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May 21st, 2010, 12:19 PM
http://tamelaquijas.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/dominic.jpg?w=99&h=150 (http://tamelaquijas.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/dominic.jpg)It's a Friday morning that called for a celebration! The reviews for my spicy interracial/paranormal romance Blood Moon (the second book in the Blood Chronicles) have bombarded my email and each one of them brought tears to my eyes. A gracious thank you to all of my readers and dear friends!
“…more than what you expected from a vampire…” S.P. Spokane, Wa
“…lust and crime, beautifully written…”Dee Phoenix, Az
“…a stand alone and breathtaking novel…” sherri, Houston, Tx
“…riveting vampire tale…” K.C. NY
“…Genie’s a gem…” Kate G. Riverton, Wy
“…Valentina’s back!” L. M. Orlando, FL
Look for the Kindle version of Blood Moon at http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Moon-The-Chronicles/dp/B003DQO2T8 (http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Moon-The-Chronicles/dp/B003DQO2T8%3FSubscriptionId%3D1QZMGW0RRJC2PX87HDR2 %26tag%3Dsalranexp-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165 953%26creativeASIN%3DB003DQO2T8)
Romance Author Genevieve Carter’s world revolved around daydreams and fantasy. More involved in a world that existed between her and imagination, she was unprepared for the horror she witnessed on a busy street.
He had died in her arms, the victim of a vicious and brutal crime.
Genie would never forget his gasping words, the molten gold of his eyes as he had stared at her, or the final breath that had escaped his lips. She had left the city soon afterward, tormented by his handsome image, haunted by his whispered pleas.
She had been with him when he died.
Then, why, was he on her doorstep?
Blood Moon is available at Amazon.com
“Apparently, I’m a vampire, my dearest Genevieve.” Dominic managed in a husky intonation, an almost sarcastic smile bracketing the sides of his mouth. “Despite the sunlight, despite the lack of everything believed, I’m one of the most glorious of the undead. I’m ageless, powerful, and so very hungry.”
“You, yourself, stated our assumptions were ridiculous.” I managed to choke out.
“I regret I must retract my words.” Ruefully, Dominic shook his head, his smile assuming a grimness I hadn’t expected. Hell, the day was filled with a plethora of things I hadn’t expected!
“This is a nightmare, Dominic.” I stuttered, my voice quivering with fear. “You can’t be a vampire.”
“I can’t?” He asked with a smirk that belied the man I had spent the last twenty-four hours with, researching the possibilities behind his apparent resurrection. “Shall I remind you I walked away from a morgue, Genevieve? On my own free will, my skull riddled with bullets. I rose from the levels of the dead and sought you.”
It appeared he meant to accentuate his point as his fingertip, the one that had run with a seductive caress through my droplets of blood, lifted to his lips. Dominic closed his eyes, inhaling the scent, apparently as heady to him as the finest liquor. His expression was ecstatic, the faintest touch of color rising back to his features, as his stained fingertip touched the tip of his tongue. I supposed I should have felt impressed. His expression became decidedly amorous and aroused, as the minute taste of my blood rolled over his tongue. I hadn’t had a man grant me that particular expression in more years than I could recount, and his ecstasy was obviously noticeable by the illicit taste of my blood. I was horrified as his eyes slowly opened, and he considered me with those strange red orbs.
Dominic inhaled deeply, his hand dropping to his side, his expression retaining the passionate glow of rapturous delight. Leisurely, he looked me over, his gaze skimming over my loosely bound hair, before slipping downwards. His orbs lingered on my breasts, hidden beneath the heavy weight of my sweatshirt before gliding to my full hips, and each touch of his eyes felt seductively invasive. A slow exhalation of breath escaped him as he looked back to my pale face. His expression seemed strangely aroused as he twisted his head to the side. I listened to the overloud sound of vertebrae cracking, and felt my heart drop into the pit of my stomach.
“I can detect the gentle flutter of your fragile heartbeat.” Dominic whispered in his throaty tones, the whisper softness as seductive as if he had touched me. “I can hear the sound of your precious blood coursing through your veins. The steady thrum beckons me to have you, a slow and haunting drumbeat of the most exotic music written.”
