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May 31st, 2006, 07:59 AM
April 2006
Champagne Publishing
271 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 cups

When Professor Samantha Mackenzie’s sister is killed in an explosion at a fraternity house, Samantha is determined to find out what really happened. Then Samantha meets Detective Ron Hewlett, and although attracted to him at first, she is furious to think that her sister could be blamed for the explosion.

Detective Ron Hewlett is very much attracted to Dr. Samantha Mackenzie. However, he also knows she is hiding things. He wants to believe her, but first he has to discover the truth about the explosion and deaths at the fraternity; maybe then, he could get to know her personally.

When Samantha finally tells Ron the truth about her sister, they join forces to help find the killer. Working together, Ron and Samantha become very close. Then come even more murders and even more dead ends. Little by little, clues were coming together, and what at once looked like one thing now becomes something else. More lies, betrayals and cover-ups were swamping the investigation, but when Ron discovers Samantha deceit, he questions their friendship and growing relationship. Can Ron find the answer before it destroys their relationship? Or will the answer destroy it anyway?

Wow, this is one romantic suspense that is loaded with plenty of twists and turns to rival the biggest roller coaster. From the beginning you are pulled into this tale as you, go barreling down at high speed with an enormous amount suspecting characters and a past filled with lies, betrayal and murder. You are kept riveted as the plot jerks you this way and that at fast rate leaving you guessing. Slowing it down with a few short curves of romance, as the ride comes to an end, you are left blown away. This is one explosive read, you will want read over and over again.

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