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May 7th, 2010, 09:25 AM
Written By: Destiny Booze, Romantic Suspense/Thriller Author

Quiz: You be the author. What kind of leading male would you choose as your hero?
1. Your ideal hero will tell you he loves you...
A. Immediately. It's love at first sight.
B. Oh, he'll say it after a few months of dating perhaps. When he feels like we've gotten to know one another.
C. Never. Guys don't say the "L" word.
D. It will most likely slip out during lovemaking.
E. He won't want to admit it, but he'll say it soon after we've been together. He'll have to make sure that I know.

2. How long will he wait before moving things to the bedroom?
A. Uh...wait? Besides, who needs a bedroom?
B. A few dates at the very least.
C. He'll wait for as long as I need him to. He respects me enough to let me set the pace.
D. No waiting. He won't take no for an answer and I won't want him to.
E. He needs me, but he'll wait for me to feel comfortable first.

3. He spends his free time...
A. Helping others, taking care of loved ones.
B. As an adrenaline junkie. He might be skydiving or drag racing.
C. Drinking. Perhaps doing something borderline illegal.
D. Working. There's no free time. He won't allow for that.
E. Involved in hobbies. Probably some kind of sport, or fishing perhaps.

4. He looks for a woman...
A. With similar interests.
B. A little on the wild side, someone not afraid to take risks, or maybe any woman with large breasts.
C. He's not looking.
D. With no need for commitments. One-night-stands are a must. Of course, it's not your fault if he can't stop with just once.
E. With a big heart and a bigger smile.

5. He should dress in...
A. Jeans and a tee shirt are fine.
B. Business casual. A tight shirt to stretch across his wide chest isn't a bad idea either.
C. Some kind of sexy uniform, of course.
D. He won't care and it will show.
E. Rocker clothes. How hot is leather!

6. His endearment for you is...
A. Sweetheart
B. Gorgeous, Sexy, or Beautiful
C. It keeps changing. Does he know my name?
D. Honey or Baby
E. Angel

7. His career will involve...
A. Law enforcement
B. Business
C. Well, I'm pretty sure he has a job. He always seems to have money.
D. Communication
E. Saving lives

8. In my daydreams, I imagine he...
A. Proposes
B. Writes a love letter
C. Makes love to me at work on my lunch break
D. Tells me the secrets I know he keeps. I know they will reveal the truth about who he really is.
E. Fights another man for me.

1. A=1, B=0, C=4, D=3, E=2
2. A=4, B=0, C=1, D=3, E=2
3. A=1, B=3, C=4, D=2, E=0
4. A=0, B=4, C=2, D=3, E=1
5. A=0, B=1, C=3, D=2, E=4
6. A=1, B=4, C=3, D=0, E=2
7. A=3, B=0, C=4, D=1, E=2
8. A=0, B=1, C=4, D=2, E=3

If you scored between 0-5, you want a leading hero that is Normal.
Huh? Normal? What's that? Your leading man will be the type of guy to hold a 9 to 5 job with the American Dream on his agenda. He wants a beautiful home with a white picket fence with 2.5 children. He wants to take a family vacation every year. He is very steady, dependable and safe. Safe? For a novel? :) Maybe...but, the leading lady may be far more captivating than her role counterpart.

If you scored between 6-12, you want a leading hero that is Sensitive.
This leading man will sweep you off your feet! He could fall in love on first sight and he won't be afraid to admit it. He will woo you with poetic words and promises and he will mean them. His love lasts forever. You are the center of his universe and he will do anything for you. His love story will be epic, passionate, dramatic, something worthy of tears that will take your breath away.

If you scored between 13-19, you want a leading hero that is Tortured.
The tortured man will worm straight into a woman's heart every single time. He's the man that will die for you. He will sacrifice whatever it takes to keep you happy. But, there is something within him that needs a woman's cure. It is eating him from the inside out and you just know that you could help him if only he would confess what's in there hurting him so. The tortured hero makes the romance special because only the right woman can break him from his misery. Are you that woman?

If you scored between 20-26, you want a leading hero that is Tough.
The tough guy will act like he's made of stone. He will show little to no emotion because he hides the real him buried very deep. This guy will never lose a fight. He fears nothing. He'll face anything or anyone. The only weakness he has is you. He will do anything to protect you. He is the knight in shining armor ready to defend his lady single handedly against an entire army. If he dies fighting, he will consider it an honorable death as long as he keeps you safe.

If you scored between 27-32, you want a leading hero that is Bad.
The bad boy is as charismatic and alluring as he can be toxic for you. Women are naturally drawn to him...lots of women, but he wants you. You have to keep your guard up with this one. He'll solicit you without pause, and you'll say yes. His charm is potent. Will the bad boy change for you? Maybe. The trick is getting to his heart and landing cupid's arrow before he gets away. It's a gamble, but he's worth it, don't you think?

Okay, let's have a small contest just for fun. Here's what you need to do. Go to my website at http://www.destinybooze.com (http://www.destinybooze.com/) and read the blurbs, and/or excerpts for the books I have available. Which type of leading hero do you think the main characters resemble the most? Send me your answers to destinybooze@gmail.com and you could win a free .pdf copy of one of my books! Also, be sure to let me know what you scored on the quiz.