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June 20th, 2010, 07:36 PM

During the latter days of the great Egyptian Empire, the high priest, masters of the mystery school of Egypt, were infiltrated by members of the Brotherhood of the Snake. Their coming brought endless power struggles both within the royal lineages and on the national and provincial levels.

To make matters worse, the ancient empire was under constant attack by powerful outside forces, starting with the Hyksos and later the Hittites and Libyans.

The high priest and members of some royal house fled south to the Nile Valley. There, they were protected by the powerful Nubian and Kushite rulers. For a time, the Nubian kings beat back the barbarian invaders and restored stability to the capital cities of Memphis and Thebes.

But, the power of the Snake held sway from Canaan to the north and as far away as the Indus Valley to the east. Students of the mystical sciences had used their great knowledge to build the temples, monuments, irrigations system and pyramids. They were moral men, dedicating their life to service of the royal houses and the advancement of the kingdom.

But with their ranks infiltrated by servants of the dark lord, the Egyptian priesthood started to perform the black arts (knowledge of the mystical sciences used for evil). Under their malevolence influence, the entire region became embroiled in never-ending war, spreading strife and famine.
However, from the seeds of Egyptian knowledge (the High Nile Valley Culture), other civilizations like Persia, Crete, Greece and Rome flowered forth. In response, the Brotherhood of the Snake was forced to transform itself, taking on a hydra of different forms.

Thus, history witnessed the rise of the occult beliefs including: the Rosicrucians, the Gnostics, Kabalistic teachings, Alchemy, Neo-Platonism, and numerous occult beliefs.
Yet, the great mystery schools continued to preserve their mystical sciences and initiate the worthy into their sacred lodges. Though there were many gifted initiates, none was more notable than the one who came to be known as the Christ. His knowledge of the mystical sciences surpassed any who came before or after.

He was the Son, embodying the Sprit of Horus. Through there is no evidence to support the claim, it is strongly believed that He, the Christ, was the only initiate, besides Osiris, to read all chapters of the Book of Covenant.

World religions would sprout from the rich soil which was His teachings. By now, Satan and his followers were working, using emerging nation states to do his bidding, which included undermining the Gospel of the Christ.