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July 10th, 2010, 01:25 PM
Good Morning, Everyone!

I just wanted to shout out that Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood has a video, now out
at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4TgiVWryRs

If you haven't had a chance yet, the gripping story of Lucien D'Angel is
available from Wild Horse Press and involves a world of ghosts, a sibling
rivalry that has led to eternal damnation. There's only one woman with the
power to either condemn or save the world.


Lucien D’ Angel is a celebrated paranormal detective with a lucrative
television show and numerous best selling books pertaining to the world that may
exist beyond the human experience. He’s managed to keep the proverbial low
profile over the decades and has purposely stayed out of the public eye, due to
a secret that he harbors. His life was perfect. Low keyed, private and

That was, until Evangeline Keegan enters his life and disrupts the perfect
facade that he had erected over the centuries.

Despite all outward appearance, Lucien has been cursed for nearly four
centuries, striving to maintain a some-what ‘normal’ existence in society.
Due to the actions of his father, D’ Angel the Destroyer, he has been cursed
with the sight. He sees the spirits of the damned and those left behind at
every twist and turn and he has been reluctantly assigned to gather their lost
souls. It is a torment that he has endured, lacking any form of human contact
and successfully evading the attention of his demonic twin, Julian.

Julian is everything that Lucien is not and his goal is to destroy all that
Lucien holds dear, never permitting the curse that has plagued them for so many
centuries to end.

Lucien has kept the secret of his identity well hidden behind a cool veneer of
intelligence, but Eva soon learns that Lucien is a tortured and tormented soul
who craves the one thing she will refuse to grant him.
His own death.


"Do you truly believe in what you investigate, Mr. Angeles?" She
persisted, even as a slight dizziness caused a wave of nausea to
strike her. In the far distance of her hearing, she heard his softly
issued response over the muttered and undecipherable complaints of
her sound technicians.
"Do you, Miss Keyes?"
"I don't believe in phantoms." The words had been an effort for her
to pronounce, the letters thick within her throat.
"Not even in the slightest sense?"
"No." The camera had panned in her direction, revealing her
discomfort. She kept her features calm, even as a wave of
embarrassment washed over her and heated her chilled flesh.
Luke's expression was placid, the slightest of smiles touching the
thin line of his lips.
"I dare you, Miss Keyes, to join my team for an investigation."
"You dare me?" She was astounded, even as his words sent another
chill of cold over her flushed skin.
"Oh, yes, I dare you." He reaffirmed sedately, his words silkily
smooth. "I dare you to join me."
The camera had not moved from her face. Eva's stunned expression was
visible to every single person who had happened to tune into
tonight's broadcast.
"I don't believe in the existence of the spiritual world." She
whispered, the brightness of her gaze dropping as her producer
signaled the beginning of a commercial break.
"You don't even believe in that voice?" He persisted, the sound of
his words a simple whisper in the air that was nearly undetectable,
even to the highly sensitive lav mike.
�having trouble, Noah. Mike seems to be on the fritz�
"What voice?"
�Eva, there's a problem with your mike. We keep getting some sort of
"The one that is whispering in your ear."
�Ignore it, there's only the wrap up of the show left�.
It was impossible he could have been knowledgeable of the strange and
incessant buzzing that had become a throaty whispering in her inner
ear. Eva shuddered, an increasing frisson of cold washing over her as
she faintly heard the voices shouting across the set. She was unaware
her reaction had been captured by the television camera with a
chilling clarity.
"Believe in me, Evangeline." Luke Angeles whispered throatily. She
felt a quiver assail her and she raised bright eyes to him. She
blinked in bewilderment at the name that had fallen easily from his
How could he have known? There wasn't anyone in society, besides a
select few close associates and her immediate family, that knew of
her true identity.
"How do you know my name?"
"I know a lot about you, Evangeline Keegan. I know more than you
would ever be capable of understanding in this lifetime or the next."
Luke Angeles lips curved into a semblance of a cryptic smile. Her
eyes flew from his face to the set hand flashing raised fingers at
her, signaling the end of the commercial break.
"I don't know how you found�." She began to sputter in outrage.
"Listen to the voice, Evangeline." He coaxed, blatantly ignoring her,
the delivery of his words nearly hypnotic. Her eyes widened and she
realized that his lips had never moved. "Take heed, Evangeline. He,
alone, will tell you my true identity."
She focused blindly on the man seated before her, a shiver of cold
washing over her again. The hum that had resounded repetitively in
her ears had vanished during the course of the interview. The noise
had been replaced with the unmistakable sound of an ever persistent
and throaty series of whispers. The whisper fine softness of the
voices gradually became clearer.
Eva closed her eyes wearily, her mind aching, striving to breathe
deeply as she focused on the whisper soft enunciations. There was a
single word that formed, one that spiraled within the confusion of
her dazed mind and leapt to the tip of her tongue.
"Do you believe in the presence of disembodied spirits?" Luke Angeles
was persistent in his questioning. She was close enough to realize
that, although it appeared he was looking at her, his attention was
riveted to a point just beyond her. The word that had settled upon
the tip of her tongue tingled, longing to be released, the faintest
sound of laughter invading the multitude of whispering tones filling
her mind.
Dimly, Eva realized a change had overtaken the man she was
interviewing. The alteration had not been detected by the camera, for
he had deliberately kept his face in profile. The cold grayness of
his eyes had slowly vanished and, instead, the color had become the
most unsettling shade of sable that had hungrily consumed the clarity
of the orbs.
"If you believe, Evangeline, he'll provide you my name."

Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood is available in ebook and print formats at
http://www.amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/)
http://www.wildhorsepress.com (http://www.wildhorsepress.com/)