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June 1st, 2007, 12:08 PM
When Abby Crawford, a street smart ice teacher survives wn attack by a sadist, the FBI has her declared brain dead to the oublic until the perpetrator is caught. She seeks assylum in a reote island home owned by a family friend, Kurt Wormann, who is willing to help the daughter of an old friend.

From their first meeting, Kurt is drawn by her courage and mesmerizing beauty. Wanting to help Abby is the right thing to do but wanting her is not. She's too bruised; too unaware of he dark past he is running from and definiteloy in no shape to handle the attentions of a married man.

A therapsit comes to the island to help Abby recover from post traumatic stress but is forced to stop treatment when dangerous and sinister flashbacks become too strong for her to bear.

Instead of letting fear keep her memory hostage, Abby agrees to follow a profiler's proactive strategy in capturing the sadist. These techniques will bring Abby closer to identifying the one called KILLER CAREGIVER but when she comes face to face with this brutal ice pick killetr she swears the FBI is nailing the wrong man!

June 1st, 2007, 01:23 PM
And this come out in October 2007? Right?

By the way, love your site!


June 1st, 2007, 02:34 PM

Thank you for reading this! Killer caregiver comes out in October 2007 and all during this special day (thanks so much for having Blck Velvet Seductions!!!) I will post different excerpts from it so you can get to know Abby, Kurt, Agent Henriksen who in his own special way gives all of us a way to discern the 3 D's of a sexual sadist and to help ourselves and others close to us to steer clear of those predators. Research for Killer Caregiver took two and a half years. FBI profilers, police officers, sex therapists gave of their valuable time to assist me in making it an intense novel. I am a caregiver myself so creating Abby and thanks to Laurie Sanders (Publisher/Editor/ Black Velvet Seductions) I hope that readers will enjoy this fiction novel but will also keep in mind that what happened to Abby CAN happen to anyone and as the reader gets deeper into the story, I hope they will take Abby's advice and NEVER EVER wave a white flag. Do everything you can to protect yourself, never allow anyone to make you believe you are lesser of the person that you are and that is twnety-four caret gold! Shine! Janice JC McCabe KILLER CAREGIVER coming soon