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Gwyn Lacy
June 5th, 2010, 02:34 PM
Just post on my blog (which is at this moment on the fritz) told will be fixed. Post as many times on as many subjects as you can it counts for one point. On June 13 a Sunday, I'm a Spotlight Author. Post on that sight with me and each post is two points. You have to email me at gwynlacy@gmail.com to tell me where and how many times you posted so I can verify it. June Jubllee on CoffeeTimeRomance, Spot Light Author Gwyn Lacy. If you can't post to my blog-*shaking head in disbelief* post to Coffee Time Romance Dear Gwyn this is who I think is hot: __________ And also type my website address: www.gwynlacy.com--This (http://www.gwynlacy.com--This) IS JUST IF MY BLOG IS NOT WORKING-lol. Otherwise, post away on my blog, email me with your full name and email address-how many times you posted (I won't share email info or personal except who the winner is, First name and number of posts). And show up on June 13th, Sunday and post under my name-counts as two points-lol. I will have excerpts and WIP and writing tips! If nothing else, praise your favorite fictional, actor, character hero of all time! Whoot! Let your hair down and let's have fun! Just don't forget to email me at gwynlacy@gmail.com and put contest June Jubilee in the subject line.