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June 1st, 2007, 04:46 PM
Unable to curb the urge to stare at the man her father believed would keep her safe caused her study of him to be earnest and intense. Tall, easily towering over her father by at least a foot compelled her eyes to narrow behind tinted glasses.
With his height and squared broad shoulders even beneath a gray jacket were formidable enough to deter even the worthiest of opponents. His hair, an unusual shade of wet sand was cut close to his powerful neck making her believe there was nothing in his face that made her feel comfortable, in fact, pain had its compulsion to leave its personal stamp etching deeply in every groove and line in his thin face.
Watching her, his lean strong hand extended toward her. “Welcome to North Haven Abby.” His eyes, brilliantly matching an indigo sky quickly lit a match beneath her skin releasing a torrent of warmth to flood her being. His features, although strongly pronounced with lines penetrating in his face, still managed to enhance his masculinity. Two indentations in his cheeks would dimple if he let them but that would be impossible because Abby was staring at a man where a smile hadn’t been welcomed for a very long time. Shoving her fingers deep in her wind- breaker, she was wondering if her father lost his mind thinking she would agree to stay with a stranger looking as alluring as he did dangerous?
About ready to turn and head for the ferry, her father catching sight of her hesitation, wrapped a hand around her wrist.
“Abby doesn’t remember you Kurt. She was still young when you left us.”
When his eyes caught hers, she clenched her fingers around her over night bag. “Is your house far from here?”
“About twenty minutes. This is all your luggage?” He pointed to the cases by her feet.
“Yes. Dad, can you take one—“
“Abby, I won’t be going with you to Kurt’s house.“ John’s fingers lightly cupped her chin.
“Why?” Wrenching his hands in s death grip he had to look away from the naked fear alighting her eyes. “Abby, you know why—“
“I’ll leave the two of you alone, ” Kurt lifted the cases, starting to walk away but John forestalled him.
“Why aren’t you going with me?” Agitation sent pulses in her neck break dancing.
“Don’t make this any harder then it is.” Rubbing his heavily lined forehead
was leaving his skin bloodless and stinging. “The FBI believes that having you declared brain dead is for your safety.” His thin fingers clasped her oval chin. “ I have to get back to New Jersey because the FBI is holding a candle service at the site where you were found,” John shut his eyes as he recalled that horrible day when the EMS brought a badly beaten victim in the hospital. John was walking through the emergency room when they wheeled a stretcher past him. His guts still churned in agony as he remembered looking down and staring at Abby’s bloody beaten face.
Shuddering as those memories squeezed his heart again, “I have to get back honey.” His lower lips trembled; leaving no one in any doubt that this was going to push John’s endurance passed the brink.
“I don’t understand why this murderer should think I’m brain-dead. The FBI only-“
“Wants you protected Abby. If this sadist finds out you are not brain-dead, he will come after you, his signature and MO reveal he will not give up until you’re dead and God only knows what method he will use to make that happen.”
“The FBI needs me to help them capture him and I—“
“Yes, but Abby--“
“DAD, I know if I work with the FBI, and a therapist, this sadist will be found and this country will be minus one more serial killer. Dad,” her tone became as coaxing as the hand she laid on his. “I want to work with them—“
John’s nostrils flared. “Why is it so important for you to relive that phase of your life? Isn’t it enough for you to just try and regain what really matters and that being your life?”
“Yes, but this isn’t only about me! Six girls lost their lives! What about if there are six more, seven?” She pressed her fingers to the sides of her head. “All the answers are here, locked up. I’m useless to them without the information they need to find this sadist.”
“Then why not wait until your memory returns, Abby? It is pointless to drill for information your mind refuses to release.” Kurt’s interrupted with logic that was undeniable but it only rewarded him a dismissing glare....