, but they’re forecasting rain. Dianna, if there’s tea left, we’ll take it in our lunch. That mint stuff you make is great cold.” With a final wink at Jasmine, he was out the door.
“Oh hey, Adam, why don’t I make your lunch?” Dianna spoke with sarcasm to the slamming screen door.
Jasmine smiled. The brother and sister duo each had their roles in managing the lodge. Dianna was a licensed psychologist, but her responsibilities encompassed far more. She tended to everyone’s needs, and that included nutritious meals. Adam took advantage of her motherly nature, but Dianna wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I can make us lunch, Di. You don’t have to worry about it.”
“Thanks, Jasmine, but I’ll do it. You finish your breakfast. So, did your dream change this time? Did you recognize any faces?” Dianna pulled out the bread and sandwich fixings.
Jasmine quickly stuffed a forkful of eggs into her mouth to give herself time to think. Honesty? How could she lie to Dianna? She knew every dark demon Jasmine conjured and battled right alongside her to conquer them.
“The men have no faces. But last night, Adam was there.” She quickly added, “But he wasn’t naked. He reached out his hand to me.”
“Really. That’s interesting.” Dianna paused and reflected, slowly swiping mayo on the bread. “This is good. You’ve subconsciously added comfort and reassurance to a terrifying chaos.” She pointed a mayo-loaded knife at Jasmine. “I hope Adam keeps coming to you in those dreams.”
You and me both. Jasmine swallowed the last of her eggs with a side of guilt. She hadn’t exactly given Dianna the full picture. She promised herself a tarot card reading when she got back from her day hike. Her grandmother’s gypsy ways had taught her a slightly different psychology than Dianna’s Freudian dream analysis and pink bubble techniques. In her recovery, Jasmine counted on them all.
She finished her tea and cleaned the kitchen. Never for a moment did she resent her job as the lodge housekeeper. She’d slept in the gutter. She’d spent nights in burned-out buildings and rat-infested motels. The Vianetti family dedicated their lives to help ensure she, and many others, would never live like that again. She’d scrub floors for them, do their laundry, and anything else they asked, happily.
But today she needed to hurry. New lodgers were on their way, and the open-concept sleeping room was almost ready for them. During the winter session at the lodge, she’d build a fire and have it snapping a warm welcome when they arrived. On this bright June morning, there would be no need. But first impressions meant so much, and Jasmine wanted everything to be perfect.
Dishes done, kitchen spotless, pillows fluffed. Jasmine rushed to her private sleeping quarters for a quick shower, then dressed for her day with Adam. She’d get to spend the day following his perfect ass through the woods. Life was so sweet.