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March 26th, 2006, 12:31 AM
--Lori Derby Bingley has penned a fantastic mystery in Fraternity with secrets that blackmail their protectors and also the knowledge to kill. I cannot say which part of this book I loved most but one of the highlights would have been the fraternity initiation of Ron, that part was highly comical.

Although there were some funny passages in Fraternity, it also dealt with a dark hidden side. The intense nature of the killer's revenge for those wronged and also her loss of reality also made Fraternity an intriguing, on the edge of your seat, chilling thriller. Fraternity is a book that needs to be read to experience the mysterious, disturbing emotions of every character in it, even the victims. I could not stop reading it and I am sure you cannot either.* *
- Sherry, Ecataromance

--Ms. Bingley did a good job with this story. She pulls you right into the suspense from the opening chapter with a protagonist so creepy that you'll want to double check the door locks. And, Ms. Bingley doesn't drop the tension.

FRATERNITY is a quick and interesting read. The romance between Samantha and Ron sort of took back seat to the action, which was fine because I got caught up in the murders. There goes my sinister side showing again.

-Cynthia Whitten, Romance Reader at Heart.

March 26th, 2006, 08:51 PM
Another yummy murder mystery. Can't you just tell what I love to read.