View Full Version : "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady"

Miss Mae
April 12th, 2010, 12:02 PM
This little ebook reached the end of its contract with The Wild Rose Press in January. Since then I've toyed with exactly the path I wanted to choose for it.

Considering my options, and dreading the whole process of resubmittal again to various publishers, and if accepted, the even longer wait to get it out there...well, I'm going to self-publish.

This book has already proven its worth with glowing reviews and winning a number of awards. All I'm actually doing by going the self-publishing route is to offer the book again at a much faster pace, and this time, it'll be in print.

I've created my own cover too. I'm working on the details now, but here's hoping it's once again for sale come June 2010.