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June 1st, 2007, 11:44 AM
When Abby Crawford, a street smart art teacher survives an attack by a sadist, the FBI has her declared brain dead to the public until the perpetrator is caught. She seeks assylum in a remote island home owned by a family friend, Kurt Woermann, who is willing to help the daughter of an old friend. rfrom their first meeting, Kurt is drawn by her courage and mesmerizing beauty. Wanting to help Abby is the right thing to do but wanting her is not. She is too bruised; too unaware of he dark past he is running from and definitely in no shape to handle a married's man's attentions. A therapist comes to the island to help Abby recover from post traumatic stress but is forced to stop treatment when dangerous sexual and sinister flashbacks become too strong for her to bear. Instead of letting fear keep her memory hostage, Abby agrees to follow a profiler's proactive strategy in capturing the sadist. These techniques will bring Abby loser to identifying the one called KILLER CAREGIVER but when she comes face to face with this brutal ice pick killer she swears the FBI is nailing the wrong man!