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June 20th, 2010, 07:26 PM


Why are so many people intrigued with the Illuminati? Are they suffering from acute paranoia? Are they just looking for someone or something to blame for their meaningless existence? Is an expanding segment of the American population suffering from a peculiar variety of mentally illness? Do some people just need an explanation for events they do quite comprehend?

The fact of the matter is millions of Americans are beginning to awaken to the frightening truth. There is a dark force at work behind our present reality. Whether or not you agree with the primary cause declining standard of living, you must agree that our daily survival is being threatened. You must also agree that there is something is profoundly wrong. I know that you sense it. Millions have and continue to lose their jobs, their homes, and their life savings. The purchasing power of the mighty American dollar is evaporating like rain puddles in the August sun.

The American family is in crisis. And, nowhere is this crisis more evident than in our failing public school systems, soaring divorce rate, the growing rate of teenage suicide and drug use, and the escalating number of rapes and cases of sex molestation. America has more citizens incarcerated per 100. We can’t build prisons fast enough.

But, the mounting crisis extends beyond the borders of the U.S. Worldwide; residents of the planet earth are witnessing the spread of terrorism, civil war, famine, ethic cleansing, disease, arms proliferation, and violations of human rights.

Before offering a historical perspective, let’s look at the some immediate and identifiable events in recent history. I asked only that you keep an open mind. First off, was hurricane Katrina manufactured by the Illuminati? It was most certainly not. But, was the response, or lack thereof, a result of the Illuminati’s global maneuvering? You be the judge.

While the entire world watched, the city of New Orleans was left to descend into complete and utter chaos. For five days following the collapse of the levies, American New Orleans residents were abandoned by the federal government. No water, no food, no electrical power, and no infrastructure. The only law remaining after the storm was the “law of the jungle.” President Bush pretended not to know of the crisis. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, shopped for shoes while the 23rd largest city languished in a watery hell.

While the head of FEMA became the fall guy, ultimately it was the president’s responsibility. Now, why would the president turn a blinds eye to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Americans?

What I am about to say may shock you. But, the president was only following orders. And, his orders came down from the Council on Foreign Relations, the North American governing body of the Illuminati.

The leader of the free world taking orders from a shadowy organization? Admittedly, it sounds farfetched. If I were to suspend all good sense for a moment, what reason could there be for the president ignoring a natural disaster of such magnitude?

First, Bush’s orders were to discredit the government. Each crisis that the American government fails to address is another brick removed from the wall of democracy. The world watched as the mass media portrayed the callousness and ineptitude of the world’s richest and most powerful nation.

Secondly, and perhaps even more frightening, the government’s inactivity was apart of a social experiment to test the reactions of not just the city’s desperate residents, but law enforcement and emergency services. The Illuminati wanted to test the breaking limits of a U.S. standard metropolitan statistical area. In sum, the city of New Orleans was converted into a lab with the people of the city used as lab rats.

But, let’s move on. By now, everyone in the world has read about, watched on television, or discuss with the friends and neighbors the attack on America on 9/11. Was it the handiwork of the Illuminati? I ask that you to do one thing before deciding. Review the tape of the collapsing World Trade Towers. Run it in slow motion. Examine the footage carefully and you will see the detonation of planted munitions at regulate intervals down the length of both towers.

This counts for its implosion. Keep in mind that the towers were built to withstand the direct hits of multiple 707 airliners. Were the building to collapse due to collisions, they would have tipped over, flattening buildings within a radius of a quarter mile.

He’s another juicy fact to chew on. How could the Saudi Arabian terrorist pilot jumbo jets with only a few lessons on crop-dusters in Florida? I consulted with a family member with twenty year experience as a traffic control expert for the Air Force. According to him, navigating a jumbo airliner directly into the towers is impossible without considerable training and experience. It would be like going from driving a motor scooter with only two speeds to driving a twenty ton rig with 22 gears.

And, where were the fighter planes under the command of the Northern Air Defense Sectors? Standard operating procedure requires that fighters be dispatched from both the Falmouth base in Massachusetts and from the Langley base at Hampton, Virginia.

So, why would Bush and his cronies order an attack on his own country and then turn around and label it an act of terrorism? They didn’t order it. What they did do; however, was ignore the Intel on Mohammad Atta, the head hijacker, and allow the attackers to carry out their mission. The CIA had most the attackers under close surveillance, but was called off by the White House just days before the attack.

Bush had his orders. And, the good servant of the CFR that he is, he stood down in the advent of the Illuminati-controlled assault on our homeland. The ultimate objective was to launch the appearance of a war on terrorism (in the devastating tradition of the war on poverty and the war on drugs). Exploiting the fear factor, the America people were lead by the nose into not one but two wars. Each of these bloody and painful conflicts drains America’s coffers rendering the nation deeper into debt and forces the American people surrender still more of their precious civil liberties over to the government (i.e. Patriot Act 1&2).

Now, under the disguise of national security, law-enforcement can arrest anyone suspected of plotting a terrorist act and hold them for an indefinite amount of time. As a result, the “so-called” war on terrorism has allowed the Illuminati to suspend the Constitution and grant unlimited powers to its servants within the U.S. government.

Another power tool of the Illuminati is the Federal Reserve Bank. Contrary to popular belief, the FRB is not a branch of the government. Instead, the FRB is a privately owned and operated. It is an international bank with a governing board of directors. At its core of it membership are 300 of the world most powerful bankers, it stockholders. It stock is never traded on the market, but passed on down the bloodline.

The bloodline includes some of the world richest and most powerful families (the black nobility) including: the Rothschild Bank of London, the Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Chase Bank of New York, and Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York. These are but a few of its key members.

Money is power. That being the case, these elite few hold the keys to the kingdom. They are able, without being elected or appointed, to print money through the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The FRB prints U.S. currency without any cost to them and then loans the money to private citizens (via lending institutions) who in turn pay interest. In essence, it’s stealing, resulting in the fleecing the American people of their hard labor.

Now, I’ve made a lot of seemingly outrageous claims and accusations. Why should you believe any of them? You shouldn’t. Because, free men and women are critical thinkers and critical thinkers require proof before they accept any claims as truth. And, free thinkers, not brainwashed slaves led by misinformation, are what this proud nature is going to need if it going to defend itself against the ominous forces that plots our demise.

In the page ahead, I am going to provide you with the history of our enemies. Maybe afterwards you will embark on a search of your own, one that will either dispel or validate what I am about to tell you.