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May 26th, 2010, 01:14 AM

This is Emma LaPounce, my adorable companion. She likes to sit by my keyboard and play with the mouse. Hmm. Maybe she takes the word literally.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a little bit about how Emma came to be one of my best friends.

About two years ago while on my weekly visit to the local shelter, I noticed Emma in a cage. I couldn't see her face because she sat facing the wall with her butt towards me. The following week, I saw her again and she was in the same position. I decided to ask the staff about her because I noticed they'd dropped the price down on adopting her. They said she was very depressed and hadn't made friends with any of the staff.

"Let me try," I said. And they removed her from the cage and put her in my lap. Nada. Zilch. She wouldn't respond, wouldn't purr or seemed like she didn't care whether I was talking to her or not.

The following week, Emma was still there -- face to the wall -- and the price had dropped again. They said she'd stopped eating and drinking and the resident vet was contemplating putting her down. I guess she wasn't very adoptable in their opinion.

Four days later, one of the girls I know that works at the shelter called me. "They're going to put Emma down today," she said.

"No! Don't let him do that. Tell him I'll be in to pick her up today."

An hour later, Emma became a member of my family. Her history sheet said her family of six years moved out of town and left her behind. Go figure!

The shelter called a week later and wanted to know how she was doing. I said, "You wouldn't believe it's the same cat. She won't leave my side, and she's the most lovable creature in the whole word."

Needless to say, we've become best friends. She's an intelligent cat and so well-behaved, even comes when I call to her.

Ladies and gents, you'll be happy to know that Emma loves it here and runs the whole darn house!

Here's to all those who rescue neglect and abused animals. My hat goes off to you!

Blessings, Keta
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