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Jeanne St. James
April 3rd, 2010, 09:46 AM
DOUBLE DARE gets 5 hearts from the Romance Studio: http://theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/doubledarestjames.htm

"Ms. St. James has created a marvelously sensual story that is a winner from start to finish. Double Dare is a richly decadent and emotionally-charged novel that tantalizes as it intrigues the reader, keeping them enthralled. This amazing author fills her story with rich, colorful details and compelling characters. There is deep, heartfelt emotions that seem to take this story from the ordinary and make it something extraordinary. Logan, Tyson and Quinn are endearing characters which the reader can't help but care about as the author delves deeply into their hearts and minds, revealing their beliefs, fears and desires. The relationship between Logan and Tyson is displayed as a genuinely loving bond between two people. The way Quinn's character evolves into the men's relationship captivatingly raises the emotional bar, creating an authentic bond between three people that is poignant, beautiful, painful and real. Liberally laced with raw passion, the simmering sensual sex scenes vary from tender seduction to sinfully thrilling touches of BDSM play. And although graphic and plentiful, the sexual play is as emotional as it is physical. The author's delightful touches of humor seem to enhance the ambience of the story enchanting the reader even further into the action. The secondary characters compliment the story also adding elements of emotions to the plot as well as the heroes and heroine.
A delicious keeper that will ensnare the reader's heart, making it a nice addition to that keeper shelf!"