“Shit.” I muttered and, somehow, I managed to back away. I watched, in awe, as Dominic stepped closer. I never heard him take a single step, and he appeared to glide as he moved. Reflexively, I blinked. In that split second, he stood directly before me, his cold breath flowing over my face and his features a distorted blur in my wide eyes.
The sultry foreign pronunciation of my name, slipping in fluid enticement from his lips, made me weak in the knees. I don’t know what it was about Dominic, but I was forgetting the evilness of the creature he had become. Instead, I wanted to slip into his arms and allow myself to succumb to the unspoken pleasures he offered.
Somehow, I continued to back away. I was afraid I would fall at his feet before I had managed to maneuver myself across the spacious kitchen and the area behind me. No longer blocked by kitchen counter tops, I turned on my heel and bolted. My ears echoed with the sound of my frantically beating heart and the seductive whisper of my name.
Panicked, I dashed for the front door. Not hesitating to halt, I swung the heavy door open and ran into the gravelled clearing surrounding the house. The crisp temperature of the early fall air striking me full in the face. The cold ground, littered with sharp bits of gravel and dried pine needles, stuck to my socks. Too late, I realized I wasn’t dressed for the frigid elements.
Despite the cold, there wasn’t anything inducing me to turn about and re-enter the cabin.
Wincing with each step, I ran, too fearful to halt my panicked escape. The chilled night air blew about me in wild disregard to my lack of warmer attire, and the frigid temperatures seemed to increase as I skirted the placid waters of the lake. Despite the cold, sweat broke out on my forehead as I headed for the thick overgrowth leading into the woods, desperate to escape the horror lingering in my home.
I didn’t think of the impending peril lingering in the darkness of the surrounding woods. In all honesty, I was beyond thinking rationally. All I wanted was to escape, to place as much distance as possible between myself and the creature I had welcomed into my life. All I understood was my reflex actions were telling me to run, as far and as fast as I could. I wanted to escape the horror of the demon that had found sanctuary in my beloved home. My legs moved as fast as my desperation would allow. I was frantic to reach the road leading out to the main stretch, striving to make my escape from impending death.
I stifled my shriek as I fell, my feet tangling in the thick overgrowth so prevalent in the forest. My hands shot out to brace my fall, my palms digging deep into the ground. The dark earth rose up about me, redolent with the aromas of pine and natural mulch, moss and grass. The impact caused the breath to be whisked from me and I lay on the chilled ground, dazed and powerless to breath.
I rolled over onto my back, gasping as I gaped up at the starlit sky. I ached all over and my lungs burned with exertion, every breath causing me to shake.
Frantically, I picked myself up, listening to the silence about me. Not an owl hooted, nor was there the sound of any other nocturnal animals apparent. I was surrounded by an impenetrable darkness and absolute silence. My thoughts were fragmented and disjointed, and I was incapable of thinking clearly. I spun about, uncertain of what direction to take.
The scenery appeared the same in the inky darkness and the wind began a slow and mournful lament as it whistled through the trees. Struggling, I battled my way through the thick ferns and shrubs, branches brutally whipping at my shirt and legs, scratching my face. I tasted blood on my lips and stifled a sob, realizing the aroma left a trail a mile wide for Dominic to follow.
I didn’t have any opportunity to escape. I had read about vampires, often proofing excerpts of Mimi’s manuscripts before she sent them to the publisher.
She wrote some pretty saucy romances that involved the world of the paranormal, but her characters were romanticized versions. Never were they as hauntingly lethal as the man I knew. Granted, her vampires never turned into the mythical bats, but they did move at an incredible speed. I understood they were swift enough to rival even the fastest animal alive.
I spun about at the sound of my name, a shrill screech of terror rising to my lips. The sound never escaped me, freezing in my throat as I crashed into Dominic’s solid chest. Frantically, I began to swing at him, my frantic fists flying as I struck at his frigid flesh.
My frightened actions were dashed as his strong arms encircled me. I was caught tight against him, a single hand forcing my chin up. I barely saw his face, the familiar tangle of my hair having escaped from the ponytail. A sob escaped me as I peered into his shadowed features, my terror leaving me an aching bundle of flesh as I waited for his teeth to sink deep into my tender neck.