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Elizabeth Black
June 9th, 2010, 10:19 PM

Title: Fountain of Youth

Release Date: 11 June 2010

ISBN: 978-1-934446-88-1

Author: Elizabeth Black

Format: E-Book

Length: 5,197 words 28 pp (PDF)

Genre: Romance

Category: Erotic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Gay, Male-Male

Price: $2.99

Buy Link: Coming June 11. Until then, check Romance Divine (http://www.romancedivine.com/)


What if you could have a do-over; a second chance at love and
romance with the object of your heart’s desire? Sixty-eight year
old housewife Syd eyes her strapping young gardener, Evan, and
dreams of… What would “you” wish for? Careful, sometimes
wishes do come true, but it might not always be exactly what
you want. Syd finds romance, and changes, when she discovers
a secret Fountain of Youth.


Sydney lay face-up in the clearing, inhaling the pleasant aroma
of freshly mown grass. Pushing the robe aside, Evan ran his small
hands along Sydney's slender torso. With a delicate touch he
brushed his fingers over Sydney's breast and then pinched his
nipple until it stood on end. In the light of the midday sun
Evan looked like a young god, and the touch of his fingers on
Sydney's warm skin felt electric. Feeling another erection grow,
he spread his legs apart so that Evan could have his way. Evan
sat astride Sydney and stared into his eyes.

Sydney's gaze met Evan's as the gardener took both wrists,
pulling Sydney's arms out as far as they would reach. Just as
snowdrop blossoms grew in Sydney’s footsteps, vines grew
from the ground and wrapped around Sydney's wrists. His
heart lurched with both fear and excitement, knowing Evan
would not hurt him. He lowered his gaze to allow Evan
to control their sex play. Out of nowhere, more vines grew and
wrapped around his ankles, holding him firmly in place.

Being at Evan's mercy, Sydney yielded to the sexy young gardener.
He wanted to feel the youth's strong arms around him and to taste
his moist warm tongue inside his mouth. I’ve been without sexual
release from a man for such a very long time that I want to give
myself over to him completely. Unable to move, he writhed
in ecstasy as Evan kissed his eyes, throat, and chest, finally
reaching erect nipples begging for the feel of his lips. I want to
hold him, but these vines keep me from doing so. Such a heady
feeling of vulnerability! I want him to take me now!

Evan's touch was very tender and gentle, caressing Sydney's
belly and hips with his small delicate hands. His tongue
licked at Sydney's nipples until they stood on end, and then
he sucked, pulling each nipple into his mouth and Sydney
felt his cock jump with pleasure. I want his mouth wrapped
around my cock, his tongue stroking me up and down.